Putin Led a Complex Cyberattack Scheme to Aid Trump, Report Finds

Report is released boys.



assessment but this version does not include the full supporting information on key elements of the influence campaign.

This means it still happened (unless you wear a tinfoil hat). But only Holla Forums shills would argue about that. Just mentioning it in case they come here.

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yeah sure trust the CIA to tell you which parts they omitted and which ones they didn't.

Did you know that Iraq had nukes? The CIA told me.

aaaaaaaaaaaaand you have autism cia.gov/library/reports/general-reports-1/iraq_wmd

CIA trusters are not welcome here on this we can all agree REEEEEEEEEEEEE OFF THE BOARD

Is that the report were they found some traces of chemicals and then proudly declared that potentially Iraq might have possessed at some point in the past a few stockpiles of chemical weapons? Yeah no, that's not what the Iraq was invaded for.

What should I link? Something from Brightbart?

Think I'll just make me a bowl of Kellogs instead.


This was already posted about here
and it shows literally nothing.

Was Bane involved?

Bruh you have mad austim if you didnt get the joke

Get out.

and no its something that actually contradicts what youre saying. learn to read.

Why only moderate confidence? Does the NSA have some serious doubts about Russia's involvement?

Where the nukes at fam?

What's the problem?

All of this is just shooting the messenger. The content of the emails was real and not faked.

Trump might have abhorrent political views but he didn't rig the primary elections of his party.

One could even argue that this makes Trump the healthier choice for American democracy despite any political differences because voting someone into office that showed this kind of fraudulant disrespect to the democratic process would be more damaging to the American republic.

This document looks as credible as claims about Weapons of Mass Destruction

How are you going to prove the emails released are identical to the real emails when your source is an enemy state??

I just want to comment on how the people approach the lettersoup agencies

And the fucking morons eat it up.

ffs its amazing what kids will do when they don't want to put two and two together because it goes so against their beliefs

While I personally don't trust them, who do you suggest would be able to answer the question of whether or not Russia had something to do with it?

You can't trust anyone but direct leaks.

There were enough reactions and consequences of media companies, donors and Clinton staffers in numerous cases that proved authenticity of certain emails. It doesn't even matter if there are fake ones in between since there have been enough outragious ones that have been proven this way.

If an email says that a CNN employ colluded with the Clinton campaign and provided it with debate questions and CNN goes and fires that employ later instead of denying the authenticity of the email then you can be darn sure that this has been correct information.

This is just one example out of many.

From enemy states? Do you look for something to reinforce your beliefs so badly child? Stop following the textbook definition of Reinforcement Theory and learn.

No, from the same state. You can trust leaked papers such as snowdens ones, you can't trust accusations made by enemy states.


Oh yeah. And at some point they even admit it. LOL.

I mean lol wtf are we even arguing, this is old news. No one in his right mind disputes the authenticity of a big number of emails that proved outragous behavior of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic party because there have already been real life consequences because of their content. Welcome to 2 months ago.

Who cares if Russia hacked the US election? Putin is an anti-imperialist hero, his actions against America deserve our praise.

That only admits the leaks of a question. Which is literally one email. Quit your babbling kid.

soooooooo you go off beliefs based on vague data and then come in a thread complaining about information released being something you have to believe and includes vague data?


What kind of leak do you think would prove or disprove the CIA's assertions one way or the other? By definition any report released to the public would not be a leak.

Just one example and it proves a grave collusion of a major media company with a major political campaign.

It seems like you Americans have kind of grown desensitized to political scandals that you brush off something like this spontaneously but in my home country this would've immediately killed any form of political effort.

What do you mean by that? The content of many emails that showed major political misconduct have been confirmed by the following actions and even confessions of the involved parties.

It's like you didn't follow the whole email development at all. Only someone who has been totally ignorant of their content and their consequences would argue that way.

But I can tell you that a very relevant part of the American people was not neglecting as you during the last few weeks and these people preferred choosing a loudmouthed klutz over someone that actively subversed the democratic process of her own party and a part of me actually can't blame them for this choice.

presidential elections that have used intelligence officers and agents and press placements to disparage
candidates perceived as hostile to the Kremlin.

This level of hypocricy

Where the are the Iraqi nukes, a report released by a three letter agency without any proof told me that there were nukes.

Nobody claimed that the emails were forgeries.


Im saying that you're validating that the emails were true based on reactions from the media and people, which is using vague data
To validate your belief that this vague report released to you is just poppycock to you while your congressmen, who you elected into your office to handle your political affairs, have seen the real report and are all taking action.

There becomes a point where you're just hard headed and don't want to accept what is in front of you.

y-your just wearing a t-t-tinfoil! hah!

So this is all just talking about the DNC leaks and no actual hacking of ballot boxes

Sorry, you elected officials to handle political affairs for you. They saw the full report and decided it happened and are taking action.


Reminds me of this

What is vague about involved parties admitting their authenticity, lmao.

Great 'elected officials' you have that favored a candidate that has been demonstrated to give not a flying fuck of respect a democratic process by rigging it in her favor. Who are you trying to convince, bwahaha.

Russia is going to leak the full report anyway. We just gotta wait a few days, guys.

>The rapid expansion of RT's operations and >budget and recent candid statements by RT's

Either way, not a bad thing for us

The Russia Today Annexes in the report are talking about how RT gives a left wing bias to American issues, and of course this is "Anti-American"

I can't tell if you're speaking shill or autism.

This report is pretty vague and just gives evidence for why Putin wanted Trump to win and was probably involved in the DNC hacks, which isn't really even news at this point. Since there's no evidence or claim for ballot box hacking there will hopefully be some realization among a few progressives that the problem is the DNC and not some Russian conspiracy

How shocking clearly only Russian shills would be against fracking, thanks CIA for exposing the Russian threat of anti-American activities masquerading as environmentalism.

It's already too late for this guy , though.

The Russians probably do the whole anti-fracking shtick because they know US shale production has power now in the world oil markets, and the Russian economy is dependent on oil revenues.



I don't know why it's so hard for people, especially leftists who should know really, to acknowledge a foreign power may have tried to influence the outcome of a national election.

I mean, the US itself has engaged in that sort of shady business for as long as I can remember. Heck, the Liberal Democratic Party's dominance over the political landscape of post-war Japan could even in great parts be attributed to CIA-operated manipulation.

What we're witnessing right now is nothing more than the American government getting a taste of its own medicine.

Because we're tired of Clinton and the rest of the Democratic establishment try to blame their electoral failure on everything else except their own hubris-fueled incompetence.

The only way Russian influence cost Hillary the election is if it was Russian agents that convinced her to go with such a horrible strategy.


Jill Stein appeared regularly on "alternative media" – even more than Bernie Sanders. Progressives are tied to Moscow regardless even of their politics.
Progressive psychos like Thom Hartmann, Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff and Michio Kaku are regulars on RT.

I don't know why it's so hard for you, who should know really, to acknowledge that the exposed criminal activities of a presidential candidate's campaign weight several magnitutes more than a mere leak that hasn't been even fabricated.

The report says that Hillary encouraged anti-Putin protestors during the Occupy movement. It seems like the Russian government was playing defense.
The report says that there attempted breaches of local and state election boards, but does not mention breaches of the Democratic National Committee. There are also reports of breaches of think-tanks, foundations and NGOs after the election.

Stop browsing Holla Forums at work Comey

party candidate debates and ran reporting supportive of the political agenda of these candidates. The RT hosts asserted that the US two-party system does not represent the views of at least one-third of the population and is a "sham."
Wall Street movement on 1, 2, and
4 November. RT framed the movement as a
fight against "the ruling class" and described
the current US political system as corrupt and
dominated by corporations. RT advertising
for the documentary featured Occupy
movement calls to "take back" the
government. The documentary claimed that
the US system cannot be changed
democratically, but only through "revolution."
After the 6 November US presidential
election, RT aired a documentary called
"Cultures of Protest," about active and often
violent political resistance (RT, 1-
10 November).
The lack of self-awareness is hilarious.

You sound like the kind of person that would blame Edward Snowden for taking refuge in an 'enemy country' instead of talking about the massive and perverse outgrowths of the surveillance state that he's exposed.


pham RT supports whoever is against the current US government regardless of political alignment .They gave Jill Stein a platform so she could oppose the RNC and DNC not because she's a Russian shill.

You answered your own question.

it's not lack of awareness that Russia is undemocratic as well,the whole point of that sort of RT programming is just to oppose America and stir up political unrest

The Democrats have been pushing the "paranoid conspiracy theory" that Trump and Putin are bend-over buddies.

I'm certainly not defending Clinton or implying potential Russian meddling even is a bad thing if it has a positive political outcome such as exposing corruption.

All I'm saying is that it doesn't make sense to dismiss the possibility of a foreign power trying to influence political events in another country on the get-go. If anything, it's standard practice in contemporary international relations.

You're wrong if you think the Kremlin tries to achieve virtuous goals and doesn't reason in the same way as the Pentagon.

No one is denying anything.

It's just that no one fucking cares.

It actually was, and people still cite it as evidence that Iraq had WMDs.

Coming from America, yes, absolutely. They do this to every country in the world. Pick a random nation on Earth and America's foreign policy there can be summed up in two words: "Regime change".

Actually every single person who is not in lockstep with the mainstream consensus and 100% behind the US propaganda line is a useful idiot for foreign governments, at best.

In the report they said that the emails were not tampered with.

Kek, can I have the page, kind user?

Thanks for saving me the read.

Yes I mean look, RT is giving airtime to the critics of the Democratic Party. Why did Stein go to RT, couldn't she have just have found a fair platform to express her point of view on CNN or NBC? This is, after all, the most free and open democracy in the world and we have pretty firm evidence from the CIA that anyone who criticisms "flaws" in our system is working for Putin.

This doesnt change the fact that Russia didnt influence the election; What influenced the election was the content of leaked personal emails

Russia was just the actor who obtained these emails and wikileaks was the actor who published the emails.

But the damage was done by the emails, not the actors

Shit, it might not be from the report but I read somewhere they said that it was not tampered with despite Hillary's claims.

Alright, would've been cool.


It's pretty good that inconsistent globalism leading into multipolar regionalism has created mutually coextensive psyops interlocking and universally degrading intelligence as they undermine eachother, creating psyops all the way down, the lolberal bourgeois elite haughty technocratic architects of tomorrow have been driven almost literally insane by it, making paranoid trolls on Holla Forums seem more reasonable in comparison. 2017 let's do this!

Can it liberal. How about: No.
Not until the CIA apologizes.

>High Confidence generally indicates that judgements are based on high-quality information from multiple sources. High confidence in a judgment does not imply that the assessment is a fact or a certainty; Such judgments may be wrong.

>Moderate Confidence generally means that the information is credibly sourced and plausible but not of sufficient quality or corroborated sufficiently to warrant a higher level of confidence.


Is this a fucking JOKE?

Saddam recently sought large quantities of uranium from Africa.
Never question the president in wartime. Do you hate freedom?

haha this so hard

Literally their only tactic now is "b…but the voting stations werent hacked, no way you can influence the elections".

Also fuck this "COMPLEX CYBERATTACK". Maybe it is complex of illiterate republicucks who never knew how the internet worked in the first place.

The attack was obviously the Russian cyber division pushing for fake stories, putting bots write anti left propaganda and pro Trump memes while releasing the hacked information through Assange.

And if you influence the minds of facebook morons though fake news and facebook posts you dont need to hack the voting machines ;^)

man, Holla Forums would literally die within the first month during wartime because they cant into intelligence and would believe the truth the enemy wants them to see.

Truth is the first casualty, but if you are dumb enough it isnt


You seem lost, friend.

t. Ivan Ivanovich

Gee, maybe it might be a good idea and fight such efforts by addressing legitimate criticism and telling the truth instead of

Like it or not Trump got carried by Putin, but you dont like it because you want to pretend Holla Forumstards did anything

If that constitutes an "attack," then I also engaged in a complex cyber attack against Hillary Clinton. I mean I criticized her on a daily basis to anyone who would listen online and in real life. So I guess a lot of people are just as bad as them nasty old russkies at this point.

This is like when Anwar al-Awlaki, criticizing the US somehow meant he engaged in "terrorism." Is anything a foreigner does that might influence US politics an act of terrorism or an attack?

You were just one brainwashed Drone parroting what you were told, they were an organized division from a foreign country you Holla Forumsack in denial, that is an attack.

You have to understand most people here haven't even been old enough to remember 9/11 when it happened. That'll answer all your questions.

Seriously though, folks, this whole "Russian hacking" debacle coming from shitlibs is absolutely incredible. I hate the USSR as much as any anarchist, but it's like Cold Warriors responding to "America lynches negroes" with anything other than, "Yes, we're doing our best to fix that". Except this is over two decades since we were supposed to have outgrown this.

If these kind of antics don't finally kill the DNC under the boot heel of completely vindicated Berniecrats by the midterm elections, I will have lost the final ounce of faith I still have for American leftism.

Didn't you get the message? You can't argue with a strong independent womyn, criticism=rapeterrorism!

The guy who leads a country that just recently illegaly annexed foreign land out of economic and nationalist interest is an anti-Imperialist hero. I know this is probably bait but there are plenty people out there who truly think this.

t. Ivan Slavsky

So do you seriously deny all claims of her corruption or are you just baiting for fun?

Must be either a Trump supporter or a Russian cuck.

but i guess Putin celebrated about it because it doesnt matter at all ;^)

Trump literally got carried by Putin's cyber division into officer

Fuck Clinton, I'd rather have Trump. At least with Clinton beat the Dems might just maybe go to the left. Hopefully they just de as a party and make way for democratic socialists of America

So just baiting then? Cool dude.

I said nothing about the quality of Trump in my posts. Putin also had strong financial ties to the Clinton's and they in turn had extremely strong ties to Saudi Arabia. If foreign influence is the main thing we must fear why would a "run of the mill" politician not get the same scrutiny from you as an orange haired buffoon who has a hard time finding his asshole?

Leaders that are holding their people essentially hostage like a kleptocrat like Putin want people to think they're more powerful and scary than they really are. It helps keep the reins tight at home and people off their backs internationally. The US acting like Putin is a serious international threat when he couldn't even take the Ukraine a territory that is Russian by all rights anyway, just plays right into the perception he wants people to have of him. Of a competent Machiavellian figure who can control things far beyond his means and reach and you better watch out Euro dudes… and buy his gas or he might start rigging your election too! Why Germany might even have a leader as bad as Angela Merkel already is.

Wow, with political competence like that, the international equivalent of spicy interwebz bantz really is mind control!

Because politicians unlike the average joe voter know far better how the world works and what is true or not.

That is the difference between a person who works into politics and knows relationships, system and regulations around it unlike a worthless nobody village person who just listens to the lies in tv and says "wow build da wall, cool, so smart, he ll totes do it cuz he says it confidently"

And when a politician like Trump uses the 3rd world style aka BLATANT lies, fear mongering and blaming the problems on le evil rapist immigrants something must be done, that is why many people, even neutral people were spending time pointing out his lies and fighting against him, i would do the same on their shoes, nobody needs to pay you to shit on a shitty person.

Putin knows how to look big and scary and he knew Hillary would BTFO him and reveal what a cuck he is so he of course wanted Trump to win and helped him from the shadows.

All you said though does no seem to disprove the fact that he manipulated the elections for his boy to win

They did, the issue is his brainless supporters call anything tehy dont liek fake propaganda aka they are completely indoctrinated by Russian propaganda and only listen to trump.

And i do agree, Hillary should have just gone "yes i did this but for x reason" instead of literally avoiding the subject, that again does not have anything to do with the fact that Putin's cyber division manipulated people to vote for Trump by mass information manipulation.

The problem is, each admonition of Trump ("dat cabinet", "dem backscratchin deals") is accompanied by a total lack of comparison with Obama/Bill Clinton's (even Bush/Reagan's, to an extent) own identical behavior. In order for such criticism to sound valid, the Democrats have to start promising (even insincerely) that things should be different, and apologize for the entire ruling class's misbehavior in specific terms.

What makes Trump bad isn't that he is some special new form of evil, but that he is simply the same old evil without any self-consciousness.

Until they start at least paying lip service to truth and reconciliation, the old Democratic voter base will continue ignoring them.

The "average Joe" voter gave Hillary the popular vote. If she is just as regular and competent as you think then you have disproven your own vanguardist/Lippman thesis on the need for elites to control the populace. I don't accept the premise that they're better suited than us to rule either. In just my life time they gave us two worthless wars in Iraq, a surveillance system that inefficient for spying on anyone other than their own citizens, a financial crisis that continues to get worse rather than better and no viable solution to growing environmental problems. They also seem out of touch with everyday people to the extent that things happening on a state level seem totally counter to those happening on the federal. Fight for 15, weed legalization, Gay and Trans rights etc, State politics reflects the left wing consensus on the ground where as federal politics reflects the wants of corporate elites. Not that things are a utopia on a state level but at least the changes there seem more positive than the federal.

If were talking about personal competence and ability to rule. Hillary never missed an opportunity to make a wrong decision in her thirty year political career. The best thing she did was as first lady when she got a small amount of money for child welfare, that had been bargained down from her position of universal healthcare. If you look at it from the angle of what she supposedly wanted she still failed even in that. As a senator she did almost nothing good other than what was required of her at a bare minimum like 9/11 funds and the changing of street names. Her votes other than those things were positives for pointless wars, corporate welfare giveaways, things that made the environment worse and giving the military and the presidency more power to spy and circumvent the legal and legislative branch.

At the end of the day you can say "Yeah but Trump is worse" but by your own admission you would be letting someone like Hillary get away with murder and now that Trump is in office you will be engaged. That in of itself is a bigger plus than anything Hillary would bring. The fact that lazy liberals cant turn their brain off and go to sleep is more than anyone can ask for.

Lets go down the rabbit hole then and assume for a second Hillary was a smart person who could perceive what is necessary for a better future. Why would she then go and play into the perceptions/game people like Putin and Syria want her to play then? This is just yet another terrible mistake she has made and it's all to serve her dead career. To play a diversionary tactic where you don't focus on her cratering the democratic party against an opponent with 65% disapproval rating, but instead focus on a paper tiger enemy she can scapegoat on.

At end of the day, what I'm saying is they were both influenced by the same foreign powers. Her crying wolf and pouting because she lost at a "fair" game of corruption after she rigged the primaries is hilarious to me. I meant primaries plural there as well, people often forget she purposefully elevated Trump to steal the limelight away from "serious" candidates. Oppose Trump as much as possible, but don't for a second think Hillary was any better. She was a cancer and Neoliberalism if we are lucky I hope, died with her. The best person to blame for Trump is Hillary.

Fucking shoot me.

Oh no, better than that. While Trump's vote was basically the result of identical turnout to that which lost Romney the prior election, Shillary's electoral loss was the result of MASSIVE VOTER APATHY among the people who voted in Obama.

In other words, Shillary's loss wasn't because of Trump being paradropped into the White House by Spetsnaz, it was simply because she was so absurdly hostile to HER OWN political base.

Trump vote was literally mostly ignorant village people who were stupid enough to believe him

Hillary deserved it, Assange and Snowden are fucking saints and the three letter agencies are NOT our friends.

Sorry snowden is honest, assange is a liar

Yeah, that's definitely the choice of ignorant, gullible idiots.



Yeah, guess I'd better believe it now. I don't want to be called a shill! The CIA is really fucking popular around here either way, but I guess you know that because you've been posting here for ages now, my fellow leftist! And we know Holla Forums definitely wants the election annulled too! They don't like Trump winning, do they? Psssh of course not!

Fuck off and read Manufacturing Consent.


Hey Holla Forumstard


For example:

highlighting environmental issues and the
impacts on public health. This is likely
reflective of the Russian Government's
concern about the impact of fracking and
US natural gas production on the global
energy market and the potential challenges
to Gazprom's profitability (5 October)


Maybe converted to "enlightened centrist" Blue Dog. That, or Holla Forums trolls have improved remarkably in their ability to mimic genuine shitlibs.

Read Manufacturing Consent. Read Murder in Samarkand.

Oh wait that is against your delusions so you ll just avoid it xD

And you guys think I'm just exaggerating about liberals?




*pdf some state department intern put together about how much they hate russia toady

This is getting pathetic, and your posts desperate. But hey, keep replying to yourself and spamming the thread. I'm sure that's way more convincing than the entire written works of Noam Chomsky and former UK ambassador Craig Murray. The more you call me a faggot, the more truthful and politically neutral the CIA becomes!

You know, communism is terrible and capitalism is wonderful. I have a whole pile of evidence which proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt, but unfortunately it's classified. I can only show you the conclusions. You can trust me though, because I work for an agency whose job it is to constantly lie.

I am not trying to convince anyone, i know most of you Holla Forumstards are lost causes because you have found the perfect excuse to not listen to anyone but people that stroke your ego and tell you what you want to hear.

I am simply pointing out the truth, which is enjoyful because there are many delusional people here and truth triggers them since they like to believe intelligence agencies are some meme that just makes up bs for anything they want xD


Missing from this "report": the evidence.

Fuck off idiot.

Man you would be dead in a war in a week since you dont know the value of intelligence, in all its meanings ;^)

Oh wait, your probably think people make up agents and sources out of nowhere because there's totes no regulations or anything about it


What information? No claims are made that the elections were hacked. No claims are made that any press outlets other than openly Russian media such as RT directly disseminated Russian political advocacy. No claims are made that the leaks are false. No positive accusations are made as to how or through whom the Russians played any part whatsoever in the leaks.

This document is literally meaningless gobbledygook.

Leiibniz was right, we live in the best of all possible worlds

>[email protected]/* */


nobody is buying your shit hotheads, youve cried wolf too often, how much does it hurt that the Ivans are BTFOing you fags at 4gw? they dont even have to stoop to your level, yet. le-fucking-mao, its pathetic


Obama had his approval ratings at his highest during the election. Sure, there was some disappointment with him. But it was ultimately Hillary that people disliked the most.

Politics isn't a popularity contest, much as the "non-ideological liberals" would like it to be. People liked Obama because he was charismatic and black and told them exactly what they wanted to hear and what they thought was necessary. When he failed to deliver, people got skeptical again, and wouldn't listen to anyone who didn't think there was a problem with the current regime.

It's literally just OP agreeing with himself while pretty much the entire board ridicules him ITT and then as a last resort he has the audacity to call everyone. else'Holla Forumsshills'. This is just sad. You realize no one native to this board uses the term 'shill'?

Whatever hole you crawled out of, just fuck off right back to it.

nativism, am I right?


allow me to break down the report, OP

The whole misuse of the word 'hacking' meme has really gone too far.

It's all about creating sufficient ambiguity so that a large enough proportion of the American public believes that FSB goons literally hacked voting machines in swing states to give the election to Trump, while retaining sufficient plausible deniability so that if the MSM (or the intelligence agencies) are questioned they can smugly assert that they only believed Russia hacked and released Podesta's emails to benefit Trump.

>"Hey, it's not our fault you came to the conclusion that the FSB hacked voting machines, you should've read the small print instead of listening to MSNBC/CNN pundits talking repeatedly about 'Russians hacking our elections' :^)"

Who knew a perennial pet peeve of mine would have geopolitical consequences of such significance. I knew I should've gotten into more Facebook arguments about it.

I doubt the emails even did any damage. Hillary lost not because of emails but because her campaign was incompetent, alienated its base, courted its enemies and promoted centrism in a year of populism. Did anybody really vote based on the emails? I highly doubt it.

This. The only places that went into any depth about what was actually uncovered in the emails were "alternative" sites, readers on the majority of which were already critical - if not hostile - to her campaign.

The extent that the MAYNSTREEM MEEDEEUHH covered the Podesta emails was basically "emails pertaining to Clinton's campaign have been illegally acquired, probably by Russians, some guys resigned, oh and the "emails" you may have seen might have been invented, and reading them is illegal".

This is one important facet to this. There is a message coming from within the mainstream American media, from editors and newspaper owners, such as those at WaPo, aimed at corralling other journalists: do not go against the U.S. line. Don't investigate the America government or American corporations, and as far as American society goes, if what you are saying makes someone who loves Hamilton uncomfortable, shut up. Absolutely never report anything even incidentally positive about Iran, Russia or China.

Simply said they aim to create a chilling effect.

high quality evidence incoming

The emails drew attention to her "endemic political weaknesses"– basically the reasons everyone knew she was a very weak candidate that stood almost no chance of winning from the get go. She just miraculously got pitted against Trump. The specific content of the emails were only somewhat important imo. That they constantly reminded people that she was Hillary Clinton made people just not vote for her. Because she's Hillary Clinton, fucking dimbass DNC.


p. 17 of the report if you want to see for yourself

Do you think the real intent of this Ruskie baiting is to undermine the credibility of Wikileaks? I just kind of find it hard to believe that Obama would do all this just for that bitch Hillary. I don't think they like each other very much.

I'm not sure where the fuck they're conjuring this shit but I follow a number of RT programs pretty regularly and nobody in any of them ever argued for that.

If they existed then they're pretty fucking good trolls because I sure never noticed them. Why couldn't Correct The Record employ trolls this skilled?

All of this is still really vagure hearsay and nothing concrete.

Read the whole thing.
They pointed to nothing concrete and mostly bitched about RT.
Once again, they have nothing.

Everyone already knew RT was a russian mouthpiece and that they employed paid shills to shitpost in Youtube comments sections.

News to me. Know of any examples?

Also I highly doubt the likes of Thom Hartman and Chris Hedges are Ruskie plants.

So, CIA is openly blaming Holla Forums now? Was Surkov orchestrating kekism?

Some variety of this line gets posted every time someone brings up the fracking issue. Even if its true, so what? That wouldn't change the fact that fracking is a threat to the health of many American communities.

The three-letter shilling is real.

Only a fool redditor can't see this is just Obama and the CIA trying to make it harder for Trump to make peace with Russia. Obama wants to protect his legacy called ISIS and his liberal agenda at all cost.

They didn't do shit before the election, because they thought that Hillary Clinton would win easily.

We will not trust the fucking CIA just because they don't like Trump. The enemy of our enemy is still our enemy.

Based Bernie Sanders is the only sane Democrat that's not buying this bullshit.

I wouldn't put it past Putin, but it's a bit rich when it's apparently okay for a candidate in a country's elections to do so

The CIA report is a joke. Whether or not Russia employs paid shitposters or not, it's irrelevant on the world stage.

Because every other major country is doing it too. The meme wars have begun.

who's side r thy on?

bro he clicked on an advertisement and his email got hacked, that could have been done by my grandma. the point many are making is that there is no evidence that russia had anything to do with it. not that it isnt possible.

You mean the folder he found one day mysteriously on his workstation desktop labeled "top sekrit do not give to glen greenwald"?
The same files that make the US intelligence agencies look like invincible omniscient gods?

The guy on the right looks part Jewish. That bottle blond hair ain't fooling no one.


RT (or at least some of the people fingered) has a response to this now:


At least Trump's internet army does it for free.

I've come to believe Sam Hyde is actually a demonic interdimensional entity mascarading as an 'ironic' internet personality, like something out of a Phillip K Dick novel. In the very least, MDE is an elaborate KGB psy op designed to deestabilise America and promote Mental Illness among American youth.