What's your thoughts on baathism ?

what's your thoughts on baathism ?

Basically Fascism re-branded for the Arab world.

Its shit

Honest opinion: its a big bag of revisionist ideas that tries to repackage Arab nationalism as socialism. That being said, it still manages to trigger the United Spergs of America and Autisreal pretty hard so I think its pretty based for a non-Marxist ideology.

Baathism is shit and the ME will be better when the Assad regime is gone.

the idea that the arab world should unite together to fight off imperialism makes sense since the arab people have been fucked by imperial powers pretty badly

it's a shame the people that have attempted it have just been terrible

Arab Nazism

Yep, safalists taking over more of the MENA will certainly improve things there.


Based Nazbols


Anti-communist bonapartism applied to the Arab world


You should try reading Apo's "Roots of Civilization".

You can't possibly believe that Rojava, which was founded and sustained by socialist internationalism, isn't going to try to spread their ideology far and wide.

Even if Rojava gets to live after Assad, they will be more similar to EZLN in that they will only operate locally. ME needs something larger than that.

Turd positionism

Absolutely retarded and dead. Arab nationalism is dead. Its been dead since the islamic awakening ( ). Islamism is the new craze in the arab world. Morsi was democratically elected so was Hamas. Taliban Iranian revolution etc etc etc.

It wont. If you think it will you are delusional. The kurds are super nationalistic/borderline racist. The new political thing in the arab/islamic world is islamism. It has been gaining traction ever since Iranian revolution. Opposition to capitalism is plentiful but it is generally based on opposition to secularism.

True anti-racist, anti-slavery and anti-supremacist (in short, anti-zionist) left.

Well they are considering that the Syrian Democratic Council was designed by TEV-DEM as a model for all of Syria and Ă–calan has suggested that that the principles of democratic confederalism could be used to resolve issues such as the Israeli-Palestine conflict.