Solves one of the hardest problems known to man

Is he our guy?

Working for free sounds pretty anti-socialist o me.

Its not, shitposter.

No it certainly is.

Why is refusing to take money socialistic?

No its not, he did not give his labour to the people who offered pay, he made it publicly available.

Fuck off

we're in for yet another "Holla Forums doesn't understand capitalism and socialism" thread

socialist = selflessness meme

Selfish = socialism meme

I mean for fucks sake we are communists. We want to abolish money, but the anarchists ITT seem to fucking love money and wage labour.

I don't actually know what he did. This probably effects my opinion I was thinking similar to charity or something.

Hes a mathematician. He solved a problem in maths. Some comitee wanted to award him a monetary prize. He doesn't like the concept of rewarding people money for things like that.

Well that's not socialist or anti-socialist.

In what way shape or form is what he did have anything to do with the means of production? Look at his history and that documentary. He's a very mentally disturbed individual.

Kek, fucking cult-tier marxists ITT


It doesn't make you a socialist either. It has nothing to do with socialism now stop embarrassing everyone with your stupidity.

He's a dumbass.

Black flag poster is the retard claiming that it is anti socialist.

He is nether, socialist nor anti-socialist, but he shows that there are people willing to do extremely challenging tasks not only for the sake of extensive profit. And that is a valuable argument for socialism.

i think I remember reading that he was just pissed off with the mathematical community in general. also a Chinese guy tried to 'ammend' his proof or something. that enraged him.