Tankie Hate Thread

What do you hate about Tankies Leftypol?

I hate how most of them are stupid, western children who praise Stalin, Mao and other dictators, never having to grow up under their rule.

And Tankies will bitch at people who actually lived under Stalin/Mao and other communist dictators and hated it. Tankies will then present some unhinged fantasy about how life under Stalin wasn't so bad, holodomor denial, denial of how horrific the gulags were.

I think Tankies are extremely stupid for wanting to resurrect the Soviet Union instead of working towards a non repressive, alternative society.

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Are you one of those tankies that hate gay people? Why is that?

They pretending to be leftists.

Retarded tankie. Learn your USSR history you dumb fuck, because in the USSR it didn't matter where you're from. You could be from Azerbeijan or Tuva. You were still a brother.

That their existence is a confirmation that Lenin's Leninism was doomed to fail; that it was at once one of the only shots the communist movement had, and that it was at once not radical enough and too radical.

So what about pro-Castro Western Leftists who despise what Cubans themselves call “gusanos/worms,” those Cubans who emigrated to find a better life? With all sympathy for the Cuban revolution, what right does a typical middle-class Western Leftist, like too many readers of In These Times, have to despise a Cuban who decided to leave Cuba not only because of political disenchantment but also because of poverty? In the same vein, I myself remember from the early 1990s dozens of Western Leftists who proudly threw in my face how, for them, that Yugoslavia (as imagined by Tito) still exists, and reproached me for betraying the unique chance of maintaining Yugoslavia.

To that charge, I answered: I am not yet ready to lead my life so that it will not disappoint the dreams of Western Leftists. Gilles Deleuze wrote somewhere: “Si vous etes pris dans le reve de l’atre vous etez foutu!”—If you are caught in the dream of the other you’re ruined. Cuban people paid the price for being caught into the Western leftists’ dream.

You can be a leftist and still practice nationalism and capitalism (or do anything that conflicts with other leftist ideologies). Political orientations just form a spectrum for the sake of ordering ideologies, but obviously this does not mean nor has it ever meant that the left or the right will find itself agreeing with one another in their own category, although some leanings directly tend to devolve into one another (lolbertarianism > fascism).

But we don't, we aren't LARPers, the USSR is gone and will never come back.

We just don't engage in embarrassing defeatism in smearing the USSR and the achievements of comrade Stalin by pandering to liberal and fascist propaganda because we aren't naive and know how history works. That being said, since Marxism-Leninism has proven to work, we continue on to follow the only leftist ideology which proved itself to be the only socialist option at this point. We don't have a hard on for dictatorships and gulags, but when confronted with bourgeois and fascist counterrevolutionaries and their useful idiots, we won't hesitate to do what has to be done and what historical necessity demands from us - we refuse to simply regress back to capitalism as the more liberal leftist tendencies, like Anarchism, want us to do.

No. That's a huge oxymoron.

This is pure wishful thinking on your part. Stalin faced a lot of resistance from the peasantry at first but by the end was basically worshiped as a god. Questing the will of Mao in Maoist China was like questioning the will of Christ.

Who denies the conditions faced in China and Russia? No one. But you have totally absolved Western imperialism of all the blame. To you, being isolated and attacked by the entire planet for their whole existence cannot explain the difficulties faced by communists, you have laid all of the blame on communism itself. You can't side with bourgeois dictatorship over Stalinist Marxism and claim to be a consistent communist.

What I don't like about 'tankies' is that its a term (degraded) by anarchists to mean "people not like us." It originally meant those communists who supported the soviet unions intervention in '56 and '68.

The point of contention among the far left was always that those on the left that were capitalist were not socialists; social democracts, left nationalists, progressives, left-liberals, etc. This was a divide within the left; Holla Forums is just too retarded to understand that this does not change the fact that for example genuine succdems are on the left. What they are not is socialists.

I see what you mean. I just assumed we were talking about the far-left and not the classcuck "moderate" left.

Nah, but to a greater extent that's kind what I was talking about when Holla Forums often conflates what "left" means versus "anti-capitalist", which are not necessarily synonymous (social democrats for example stand on the side of labor, but not closely as close to it as socialists do because all succdems do is reform capitalism or entrench labor's interests in the economy a little, and succdems as such are incredibly rare and are at best just left-liberals with no pretenses of economic allegiance, just social allegiance).

repressions logically follow form class analysis
if identifying proletariat is a somewhat tricky task
identifying capitalists is fairly easy
and after you identify them, you repress them
and then you keep repressing all those who want to become capitalists

and anyway, all alternatives that I'm aware of are themselves quite old-fashioned

soooo… not an argument
I'll better take my chance in trying to implement actually working democratic centralism

On the shit list:

I feel like I'm forgetting someone

Tankies are huge faggots that pretend to be baddies on an internetimageboard

>the achievements comrade Stalin
Well that didn't last long.

This is what dogmatism looks like.

It's not just anarchists who have extended the meaning of tankie. That being said, the overlap between that historical definition of tankie and the modern usage is pretty large: the big difference being that the modern conception of "tankie" also tends to include things like the regressive left and MTWs, which makes some sense (to an extent) as they tend to have a fair bit of ideological overlap.

Nobody really denies the necessity to repress the capitalists. The problem is mostly in that repression being turned against the workers themselves and other leftist groups, which is historically where the big criticism comes from
The whole left is at the moment. The only exception to this at the moment may be some varieties of communalism, but otherwise most other leftist ideologies are still very much rooted in 19th-20th century thought.
I'll have to agree with Bordiga on this one: there was already very little that was historically democratic about democratic centralism, and those fragments of democracy that did remain were a greater liability than an asset. Either fully embrace workers democracy or commit to party dictatorship; trying to have the latter while trying to suckle the teat of legitimacy from the former is unstable and ultimately benefits nobody.

tankies and anarchos are my comrades
i'm ok with tankies shitting on made-up or dishonest claims of deaths under communist governments, but it's stupid whenthey where soviet or CCP paraphernalia, that just looks bad

tbh, it was bad, but life always sucked in russia. the 1984 burger imagery is still silly

Still, the term moved from exact to general.

Comrade pre-dates the SU. It really isn't a sign someone is LARP'ing.

the bloodthirst. the fact that they expect the public to get behind the idea of 200 years of hell with the sole motivation that generations later it miiiiiiight pay off. That's most of it honestly. also the fact that they make all other communists look REALLY BAD because liberals don't understand that different sects believe different things and whenever you tell them they're like "well of course you would say that, that's just a front but you actually are the same. also nazis are communists"

tankies never leave this liberalism behind really. They just do their best to become the opposite of it. Like a little atheist teen in a religious family. That's my hypothesis anyway. They probably started calling themselves communist when they're teacher in highschool told them how evil the commies are and showed 'em some propaganda


awwww. I'm sorry I was mean :(


I'm aware of the origins of the term. My point is that its one thing to use the term with someone that you currently hold solidarity with (be that the fellow workers you know or those working in the political sphere representing workers interests under the socialist banner; even then the use is usually quite sparing), but another to use it for someone who has been dead for 60 years. Hell, it would even work to say "he/she was a comrade" for those who are long gone as a tribute to their efforts, but to continue calling them comrade as a title insists that they persist as anything more than examples and fragmented ideas by which we are to take what we need from to build the movement today.
That and the term was often used as a placeholder for official titles, of which dead men hold none.

trots? They're like beta tankies.

Thank you comrade

There is literally nothing wrong with being a tankie.

Tankies, Nazbols, Trots, anarchists, etc, you're all comrades in my book. We all want the same goal but achieved in a different way. This sectarianism isn't good.

it's not so simple

I agree with Lenin in that any particular part of the proletariat has no right to claim ownership of any particular means of production
surplus is social, one cannot divide it
it belongs to the society as a whole

so if some gold mining workers want to secede and be on their own, I have no problem with showing them their place

means of production were made socially
Infrastructure was built socially
education provided by society

if society decides that you have no right and must be forced to comply, then so be it

if those leftist groups undermine socialist society, then I have no problem with repressing them

there's no need for a party
there should be no parallel structures, like party congress and supreme soviet
there should be only one source of power

and structure of soviets appears to be adequate to me
enforce it with some telecommunications, direct democracy and maybe it will work out


yeah. the real problem is for everyone else around them tbh

don't be so paranoid
just follow orders and all will be chiki-briki

in the worst case your death will be quick



Since when has anyone claimed Duterte and Putin are socialists? They're arguably far right.

Why the first to go of course.

i've seen tankies express support for dueterte, to be fair, they did not claim he was socialist

This is such a ridiculous straw man. Nobody actually thinks that Mugabe is a socialist anymore (or ever really was one for that matter).

Why do tankies hate transwomen so much?

I don't hate them as long as they are cute.

all my comrades who want to create a better world

According to this image, I am a full blown tranny.

Is this bait? I am confidently a cishet male.

I hate that the tankie meta in Overwatch is so stale and displays all the imbalanced flaws of the game's character roster.

Nazis in denial don't want shit to do with leftism. Sorry but they're not my fucking comrades.

I wonder if people would still shit talk tankies if they were in front of this guy?



Prove thy own worth. Why are you the little arbiter, assmad edgy teen liberal?

not an ak 6/10

OP Here
This is the best answer as to why people should hate tankies.

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Not every anti-capitalist is created equal or an ally.

Again, fuck off Nazi.

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My my, such an ill mannered little reactionary grasping at epithets while attempting to do the schismatic, and in doing so, exposing naught but your irreducibly religious mindframe. You have neither the temperament nor cogitative stamina to make such bold pronouncements on matters about which you know nothing. Good day to you.

Literally a proto-fascist fam

Social Liberalism?
Social Democracy?