Holla Forums is a free speech board. Let's keep it that way

Friendly reminder that almost all
posts are cointelpro/pol/sjw shitposters trying to turn this place into another heavily moderated idpol garbage dump like /r/socialism.

We allow all opinions on here, provided there's an argument behind them (and it's not just low-effort bait), so that they can be challenged and refuted.

I'm all for freedom of speech but like all freedoms it should have limits. Words can be harmful to at risk peoples and be used as a method of oppression. And of course we shouldn't give a platform to oppressive ideologies anyway. If what you're saying isn't oppressive than you shouldn't use oppressive language; if you can't do that then what you're saying isn't worth hearing.

Jk, but seriously fuck /r/anarchism. It's a fucking authoritarian idpol shithole where the rules are unironically written like this post.

I was about to agree with you until you wrote Jk. Freedom should have limits, otherwise people will always abuse it. Words can be harmful, not everyone is a soulless non-emphatic husk of a human (INTJs). And give me one good reason why fascists should have any kind of platform when they will just use it to their advantage and subvert people through dishonesty and lies.

not CIA

ban porn threads, they're retarded and its almost exclusivey pedos, moralfags, NEET incels and Holla Forums who are engaging with them

just get rid of it, its garbage and has almost nothing to do with leftism at all

Agreed and add the weeb stuff

I'm with you. Also lets not mention communism and stuff either. I think it scares off well-meaning liberals.

You don't belong on imageboards.

If it has limits, then it's not freedom of speech anymore mr centre

The only way to have total freedom of speech is to get rid of moderators entirely, yet most people who claim to be for speech are incredibly hostile to the very idea of doing so. The main reason why we shouldn't ban people is simple, because doing so is enforcing bourgeois property norms and that is antithetical to what socialism/communism/anarchism is about.

for whom? to do what?
I'd say nazbols need to go. As do a lot of race realist and s.ocially conserva.tive tankies. Maybe even a couple tripfags too. This board has the opposite problem of r/soc. There the mods ban all the good posters so dumbasses take over. Here the mods are lax toward dumbasses, so again they take over. It's been better recently, but even still I'd say more censorship is what we need, at least a little more.

wasn't one of their tactics accusing other people of being cointelpro and thus breaking up organizations?


hi fbi

leave. Lefties have patrician-tier asspics.

lol not fbi i just hate faggots putting their sex lives into public discussion its narcissistic and a waste of my time

no i don't mean posting images of ass in the OP of threads, that is a time honored tradition i hope we all upkeep for the forseeable future. I mean threads dedicated to porn or about how porn would be handled. we have at least 3 a week and the same 20-30 people post in them. 1/2 the time its either Holla Forums or a pedophile baiting the board

Why do you open them? I opened once and ended up disgusted because i found out there's people jerking off to alunya.
Never again.

i dont because half of them are repulsive. im not offended by porn, i just dont go on leftypol to talk about porn. im tired of explaining: yes porn is fine; no you wont have time nor the inclination to fap to hentai when porky is gone

its annoying and watching Holla Forums and pedos play 50+ people for idiots with bait threads is frustrating

Unless they're a spy's real identity, a PIN number, dox or nuclear launch codes, no they're fucking not. If you're triggered go back to your safespace.

If you seriously think that, you need to lurkmoar.


take your meds
what a precise argument addressing a specific behavior
No, that's just that one low-energy 'consent is a spook' troll. I agree he's annoying but maybe we could filter 'consent is a spook' to 'you have beautiful thighs' or something.
We can't tune them out IRL, I think BTFOing them would be a good habit to get into here and now.
prove it and stop shaming virgins and people who can't get a job because of Porky.
as opposed to what? Again, we can't block Holla Forumstards IRL, so we should find other ways of dealing with them in this semi-controlled environment so that if we have to debate them in the public eye, we are ready for what they have to throw at us.

Yes it is. Mods prevent desu and shrillcen spam drowning out legit attempts at conversation. Or just legit attempts to call each other faggots. Spam violates the NAP because it impinges on others' right to free speech, in much the same way as blowing an airhorn every time somebody tried to converse with somebody else at a bar would.

From the censorship that's pretty much everywhere else?
This is the exact problem with banning expression like that. Expressing your freeze peach in a way somebody in charge dislikes means that if they can they'll call it blasphemous obscene corrupting the youth defeatist Satanic Satanic if you listen to it backwards muh soggynist raysis degenerate transphobic offtopic your posting are rude shitposting whether it is or not. Politeness rules are used to silence dissent and the people in charge become alienated chickenshits because they b& anybody who could criticize them.

Hide, ignore and don't respond to those threads and make your own threads discussing other things then.


that's exactly what a CIA agent would say!!!!

People on imageboards are bored, horny and don't read much theory. To get people to engage some put ass in the OP. It's not that hard to understand.

Where's freudfag when you need him.


Words are not harmful, people's reactions to words are. Besides, a great way to deal with assholes is to stop associating with them and ignore what they say until they stop being assholes
Because for one when you start taking away a person's right because you don't like what they're saying, you become one step closer to being a fascist, and secondly, because fascism only exists in a shitty, alienated society where people turn to it to solve their problems; intelligent, happy people don't become fascists, no matter how convincing and persuasive the rhetoric is.

I know it's not. That's why I said "JK" after the bullshit part of the post.