When will rednecks learn that working class immigrants are their friends and allys?

When will rednecks learn that working class immigrants are their friends and allys?

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rednecks who hate immigrants out of xenophobia and prejudice are wrong but if they dislike immigration because of the pressure it imposes on the labor market they're completely right

This is almost never the case with rednecks. They probably don't know that civic nationalism even exists

When they start being organized and work together to fight for their common interests.

Good because "civic nationalism" is extremely spooky.

They've never been taught any different.
They've been bombarded with capitalist propaganda for 200 years.

Actually it's more like 40 years. The American worker was once one of the most class conscious workers out there. Then neoliberalism happened and everything went downhill from there.

This. During the FDR years the democratic party was much closer to socialism than it is now.


That's beside the point. Prior to the 1950s the American worker was actually quite radical. Shit even the term "redneck" likely originated from the labor struggle in West Virginia.

Probably not, but that's because the people defending them from the economic impacts of immigration tend to be right-wing nationalists. IMO the Left could preach a more moderate, labour-protecting position towards it and win them over.

It would help if the majority of mass migration, which causes the most friction, were not lumpen. Or foreign capital interests. Just look at the riots going on in Mexico right now.

In America at least mass immigration is only permitted when it serves an economic function (i.e. they need cheap labor.) Also it is very difficult to migrate to America unless you are highly educated and/or are rich.


Why use a derogatory term like rednecks? It immediately negates your argument and question and portrays you as an ignorant racist.

This. Lumping together everyone who has valid economic grievances with ideologues spooked by racism/religion/nationalism/etc is a shitlib tactic taught by porky. Mass economic immigration is worthless for us, worthless for the immigrants' home nations, and ultimately worthless for the immigrants' descendants in the long term.

Ok, here's the plan:

Antagonize them more, tell them they're capitalist scum that is leeching off other nations exploitation, keep telling them that there's no difference between them and the capitalists because they dare to use computers and smartphones.
Then we tell them to shut the fuck up about any issues that arise from migration because they owe it to those people and that they don't deserve minimum wage and better health care etc. because they don't even suffer enough to be revolutionary yet.

That'll work, trust me on this one.

We also should cheer their demographic decline and support legislations that makes it easier for business to favor exploition of immigrants

This isn't anything new, everyone on the bottom thinks everything is a zero-sum game.

right wing immigration depresses wages
left wing immigration increases state dependence
both are bad

Seriously? Stop.

Why the fuck is any actual proper assessment of historical trends (that the working class was once much more organized and closer to being angry at its conditions of existence) accompanied by ridiculous shit like this on Holla Forums?

I mean fuck, FDR was a fucking socdem. The Democrats under him led the largest offense against the IWW ever, forever neutering it until today, and even the fucking IWW was just a solid industrial union fighting for working class acknowledgement and representation at best (and then I'm not even talking about the actual Marxcoms FDR had arrested or even firebombed).

If anything, it's FDR who's responsible for planting the seeds of neoliberalism which once grown out dealt the final blow to anything left. The Roosevelt-Fordist alliance, which lasted on with the rest of the Democratic party, was actually sympathetic to the fascists and Ford was one of le "honorary Aryan" maymays according to the nodsees.

23 July 1934

Ford and his ilk literally tried to foment a fascist military coup against FDR in the 1930s.

FDR was a hardline Keynesian. Neoliberalism was a direct result of the rival "economic" school of Austrians, pushed by butthurt Trots who went on to become the first neocons in power under Nixon in the 1970s, then consolidating power under Reagan.

The powerbase of the FDR labor alliance was broken up by the 1960s culture wars, which after the left's victorious conclusion by the 1970s, failed to pivot back toward now-alienated labor supporters on economic issues.

i shouldn't have started to re-read this one, it always get's me furious. liberals are fucking dense cunts…

when they stop interrupting me on my way to work at 7 in the morning offering to sell me drugs
when they stop stealing anything that is bolted down
when they stop hating white people
when they get jobs themselves instead of coming here with the sole intention of abusing welfare, food stamps, and WIC cheques and building multi million dollar mosques finance by KSA and wahabists

Marx taking out the trash.
Anarkiddies BTFO and unable to ever recover.


In what possible way are they friends and allies? I grew up in a small town, the Mexicans worked in a local tombstone making factory. They littered everywhere, didn't speak the language of the town, had no connections to the town whatsoever, there was literally zero good they added to the community. They were a nuisance like rats, and they were taking those factory jobs.

Easiest way to spot a redditfag is their praise for FDR, the man mostly responsible for the madness of our modern system.


when they co-own co-ops

Immigrants are de facto class collaborators. Of course they have good reasons to do so. But mass immigration is the strongest obstacle to the emergence of class consciousness.

when they stop being taken advantage of and are afforded a decent education. or when the people who are supposedly on their side stop treating them like scum and the enemy themselves

for some reason I don't see either of those happening any time soon

When they learn to speak english and stop flooding the labor market.

No, not all.


Just that mass migration seems to be mostly illiterate criminal lumpen. You know, the people most likely to take advantage of perceived freebies.

Unions workers and farmers who had their necks burnt red by the hot sun working for porky.

Check your muh privilege city boi