Russian troops are withdrawing from Syria, the conflict is about over

The Cuban Bay of Pigs.. The Nicaraguan Contra.. The Mujaheddin in Afghanistan… And now the FSA in Syria..

Who here thinks that the war in Syria was just another one of America's secret proxy wars, where
America secretly funded a ==false flag== revolution?

It seems to me the entire syrian conflict was just another ==false flag== by America, and now that the ruling party who supported it is on its way out, it couldnt be continued.

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Is this even a question?

literally anyone who actually takes time to research knows that the burgers are literally supporting al-qaeda

anyone who still trusts the US government narrative is fucking retarded

The Syrian War is far from over. Turks still occupy parts of Rojava, ISIS is still strong, Islamist rebels control Idlib and surrounding areas, rebels still control swaths of territory in the south, SDF-YPG will likely fall into direct conflict with the Assad regime and/or the turks eventually. The war won't be over for another few years. 2018-2019 is my guess.

Also although US and allies funded rebels/terrorist groups throughout the conflict but if you think the initial uprising was astroturfed and not an uprising of people fed up with Assad and his cronies you're deluded.


No argument here, 200% accurate
200% accurate

But this isnt what the american media as well as most normies believe.

tbqh, i believe that the entire Arab Spring uprising was caused by social media… namely, american social media.

Facebook became hugely popular at the beginning of the Arab Spring and was the main medium that protesters used to organize..

what if I suggested that all of this 'support' that protesters had on facebook was really US intelligence community bots?

What if i suggested that the entire Arab Spring uprising was engineered by groups such as the CIA in order to destabalise the region and allow for another American shadow government to be implemented

If you think the US doesn't engage in propaganda campaigns and use agents to trigger civil uprisings I don't know what to say. Sure, there were probably a bunch of people pissed off at Assad, but let's not pretend America didn't have their hands in this from the very beginning.

There was a theory floating around for a while that it was more or less an oil war. Had to do with the Qatar-Turkey pipeline, an oil pipeline that would have supplied Europe with gas. Would have undercut Russia's near monopoly on the European energy market. Since Assad and Russia are allied, Assad rejected plans to allow the pipeline to be constructed. As such, Gulf nations such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar sponsored both the "moderate" rebels and ISIS as a means to overthrow Assad. There's already a pretty good indication they are doing this

The US, being their allies, would end the conflict very quickly, but the public is very edgy about the situation, so they needed justification. It was a hard sell.

Didn't ISIS retake Palmyra after the Russians withdrew?


You should know that better than us :^)

Sure but acting like Syrians were completely without agency in wanting changes to their gov't is absurd. If anything it seemes like the US was moreso confused about what do to in Syria rather than having some 4D chess master plan.

Just proves that most of you cunts are judt larpers who don't actually care about the lot of working people

This pretty much

Russia doesn't have a monopoly on the energy market.

It took the SAA 4 years to take Aleppo and 3 years to take Homs and can't even hold onto Palmyra "empty desert space" for 8 months. Plus severe manpower shortages.

I'm not saying the Syrian government will definitely loose; I'm just saying that the war will go on for a really long time.

t. abu al-Jihadi

Everything in that post is conspiratorial nonsense with almost no connection to reality.

Russia is just withdrawing their failed carrier, nothing more. Its the second time they are pretending to do this, cant you remember?

The current "cease fire" is falling apart atm and the last cease fire did not collapse because of the bombing in Deir ez Zor.

Main supporters of the rebels is not the USA but Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Aleppo wasnt taken in 48h.

You must be a dumbass to believe Trump did any good in helping Syria out of this US lead proxy war.
He's an imperialist cunt and zionist puppet, just as much as Obama or Clinton.
He'll continue the shit Obama started, his generals are merely adjusting to new realities created by the victorious SAA and their russian allied forces.

Trump, despite pretending to be a "protectionist", will be just as much of a warmongering imperialist faggot as Clinton would've been.

And i'm saying is that they are holding the most heavily populated areas and are the only force that has made major advances. Aleppo is next to Damascus the second central city of Syria. Holding out for 4 years means that after 4 years they now got their ass kicked. The struggle is far from over, yes, but the NPF victory is inevitable.

it is these things that make a man think Nechayev was right

t. tankie Holla Forumsyp

Explain how JAF gaining control would make the lives of Syrian workers improve?

We don't think he's good. We just think he's a lesser evil.

That's retarded

They would an extremely corrupt fascist regime

Why exactly are the rebels so bad?

They're literally the ONLY faction in the war opposed to both Russian-aligned AND American-aligned imperialism. They might even institute Arab Socialism, who knows.

Because they fell for /sg/ memes

They are literally Al Qaeda. They behead people and promote extreme authoritarian fundamentalist Islam.


It wasn't even a secret. It's been known that the US and their allies have been funneling weapons to ISIS for years now, not to mention letting them sell oil unmolested to Turkey and others.

Only a handful of rebel groups have any affiliation with radical Islam or terrorism. Most of them are moderates that just want a more democratic government.

You're buying into Russian propaganda hardcore.

America definitely wanted regime change for saudi and qatari pipelines. No doubt.
The free syrian army were definitely a legitimate movement with popular support and Assad is a piece of shit, we should have been rooting for them to win.
But the good revolution was defeated so now the US as been backing terrorists to oust assad. So yeah, now assad is the best option and it was basically US imperialism from the start, even when the US inadvertently funds good guys occasionally.

The moderates were driven out long ago.

Why is everyone so sure that this is about pipelines or imperialism?

Maybe NATO really just does think Assad is evil and wants him gone.

Are you really this naive? The US has and is supporting governments as bad as and worse than Assad's. The US have wanted to take down Syria for decades. Same with Iraq. What you see in the media about how bad he is is just a way to justify the war to the voters. Doesn't mean he's the good guy, but the US and co. certainly aren't. IMO I think it'd be better for the region if he won, provided he keeps the truce with Rojava (which he would be an idiot not to, considering how much of a pain in the ass they are to Turkey).

Everyone knows the majority of terrorists were astroturfed

He should arm the PKK to the teeth and let them run riot on the border in revenge for Turkey flooding Syria with Islamists and weapons