Is taxation theft?

Are AnCaps right?

No, because property is theft

Yes, the difference between the left and right is the belief in capitalism.

Yes. But exploitation is also theft. I think there would be an advantage to having a generic term that refers to all forms of taxation and obligatory fees, whether to the government, a business or some other organization.




And don't give me any shit about sales tax as if that extra 2-7% is somehow the difference between crushing poverty and a comfortable life.

I'm pretty sure that violates the NAP.

Call the Corporation of Homeless Children, bitch!

But employees would be more affected by a pay decrease than by taxes removal.

Taxation is actually slavery.
The slaveowner does it "for your own good" too, most slaveowners are not sadomasochists and care for their slaves insomuchas they remain productive to them.

Meh), get rich enough to use loopholes (which should be possible for them, because capitalism is a perfect meritocracy) or they could kill themselves (comparable to work-or-starve, aka. a totally fair choice).

But U have a related question: Ancaps seem to be a purely American phenomenon, and one of their statements is that the government has no competition. Could it be that they are only popular in the US, since in every other democracy (be it bourgeois or not) there are at least two or more opposing parties, threatening the current parties dominance? Add ti that the proportional representation found in most european-style democracies, and their argument seems irrelevant.

It doesn't have to, if you were to say that children aren't actual people. Especially if they are young enough, you could compare them with animals.

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It's a base rent.

Theft means that a thief takes whatever he can grab in the moment, which is not how public tax collection works.

In the US you can't offer an alternative in lieu of paying taxes. If you don't pay, they extract only money and nothing else. They will auction your belongings only when you've run out of money. Private tax collection, on the other hand, is practically state-sanctioned theft.

Having said that taxes are necessary to stabilize the value of a fiat currency.

No it goes to fund the maintenance of society.
Try living in Sudan if you think social fabric doesn't matter.

Taxation as theft implies property rights are existent insomuch as the labour being stolen is yours, but since property rights are spooks technically the answer is no but this doesn't mean that taxation is preferable and I imagine a lot of people don't want it. I don't. So if I can get away with not paying I will.

No it doesn't, the NAP says you're allowed to use force (even lethal) to remove people from "your" "property" because the fact they're standing on your front lawn is "aggression" that merits unlimited force in response, including death.

Why do we focus so much on this tiny fringe ideology ?
Are ancaps really a problem?

No, because steal a stolen thing is not theft

Nice straw man, but, yes, the burden of paying 70 dollars extra for $1,000 of purchases in the month is felt far more harshly by the poor, who often live week to week with $50-100 cash on hand.

Yes. If the workers own the means of production them taxing them is stealing from the workers. In capitalism its fine if you just tax the bourgeois.

Except if you study capitalism you realize this usually only works on small business owners and other petite bourgher types. The fat porkies get away with not paying one way or another.
This keeps the workers from ever climbing above and the system is a neofeudal statistic.

that meme doesn't even make sense
I don't have to pay taxes but now I have to pay tolls for the road, pay for education, pay for a private security company, etc etc etc. I'd much rather the bourgs pay for that shit if we have to tolerate capitalism

low hanging fruit

$70 out of $1000 is the difference between poverty and a comfortable life.

Also, I like how you claim both that the poor spend $1000 a month on purchases but only roughly $50-100 a week.

As a guy that makes about $11 an hour, most of my money goes to bills, not purchasing consumer goods, the largest bill of which is rent which lolberts have no problem with.

The biggest burden on the poor are landlords and debt collectors, not the tax man, and Ancapistan is going to do exactly jack shit about them.

Yes taxation is theft. There should be no taxes, because there shpuldn't exist currency. Some of the taxes created are just bang ridiculous. Like property tax, car tax, winning the euro millions tax….

t. not even ancap.

the biggest burden on the poor is waged labor

I meant financial burden, I wasn't referring to the larger issue of systematic exploitation through the wage-pay system.

The poor spend most of their meager wages on rent and bills, not purchasing consumer goods.