Why should white people gaf about POC?

Why should white people gaf about POC?

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Because when we initiate the great ANNUDAH SHOA against crackers and honkies they'll care

"White people" shouldn't. There is no unified "white people".
Working-class people, however, can wake up to the fact that they are being manipulated through tribalism to accept muh privilege over power, and unite with working-class PoC to work for confederalist democracies for them all.

Afterwards, perhaps then such tribalism can be overcome.



that's not contradictory. even though I don't believe in the "white muh privilege" theory I can see how it could exist despite a white race not existing. It is a socially conditioned benefit.

"People of Color" is the worst term.

We're all the same.mpg

Because they're workers too.

Personally I couldn't give a shit if you do or you don't.



how can you call yourself leftist if you don't want anuddah shoah tbh?

That doesn't imply that the white race doesn't exist though. It implies that it exists as a social group. Members of said social group can then go on to reap the benefits of that "white muh privilege". Now whether it exists in a more "physical" kind of sense, it's irrelevant.

Of course we all know that it does.

Actually meant for

Why should white people GAF about white people.

This tbh. White people are objectively the most attractive on average. It's the bitter truth

We shouldn't.

Nice spooks faggot. There is no such thing as white people, no matter how much you mutt americans keep pushing it.


but it doesn't. race is a shit way of classifying humans. nobody can come to a definition of whiteness.





People should care about abolishing domination in all of it's forms, for the simple fact that no one wishes to be subjugated

Just because the most people find white people attractive (if this is true) does not mean white people are objectively the most attractive, it just means most peoples subjective opinion is similar.

The fact that so many other people do no think white is the most beautiful shows you that beauty is abstract and undefinable.

Its not OBJECTIVELY WRONG to want to fuck Japanese or Indian chicks is it?

I don't need to argue with you. I can just go out in the street and start talking about "white people", either positively or negatively, and people will be able to follow our conversation just fine. You are a fringe of a fringe that will never, ever have an impact on social conditioning.

Mate, go out onto the street in europe and try to speak about anyone who americans would consider "white" as a coherent or even loosely coherent group and they will think you are retarded.

because in a late capitalist society where every other group is allowed to become tribalist and hire to their own, white people being denied that material basis directly harms their interests.


yes, because they've been socially conditioned to do so

I am pretty sure that the average French, Brit or German knows what a white person is.

If your point is that they don't identify as one, but rather with their ethnic group, that's even better.

Have you ever considered that some people are literally too fucking stupid to ever be decent socialists?

Yes, and they also know what aryan ubermenschen are, doesn't mean they won't think you are retarded.

marxism, not even once

Oh no, you offended me on the internet.

Holla Forums has a solution to that problem I've heard.

No, I'm serious. How do you propose making one of the most incredibly stupid, atavistic, materialistic, consumerist, temporarily-embarrassed-millionaire-mindset demographics on the face of the fucking earth into decent socialists?

To say nothing of their insane tendency towards tribalism, their inability to understand anything beyond "immediate gain"… Seriously now.

where is this meme coming from?
according to who, you? Considering that you probably live in the first world like the hypocritical bitch you, and enjoy unions, and workers rights that were made by white people in their countries, you have no right to use your tongue and slander them as a collective.

I mean, they'll be fantastic as simple shocktroops in a violent revolution (though good luck actually getting them to follow orders and not become turncoats at the first offer of wealth and power from Porky) simply because if there's one thing blacks do well, it's wanton violence and general disobedience, but any fucking mook can do that.

Slander implies anything I'm saying is false.

You forgot your flag


If you're going to be the vanguard, holy shit is the idea of classless society and workers' unity fucking doomed.


because it is, you bitch about white people being this reactionary collective when all societies have turned towards it when placed under the material struggles of capitalism. Why bitch about America when Japan and South Korea are significantly more reactionary, and are becoming even more so because of late capitalism.

Basically, until socialists, communists and everyone in between realizes that blacks are basically fucking dead weight at best and a serious liability at worst, and as long as they keep insisting that it is somehow possible to elevate the class consciousness of a demographic that shows only the FAINTEST GLIMMERS of it to begin with AT BEST, you're never going to get anywhere. I've seen potential in just about every other racial/ethnic demographic. But blacks? No. Every time they even TRY something remotely close to socialism they end up with Mugabes.

That's a bit harsh.

fuck off


A grand total of 3.

Those three leaders were supported by millions of revolutionary class conscious blacks
Eat shit