China Tackles 'Masculinity Crisis,' Tries to Stop 'Effeminate' Boys

With enormous economic clout and a powerful military and a strongman president, the image that China projects to the outside world is one of strength and confidence.

At home, however, some believe the nation's over-protected young boys are becoming physically and emotionally weak — leaving China facing what is being called a "crisis of masculinity."

Some commentators in China, where gender identity is much less blurred than in Western culture, suggest it could lead to social problems and even imperil the country's national security.

A new school textbook that aims to teach boys how to be "masculine" men has been released. Called "Little Men," the book covers the differences between boys and girls, the importance of the father-son relationship as well as the importance of interacting with nature and managing money.

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Lol this kind of Stalinist cultural shit is going to make them easy pickings for the CIA

dude traditional gender roles are literally worse than Hitler professor moskowitz told me lmao


The Japanese are our allies in Cultural Marxism, comrades!

reap what you sow


So what happens when no one can get a girlfriend?

Mail order bride.

Hundreds of thousands of men die alone, unable to attract a bride.

Africa will probably be the go-to destination for Chinese men seeking brides imo


China still has five times the fertility rate and a much finer sex balance than Japan despite Japan being left to its neoliberal, "traditional" vices all by itself. If anything one child policy, as draconic as it was (it's now two child), is the only thing that saved China's eternally gigantic population throughout modernity.

It would be nice if schools in the west taught us the importance of interacting with nature and managing money.

If they don't get beaten up by Jamal in every corner or honor killed by Jamalhad

I love that picture in this thread

They can always get a waifu.

Funnily enough, China invites a gigantic amount of Africans for work and education, and most end up at least naturalizing a dual [African]-Chinese passport. The southern Guangzhou province has gigantic diaspora of notably Nigerians and Chadians.

Oh come on, at least western mra's can blame the media, china has state media.

Actually, historically china was the most woman hater out of the eat asian countries, like when they found out the baby was a girl they would toss her in a river lol.


china's sex balance is shot

Can't we just nuke China, Saudi Arabia and the USA already?

Pulease, china is a sausagefest.

Not unlikely. Africa has lots of countries with a much larger female population.

No, they have all the nukes.

Seeing how China is currently transitioning to its own post-industrial era, this goes without saying. They can try as hard as they can with their silly propaganda books, traditional gender roles will inevitably erode like they did in the West.

Maybe I'm just not enough of a pedophile, but that struck me more as a potential daughter than a girlfriend…

A new era of cuteboys will come!

Why is this allowed?

Spooky shit China. Read Marx, you can't forcibly keep culture that doesn't serve a purpose anymore.

Same here, she looks very young.

Post more.

Because its hot.

Dicks are fine, I just dislike the sort of fake gayness that makes people draw dickgirls and call them boys. Same shit with /cuteboys/ where 80% of the userbase appears to consist of buttmad straight people who pretend to be gay even though anything which looks remotely masculine is instantly thrown out of the window. You're not actually gay or even bisexual if your definition of "cute" is "looks like a woman".

People who like traps and the likes dont give a shit about your gayness, its what they like. If people want to jack it to feminine blokes then thats their choice.

Now ive seen everything.

Also what about people like me who get turned on by traps and also tomboys.

I like androgenous people. Am I not bisexual or whatever just because there is an element of femininity in my preferences? Are lesbians not gay because they like butch women?

sexuality is a spectrum.if they only wanna fuck feminine boys that's up to them man,we don't need gate keeping

Human nuggets.

Men care too much about defining sexuality, no matter what their logical opinion is on homosexuality if they weren't concerned about it they wouldn't think to consider that a single masculine feature made them gay. I've even see posts that go like "I like tomboys/girls with short hair, does that make me bi?"
Even tumblrinas who use "gay" as a synonym for "i'm aroused" seem to care less about this

Tomboys and short haired girls are fucking great mate.


Stop seeing it in gender false terms and start seeing it for what it is.
Masculinity and femininity is what attract ppl.


Also this is now a /cute male/ thread

Pederasty probably.

I just spent some time in China, I have been visiting there for about 10 years now. This time was vastly different than the other times I've been there. Every other time in the past they felt like a nation on the rise, a people becoming more and more proud, more and more affluent, and, frankly more and more arrogant. This time, however, I was talking to a broken desperate people. The new Mercedes and BMWs that filled the roads three years ago were all gone now. People were asking me if there are any good ways to make money, "there's no good business, everything's a scam," I was told. People who I thought were thriving now poor and desperate for me to hook them up with a job or whatever.

What's more, huge police presence now on every corner. Throwback Mao era posters now covering public places. ID now needed to get on a bus (this was never the case.) Must go through a full security check and random ID checks just to use the subway system. The dream is quickly becoming a nightmare.

You do not know just how much I regret that I do not/never looked like one of those two guys.

It's less annoying to call yourself gay despite being pretty fucking sure you're straight than to deal with insecure straightfags coming in and calling everyone in your dickgirl thread gays in denial.

good thread everyone

It's pointless to teach boys to be masculine if you don't ban xenoestrogens/phtalates pollution from industrial products and water sources. They are trying to find a cultural solution to a medical problem. Of course tackling the medical problem would threaten the profits of industrialists.

Capitalism in action

Would Chinese men really want to have children with blacks in great numbers?

I think its better than nothing. It happened in europe with colonies and those kids were generally considered naturalised and native and such. It can give problems though.


yeah,the Chinese are infamously really really racist.I doubt most of them would want a black wife and mixed kids

Lets not forget that they will blame big government for it.

I tend to like larger partners, possibly including muscle girls with a ponytail I could yank on. Muscle/chub guys with big butts are also a plus. :^)

Nope. They wouldn't.
Black women are pretty much all the opposite of what's considered attractive in Asian countries. Dark skin instead of a light complexion, thick features instead of thin and delicate, curly hair instead of straight hair and so on and so on. It's not even a matter of hurr raciss, it's simply what's culturally fed up to them as being the beauty standards. I bet they would have no problem marrying European women.
The only way to try to change it would be if the government propaganda tried to push those standards just like the western media push black people down people's throats 24/7 but I don't see it happening any time soon.

where my leftist femboys @

horniness trumps racism


also checked.

China has an insane boy-girl ratio (thanks to a retarded combo involving traditions and retarded policies)

There are not enough grills around for the boys, so some have to take the bullet and become grills themselves.

Hi Holla Forums just because you have seen a few commericals not depicting blacks as disgusting monkeys doesn't mean the media is not trying to continue to reinforce European beauty standards. Why do you think so many black women wear weaves?

There are more men than women pretty much everywhere.

Women over 65 don't fucking count in this regard. That is the only reason there are more women than men in the general population.

This always seemed amazing to me, whenever idpollers would preface discussions of patriarchy with stuff like "the western world has had a long history of strict, stifling patriarchal forms of control".

And it's like… compared to what? What's your reference point? India? China? The Gulf Region?

Why are leftists so selectively western-centric?

The cart is for under 15 population only.

It looks like a girl dominance, but then you need to remember, that India and China host 2/7 of the entire world population.

Like I told you before, China ratio is insanely skewed towards boys, due to their retarded one-child policy. It had an exception for rural families: If their first born was a girl, they can have another one.

Don't forget that many parents abort when they find out it's a girl. A boy in China has simply more value.

And yes, because of this bullshit, China is dragging our ratio down.

As the world becomes safer and more advanced, there will be less and less of a need to have gender stuff like this. For example when tough, physical labor is done mostly by machines or people in those robot suits, will we really care anymore about this shit? Other than for health and aesthetic reasons, my guess is no.


This is literally the idea that led to libtardism.

A bunch of rich or well off French/Anglo faggots sit around dreaming up a reality where pre-agricultural populations have always been righteous and moral (no evidence), where equality is a moral imperative and good (no evidence) and where individual liberty makes people nobler (no evidence).

The only people who actually believe that Bruce Jenner is a woman are white urban liberals you dumb faggot. Coincidentally the people with the lowest fertility rates on earth (yes, even lower than the East Asians).

American black woman are all ugly. Its honestly amazing how the fuck you managed to get all the uggo blacks in america. The ones in africa are often quite attractive.

There needs to be a bigger conversation directly centered around this point

Haha German nationals would say the same thing to me about white Americans when I was stationed there.

There was even a joke, why are Americans so ugly, because all the ugos in Europe immigrated there cause they couldn't hack in Europe.

What Germans consider average attractiveness would be consider very attractive in Germany

*in the US

You are very ignorant if you live in a western country and you don't see liberals pushing blacks down people's throats all the time.

There is usually a ratio of 104:100 males to females as they come out of the vaginas.

This happens unless the women do not have enough nutrients, or live in the poverty. Then they have slightly more girls. Just enough to make a statistical difference.

This has been observed. The implications are left for the viewer to ponder.

Why are miss-anything girls always buttfuck ugly?

I always feel like I am missing out on some kind of joke.

yeah but masculinity is inherent to males, why would you need to teach it?

the world is getting weird af.

Testosterone in men(and women has been constantly declining ) at an alarming rate due to the 'food we eat and other enviromental factors.

This is bad.It doesn't mean muh femboys.It means men are having to go on Testosterone Replacement therapy because they become dead inside when they're still supposed to be young and not dead inside.

They just don't want to admit that they fucked their children's lives or that thay think of their children's as pets or investments.

Explain and give proofs.

Of all the shitty aspects of traditional Chinese culture why did Mao let the preference for boys (due to barbaric marriage/property traditions) remain in place?

Because mao is retarded.

Because mao was planning to invade Japan and the rest of Asia and kill their men and rape their women.

Chinese Characteristics

Can you tell us anymore? Do you meet any genuine leftists in China both in the past and present? Is anyone talking about the problems of capitalism?

It's almost like this man was right and Mao was wrong…

Xi is based af


Wide eyes no realize china strongest country in world. In 50 years world be speak mandarin, you learn now or you be slave to chinese masters. We are race of master we control world soon stupid pig skin wide eyes.

Already working on it mate.


That is Japanese, language of inferior monkey people. Japanese are filthy animals who killed 20 million innocent Chinese infants at Nanjing and raped uncountable Chinese women and also ate their flesh. Japanese are dogs.

Zonghou best country amirite?

Nanjing never happened but it should've dog fucker

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Nah mate, if youre gonna say shit you gotta provide proof.

Dog is not for fucking dog is food stupid wide eyes. Dog is good farm animal that can live in city and is boil or roast very taste good meat.

china has neither since your all animals


The main cause is Vitamin D deficiency. The shit they put in milk and stuff is not bioavailable. After 2 weeks of 100,000 IU D3 a day my test levels shot through the roof.{ac23497d-f1ed-4278-bbd2-92bb1e552e3a}/generational-decline-in-testosterone-levels-observed

Good to know.I'll try it.

Just don't use that dose for more than 3 weeks or it'll become toxic. After two weeks switch to 5,000 IU a day.



I am only taking an introductory course. Also why the fuck does microsoft have different methods to switch between characters and letters for japanese and chinese?

oh hey, silly monospace letters.

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Why dont you just go outside more?

Why did someone feel the need to draw this? Just why?

When I was in college I shared a room with a man from Kenya. He was actually mugged by a group of American blacks on campus who stole his textbooks.

So, he would talk all this shit about "the niggers"
and he liked to say that "the reason the blacks here are so bad is because we sold you the troublemakers."

Hahaha. Glad to see the oldworld tradition of ragging on americans for being descended of dumbfucks and criminals is also present in africa.


Well since most of us here are losers who sit inside all day, yes.

I never said technology negates nature, I said increasing advances in technology inevitably leads to a population that depends on it more and more, and the bodies of this population tend to eventually reflect that. Why don't you fucking relax.

Right wingers have no answer to this

Isn't the Chinese working-age population expected to steeply decrease over the coming decades?

For all the broo-haha about China, under the severe working conditions in China atm, they're going down the same path as other East Asian capitalistic societies, in terms of demographics

Unless you live in Africa/Mexico/Middle East you're not going to get enough sunlight to produce adequate amounts of vitamin d you illiterate retard.

Are we talking about Nigeria or China? China's fertility rate has been way below replacement levels for a few decades now. I think it's even lower than Japan's if you believe their official statistics. You face huge fines if you try to register a second child, but I understand there are exceptions there.

The working age population is declining worldwide save for certain high-fertility countries like India.

China shot themselves in the foot early with muh one child policy.