Marxist Universities in the US

Where are all the Marxists at? When I go back to school I don't want to be surrounded by liberals and word-police """anarchists""". Is it better to just pick a school and form a Marxist organization on campus or are there some well-established ones in the US?

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All universities are marxist. Watch Sargon.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst brought in a bunch of Marxian economists in the 70's, whose influence is still felt today. City University of New York has a lot of Marxist professors. Don't know how leftist The New School is, but Wolff is teaching there right now.

What about specifically graduate schools? If I want to get more involved in theory, where do you suggest I look into?

All of society is culturally Marxist, just walk out and bathe in the sunlight. We won. It sure does feel like workers have control over the memes of production every time I see a black CEO or a female imperialist.

Thanks, I'm checking out both right now. I was looking at New School earlier today as well.

You'd be lucky to be around "political" peers at all. Don't count on any real life setting for your leftist needs yet.

Hudson taught there for a time but actually left to go work for wall street and cause he felt the economists there had a too "fundamentalist" approach to Marxism.

A friend of mine went to the New School and he says its very left-wing. I wouldn't know how it really is, honestly…

There are no leftist schools here, the furthest left you're going to find are people who though Jill Stein was radical

Out of curiosity how leftist is Mcgill university? What is the leftist scene like in Montreal?


I have never seen a Marxist at University.

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There is none fam if you want hard marxism you need to go to Europe

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Are there more of these?

I had a self proclaimed marxist sociology professor at Berkeley. Turned out to really be socdem.