Is there any point to political atheism now that capitalists have ruined it with New Atheism?

Is there any point to political atheism now that capitalists have ruined it with New Atheism?

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Most of the critics of "New Atheism" criticize it for being political at all; they prefer meek atheists who treat atheism as fundamentally unimportant and don't stand up to theocracy.

Also, y'know, it's a dead movement, if it was ever a movement at all.


Theocracy hasn't been a problem for hundreds of years.

Yes. All religion must be destroyed. When something that we reject is rejected by our enemies as well it is one less obstacle towards our victory.

There is no point in actively trying to destroy religion. If all goes according to plan it should fade away once we establish communism.

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You're mistaken. Elimination of religion is part of the revolutionary process. The victory of the revolutionary process, meaning communism, will only be achieved when all traces of religion, along with capital, classes, nations, the nuclear family and the state have been eliminated.

I'm sure the mindless, undifferentiated drones in your neoliberal end game will have enough meaningful thought in their empty minds to do anything other than serve.


You do realize that religion itself predates capitalism, right? Religion has been used to both suppress and spread leftist thought; I suspect that most religions will survive after the revolution. It's not exactly as if it harms the revolution anyways.

Marx knew that. Oddly enough he was way softer on religion than bourgeois enlightenment thinkers like Paine. Almost like there is another dialectic at work regarding the philosophical value of religion.

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Yes. Atheism is part of communism.

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I have no respect for atheists tbh.

There's nothing wrong with being atheistic, but if you're an "atheist," you are spooked to the core.

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That's not a problem of religion though. That's a problem of a specific religion.

If you go to an officially Christian country like Sweden you don't run into this sort of oppression. Hell, you won't even find it in other Muslim countries.

"Fuck Wahabbis" shouldn't become "fuck religion." That's absolutely childish.


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