America Hate

Holy fuck I hate America. Is there a worse bastion of capitalism?

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We have reached a level of political correctness where communists can no longer shit on whatever fourth generational Americans whose ancestors owned slave plantations.

Forget it, you can't anymore. You'll be yelled down by people offended and outraged at the slightest negativity.

why does everyone here hate Obama so much

he gave millions medical care, saved the middle class via stimulus package, saved the auto industry, killed bin Laden, lowered unemployment to practically nothing, etc.


How many countries is the US bombing right now?


almost thought you were for realsies for a minute there, fam

Why does this surprise you?

More like white political but pliotically illiterate America being white America political but pliotically illiterate

You'll have white conservatives demand we have evidence against Russia and Snowden and then in a second breath defend the intel community saying we had found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify invasion, or have them justify the intel communities findings in any cold war coup, hell the spark point of Vietnam

You'll have white Democrats do the exact opposite and be reasnobally skeptical of the CIA but accept it when its partisan, like this Russia shit, and whatever they cock up next

It's a cluster fuck

Americans are stupid. I think it needs to be said.

Gotta say, the echoing of Obama's platitudes is pretty dank. Put some synths and a good beat on it, and we could have something here.
"Reform a divisive social compact in soldarity with the growing, hard-working middle class." - that's the title.

not an argument

only, like, one of those things has happened since Obama took office and it was (of course) the most benign one

also, i trust you support rojava right? well, the US bombing Syria played a huge role in rojava still existing today

the more i read, the more convinced i become that social democracy is actually the most realistic and humane way of implementing most socialist ideals

i don't know

i really hated obama throughout his presidency for bombing libya and for being a capitalist and all, but then i read the rolling stone article listing all of his accomplishments and i literally couldn't think of a rebuttal

he's easily the best president we've had in a LONG time

More like "disappoint." These are people who will trumpet the glory of the democratic system but then cheer for it to be subverted the moment it gives them a result they don't like. That moment is the kind of thing that needs to be shown to future commies to remind them of what liberal ideology does to people.


That's why we need a state. These sorts of counter revolutionaries will need to be Gulag'd.

The picture is just a general contribution to the thread. It's not related to the reply. I was going to post it regardless of whether I replied to you.

Verbal support doesn't mean much but I'll support it until it's gone or it stops being leftist at all.
What role to the other bombings play?

An American communist state that isn't subverted

what a fucking joke

They can learn better. They're only as awful as they are due to an education system that did everything in its power to herd them away from learning and a media that hyped them up into a frenzy believing Trump is literally Hitler.

El peruANO

Obama is reading from Robert's Revised Rules of Order and people are cheering about abstract procedural commonplaces and liberals are complete fucking vermin.

The problem is that all of those accomplishments are lies and gross misrepresentations of what he did. As a small business owner and somebody directly in the target demographic of Obamacare, allow me to inform you firsthand that his turd of a bill did nothing but to tie albatrosses around our necks and then expect us to somehow use them to fly.

Also the jobs thing is horseshit. There are more jobs on paper, but their quantity has gone up because of companies slashing full-time positions to dodge having to offer insurance under Obamacare. So instead of 100 full time jobs, you now have 200 part time jobs. But it's more on paper, so it's a victory, right? And nobody has insurance anyways.

99.9% of anything good that can be said about him is outright propaganda.


I'm kind of amazed that one of the things he opened with was the US sending an elite strike team to assassinate a "freedom fighter" the US gave arms and training but then turned on them. Osama bin Laden is the kind of thing that you would think the government would sweep under the carpet but memory is so selective and they're so audacious they can milk that for years while people forget the US made him what he was.

You can't implement socialism while supporting capitalism, just like you can't support capitalism while supporting feudalism.

That's got to be a joke, but it's just making me mad because you're just one person and there are millions of people who really think that.

He's easily the most docile figurehead the ruling class have had to put a human face on capitalism. He spun on a dime once he got into office on everything he campaigned on and nobody noticed.

wtf I love Obama now

Seriously though, what is a petite bourg like you doing here?

There is material circumstance that puts some whites who owned slaves at a prior point genealogically over other Americans who didn't

This includes other white American immigrants.

This is the grander problem with slave owning that's forgotten. It wasn't your fault, but some families still benefited from it and there was no real way to say, that money is null and void, because that's Capital and it is the government basically.

It's not this loose definition where hey you know the past is the past, it very much can be in the material benefit of some richer Americans.

In fact, many rich American families who were like, lets say fifth or sixth generation. They are partially rich because of benefit their ancestors had as slave owners, and benefit they had after the civil war where black America was put behind white America still.

It's all fine and good because its just old money though.

I post all over the site. Particularly if something I know about comes up on Velocious, which this has. Boards here don't have walls so much as hedgerows.

No, being a capitalist is exploitative.

Under what circumstance do you consider being compensated for work not exploitative, then?

Wage labor in inherently exploitative.

I should have checked your flag before expecting coherency.

What were you expecting.