4chan's Holla Forums is conducting a poll on what ideology they support. You know what to do

4chan's Holla Forums is conducting a poll on what ideology they support. You know what to do
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Every listed option is a meme ideology.

Surprised there's no traditionalism option

Wonder how many of the self professed nazis would be gassed for being degenerate in 1940s Germany


Because Germany only executed communists and agitators by rifle or rope, and gas chambers are a meme.

Over 90%, considering they're also autistic as well.

Wrong answer. Run along now Fritz.

Actually it's the right answer. The reason that the Third Reich failed was the lack of intensive pogroms. You can't have real change unless the rivers run red with blood.

If the holocaust was not real, what do you think happend to all the european jews? Did they just disappear?

Why can't leftists meme?


Holla Forums has alot more users so they can shit out more memes

Another sour fruit. With all the gay shit like that, we'll inevitably outbreed you!

Good argument for removing fascists and capitalists.

Truly great meme dude




So does that mean that you acknowledge the holocaust happened?


Died of disease, still there, or they left. Don't most of you cunts hate Israel too? for the wrong reasons, but still who do think those Jews appeared out of thin air?

This is completely at odds with everything we know. There is NO records of mass transports out of the Atikon Reinhard camps. How many Jews do you think immigrated to Palestine?

Never said they let them leave I wouldn't, just was no attempt as mass killing, some died of course. I imagine its not particularly hard to kill people once you have them imprisoned, and unarmed, yet the camps were curiously full of Jews, and absent of gas chambers when liberated.


No you are a sophist. There is plenty of evidence of transits to the camp - records of transports that far outweigh the amount of Jews found in each camp. You can keep denying "there was no attempt at killing them", but you are deluding yourself for ideological purposes while pining for genocide yourself.

Just to give you a taste of the evidence stacked against you, consider Victor Bracks letter forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?p=78233&sid=f1d0ef8e6c7014737595756025ef0b96#p78233

Now in this letter Brack advises that some of the staff from the T4 program be reassigned for Globocnik for a special task. The British intercepted a message soon after which states X-ray experiments were to begin at Auschwitz [plus there's a bundle of testimony on that and the Auschwitz medical register that recorded the removal of testicles and ovaries after the X-ray experiments—which were eventually deemed a failure and halted].

Then there's all the paperwork that proves a huge percentage of the the AR staff were veterans of the euthanasia programme. Very few people deny the T4 programme in its entirety, usually it's just the gas chambers. If for argument's sake they're right about "no GCs", why would the AR camps take so many of the staff from these institutions to work in transit camps?

Selective killings clearly went at all KL under the Action 14f13 and the subsequent similar programmes in which sick or unproductive prisoners were taken to former T4 institutes to be injected or gassed. As for the generally accepted view of 5 cremas & 2 bunkers all with one or more GCs in which c.850K Jews were gassed, I not sure that's entirely true. But there's a considerable number of aerial photos that show the same 4 objects on the roofs of LK1 of both K2&3. John Ball etc. say they're drawn on by the CIA, but that's clearly BS as neither John Ball nor CIA knew of the copies and many additional photos in British archives that weren't cited by anyone until they were revealed a few years ago when the NCAP website went live. Then there's the huge number of prisoners who worked in the cremas Hans at HC documented, and the testimony of already-sentenced-to-death-for-stuff-at-Dachau Otto Moll in his joint interrogation with Hoess.

Also, feel free to go to the National Archives in Britain. The idea that the British had no idea that there was an extermination program is a big lie. Sure early in the word they scoff at the idea of Jews being electrocuted at Belzec, but as the war went on they were absolutely sure there was an extermination program going on in Poland. They were aware of the death squads in the USSR as well, and before you doubt me on this - there is no shortage of photographic evidence on Nazi crimes. holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.ca/2009/03/photographic-documentation-of-nazi.html

Also, 6 million Jews weren't gassed less than half of the 5-6 million were gassed. Most were shot, so when Nazi's say "hurr durr why didn't they just shoot them", well they did. A lot.


*in the war.

There's no arguing with Nazis online. I am German, I live in Germany, my grandgrandparents died in the camps. I went there, I took photos of the ovens. You could show this all to them and they would believe it's a lie. It's your brain on Nazi ideology.

Oh shit I guess Hitler did make some crispy boys, do I destroy capitalism, and marry a black chick now, how does this work?

No, you can be a white nationalist without being a holocaust denier. After all, "the day of the rope" is literally taken from the Turner Diaries a Nazi masturbation fantasy where a r4c3 war turns into a nuclear war that destroys the vast majority of the planet with no hope of reclamation. It's not like you guys are subtle. Plus, I'm actually a social democrat .

Holla Forums can't meme either

everything's stolen from other boards

Well since your being so polite Not actually even white, just saw an opportunity to cause a sperg out, this board is fucking slow though, how do you cunts survive this shit.

By taking the time to make quality posts and taking a break from posting like a healthy image board user. Most boards that are fast enough so that you can be on in 24/7 are cancer.

It's not always this slow, but it's late right now.

never again

Explain to people that their current owner sells their posting information?