Some contradictions are to be expected during the course of the socialist stage of development. Under the wise guidance of the Party and Uncle Xi, China is further along the road to full Communism than the USSR ever got. It could be ready just any day now. The PRC is a shining model for World Leftist Youth. resolutely emulate Comrade Lei Feng. Study Mao and Xi.

this but unironicaly is the position I'm going to adopt to improve my emotional well being

What's Comrade Trump doing to enhance the dialectic here with the trade war?

PRC is oligarchy as fuck, there as hope for socialism over there but not any more.

Is there literally ANY socialist who still unironically defends the PRC?

Even Unruhe, who calls North Korea and PUTIN socialist, still thinks China is revisionist capitalist.

You gotta think Dialectically, embrace the contradictions. Xi thinks dialectically. The central party committee has been playing a game of dialectical chess. Full Communism is as incomprehensible to the bourgeoisie mind as the glittering city by the sea shore is to the lowly sea snail crawling a mile off its shores. And it is closer than it has ever been

Phil Greaves funnily enough, the guy who calls the PKK imperialist is a fucking dengist

So progressive!

this, everything is so fucked that the fucking miracle of the communist party of china actually being communist is the only thing that will save us.

How is the DPRK bad? Do you trust what's said about it?
Sure, it might not be this perfect place, but i highly doubt what the defectors and South Korea say about them. They only tell half the story.
Like that one time South Korea news were saying some general was purged because he wasn't at som random event and then he appeared again at another.


I would like to believe that the world is not as shitty as I thought it was but it seems pretty clear to me that North Korea is a backward shithole.


It's not balls out insane like the ROK says but it's still shit everywhere other than Pyongyang

Ah yes, that quasi-famous image.
That was taken when there was a massive power outage in NK, iirc.

So why don't we have media coming out of the DPRK that proves they're prosperous?

Unruhe doesn't call Putin Socialist. He admitted China and Russia were imperialist powers.


I Love Uncle Xi and I'm not afraid to admit it, just as Uncle Xi loves me back.

Anything that the DPRK says is ignored.

Because the DPRK are constantly claiming things like they've developed a cure for AIDS and created hyper-realistic sex robots.

Even though their TOP scientists are using pre-1985 PCs.

You guys can support the unfair oppression of sweatshop workers if you want to, but I won't.

The USA is constantly claiming things like cold fusion or private space programs or quantum computers are here. Not to mention Star Wars, the constant declarations of victory in the war on terror, and the dozen Ebola "cures" that came to nothing.

Difference is that the various idiotic assertions to come from the US are quietly ignored after they come out embarrassing, whereas the DPRK's equivalents are the only thing about the DPRK that ever gets reported (well, that and things that can be used to justfiy American warm8ngering).


I don't think that the US has ever claimed that cold fusion or quantum computers were here.

I don't know about that, but the self proclaimed greatest nation ever on this planet which has a military budget of +600 billion dollars is claiming that their election were hacked by Russia atm


The graph is indicating that, to report on wrongdoing or foolishness about the US, you need to meet some ridiculous demand of evidence, whereas to report on wrongdoing or foolishness on the part of other nations, you just need some guy's uncle's cousin's fromer roommate to have heard that Kim Jong Un is extra stupid, hates freedom and likes MLP.

Fuck off chink

It may not be the insane prison camp the media paints it as, but it's still an impoverished dictatorship with monarchic characteristics.

China are pretty much communist in name only now, that guy xi is hanging out in davos with all the globalists and speaking out against populism lol.

I read somewhere Vietnam just became a socialist country.

And north korea did some bath salts and ripped off ww2 era Japanese fascism and invented some weird shit called juche

I think the only communist country still alive that didnt sell out was cuba, and fidel just died.

The whole fucking country had a power outage?

Come on, no one is this gullible.

Can you find a single image or video of earth at night when they're not having a "power outage"?