Can we put the 'Nazis had good economic policy' meme to rest? Can we have a thread btfo Nazi economics?

Can we put the 'Nazis had good economic policy' meme to rest? Can we have a thread btfo Nazi economics?

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I'm waiting.

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Read "The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy". It covers literally everything.

It's what I could find for 'Nazi' economics' for an OP picture.


Found this

The cornerstone of the Nazi war economy



I don't know if you guys are really being fair to the Nazis.

Their economic progressive is pretty much indisputable in that they saw immense growth in production and standard of living for German citizens.

My main beef with them would be the ethnic cleansing and some of the imperialist tendencies. Other than that, their government and economy was pretty rock-solid.Sure, it wasn't PURE socialism, but neither was the Soviet Union or PRC and you still endorse them.

Who's 'we'? Opinions on the Soviet Union and CCP are heavily secretarian.

This guy gets it.

Hitler's economy brought Germany back from the throes of WWI war-debt that basically ensured Germany would never become a superpower once more had it not been for him and his policies.

Well, it's my understanding that most people would agree the Soviet Union is the closest the world has ever come to actually-existing socialism on a large scale.

And the CCP is just really a carbon copy of the Soviet Union with some additional Chinese-specific cultural elements thrown in.

Nazis in general were dumb cucks who mostly depended on people being brainwashed enough to do what they are told because of le reich beliefs, people with brain would exploit them all the time because only cucks follow beliefs on how to live your life

Maoists hate Deng and consider the current CCP to be revisionist. Same with Marxist-Leninists/tankies and the Soviet leaders who came after Stalin.


Well, that seems silly.

China is doing better economically now than ever before. And there were no noticeable changes in economic policy after Stalin ASFAIK.

That's a rather simplistic interpretation.

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no wonder they looted

This was to circumvent the sanctions placed on them by the Treaty of Versailles. However, like all examples of national armament it lead to inflation.

But they did so in a manner that was ultimately another capitalist trick and so it collapsed

Have you even read mein kampf?
Hitler was almost a social democrat but he hated that they would disparage Germany and everything nationalistic every chance they got.

But he did this by essentially printing a bunch of fake money. It was a trick, it wasn't some economic turnaround.

This is why I linked the Mefo bills thing.

He basically pretended these things had value in order that he could present them to arms companies and they could be used as currency, in a very similar way as the pound Stirling entered the economy I might add, by financing an army with them, then stealing a bunch of stuff with this army.

Of course things for your citizens will improve if you ruthlessly plunder, but eventually you run out of plunder or you plunder the wrong guy (Stalin)

Its an old trick, one the US has perfected to devastating effect in the aftermath of the supposed death of Fascism even though its just Fascism with muh freedoms burger characteristics

Yeh Italian Fascism was basically just social democracy also, they call for universal suffrage for men and women and an 8 hour work day and basic minimum wage etc.

Its one of my favourite ideology crossovers. Dirty statist scum

Italian Fascism reallll early tho, it got fucked up quick

lmao I found the "aryan economics" shit that was posted a few days ago


and yet, he has actually given one reason as to how it differs from a mixed market economy with a dictator

You always have some inflation when the economy is growing (and remember Hitler needed to get rid of the gold standard). Later in the war it became a problem (just like the lack of supplies), but controlled inflation is not bad when the people still can buy more bread this month than in the previous. Uncontrolled inflation is a killer for the poor though since they have no means to prevent their money from devaluing besides spending it right away.


Jeez. Nazis aside, it's sometimes difficult to remember that within living memory, right up until WWII, nearly all of Europe was a 3rd-world shithole bleeding boat people to the USA, even as bad as the USA was pre-New Deal.

Fucking hell, what do they think mixed economy means?

Read any of these.



not a stormfag but this quote seems kind of fake, i don't think anyone would say that on public.

Nazi economy = debt and loot. If you take a ton of money from other people, of course you're gonna get wealthy for a while. That's why people who go "the Nazis were good on economic policy they just sucked at everything else" are idiots, because the Nazis had to conquer other countries and loot them or take property personally from Jews and Poles to maintain their economy.

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that's probably one of the least controversial things hitler allegedly said

Everything on that list is still way better than any neoliberal democracys policies you have to admit.

Pretty sure it's a joke because that's what the NSDAP did on May 2 1933.

The economic recovery started before the war.

Nazi economics
Social dictatorship

almost like they locked women and Jews out of the labour force and didn't count them in the statistics

almost like they didn't draft millions of men aged 18-25 into the Reich Labour Service/Wehrmacht to prepare for war

The Nazi "recovery" was a complete illusion

t. porky

lmao leftypol already bringing up the capitalist "NAZIS WERE IN DEBT XDDD" meme

Nazi Germany didn't owe money to anyone but themselves. The debt levels referred to debt to their own central bank.

They owed a few billion for WWI


lol wut? Killing unions is pretty standard fair even for the likes of Reagan and Thatcher

Neo Liberalism sucks but this was just neo-liberalism without having to trick your way into votes

Mefo bills isn't a question of them being in debt, its a question of them being an invented fiat currency with the fundamental flaws that such currencies always have.

You can't base a sustainable economy around value that you magicked into being with lies.

It wasn't some magical economic miracle, it was saying to a bunch of arms manufacturers 'have these promises i'll pay you money if you build me weapons' then using those weapons to pillage your way into having something to pay them back with.

Sure, they were only in debt to themselves
Its the same way the British Empire did it (funded by Rothschild), and its the same way the US do it now, and the same way they did it in the past (when funded by Rothschild).

All I'm saying is, don't pretend Nazi economics was anything different than the Jewish tricks you claim to want to eradicate. Because Hitler never eradicated them, he imitated them and used their power for his own ends.

True social wants to eradicate this mechanism. Not Socialism has only ever copied it.

Strass is better.

Nazi Germany traded with "capitalists" just like the USSR.