My son did this in class a couple months ago. Proud of him

My son did this in class a couple months ago. Proud of him.

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He looks a bit tipsy.



So you want your son to get bullied?

The ghost of Papa Stalin will send the bullies to a really extra spooky gulag.

If he wanted that he'd make his son a socdem.

You have never been raised by a communist so don`t talk shit on subject where you have no experience in.

dunno who raised you but it's clear they didn't do a good job since you turned out a filthy class traitor

It took 5 years of therapy to get that death cult of ML washed off form my brains. I`m glad that he died.

Why do we allow pro-capitalists like this faggot over here again?

because muh allies

We are just more pragmatic wing of demsocs.

Better than NazBols, also they sometimes do something for the working class you fucking "anarcho-nihilist"

Social fascism


Collective bargaining is preferable to 6 million starving Ukrainians.

Only socdems can be this stupid and anti-historical


I`m not anti-communist only anti-Marxist Leninist

maybe the revolution won't dieā€¦

A phrase which here means corrupt and opportunistic neolib presenting itself as an ally to the working class while spitroasting it with libcons, right-populists and other assorted fuckers wasting air.

Indeed, they stab it in the back while pretending to be its ally. Annihil don't do that, so fuck me, I guess.

I guess we have to stay classcucked, folks! Cuz hey, what our masters tell us about communism is obviously true guys!

You're anti-worker, faggot.

You're not even lefty, just a disguised porky

I need a version of this with an icepick.


What would you do, if somebody has grandchildren?


Is that an interactive smart board to the side? REEEEEEE, get out of here with your 1st world educationsā€¦.

Social Fascism is real

there are people on this board right now who don't like kids.

explain yourselves

It's a troll, there's just no fucking way this is real.

What do you do for the working class except supporting a bunch of punk bands by buying a few beers in a squat ?

Leave it to the SocDem to ruin my thread.

Jokes on you, kid. I download and 3D-print my beers like I pirate and burn their music.

He also roasts socdems on Korean claymation boards

I conviced a few to join strikes and protests in my workplace. What about you?

Almost nothing, but I don't pretend to be a hardcore revolutionary on a Peruvian cumbia enthusiast forum unlike the anarcho-nihilist user.

I remember at my school there was this kid who said Holodomor was a natural famine. That was the last time I ever worked with a Trot to kick someone's ass. I hope I never have to work with a Trot again.
I hope that little Stalinist fucking shit learned his lesson.

Your son can draw better than I can, he really captured stalins eyes well.

No. All those who oppose the general will of the party are enemies our revolution.

there is nothing wrong with post-fascism

God gave me this mission of being post-ironic post-left neo-fash. I will continue my work until rest of this board become nazbols.

The only thing Stalin did wrong was that he did not slay enough, let this world be culled.

I'm 24 and I approve.
The amount of underage here is appalling.

He was right.


Also, OP you should have your son post here. He's contributed more OC (through you) than probably 90% of the board's users.

Why are non-MLs so cucked by right-wing history?
Pic related not even Robert Conquest, the MI5 agent historian most responsible for popularizing the Holodomor myth, believed in it.


The excerpt is basically Conquest's fall back position on the famine after decades of claiming it was deliberate genocide. Tauger whose the foremost historian in the world on this subject and a world-class agricultural historian argues otherwise, there just wasn't enough food to avoid famine in those years.

Stalin did everything he could to prevent the famine including trying to do an exchange of gold for grain with Iran.
Check out the book for yourself.
Also his book on Khrushchev's secret speech which set the tone for a great deal of anti-communist propaganda during the second half of the 20th century is worth reading as well:

This. Holodomer did not happen, there is not a consensus about the Holodomer among historians in the West, unlike the Holocaust which we have 1000's of pages of testimony, documentary, demographic, photographic and forensic evidence for. When Nazi's try to compare the two it really epitomizes their intellectual bankruptcy.

Holy shit, where do you live? I wanna kick your ass

pic related

Ukraine already had famines before that which curiously ended after it joined to form USSR. Same with famines after that once Stalin collectivized the farms. Curiouser and curiouser.

Count this socialist in. Wouldn't want to miss out.

Who cares if the Holodomor was real or not, Soviet Union was a shithole and a disgrace for socialism either way.

The first time I've seen an anarchist make a truly awful post

Say that to my face and see what happens.

What if I think the Holodomir was partially influenced by climate, but that this was compounded by the Bolshevik's heavily urban-backing at the expense of having a strong agricultural base?