How does leftypol plan to stop niggers from robbing looting and committing violence so much once the revolution happens?

How does leftypol plan to stop niggers from robbing looting and committing violence so much once the revolution happens?

By having a social-egalitarian structure of self-management without a prison-industrial complex having an interest in breeding a culture of violence amongst black people.

A little like Senegal.

Shoot the criminals. That's all.

Where did you get the idea that blacks need a prison industrial complex to have a culture of violence? Some of the least developed nations in the world are in Africa and the rates of murder rape and other types of crime are still off the charts. Blacks pretty much exhibit the same type of impulsive violent behavior in any nation they inhabit, first or third world.

It's almost as if people who are mostly below 90 Autism Level have a problem functioning peacefully in society no matter where they come from

1. Give them hard but rather enjoyable labor.

2. Re-educate them.

3. Get black radicals who know how to deal with their own to deal with them.

By putting them against the wall along with you.


we don't plan to stop it, we plan to enable it and abandon them when their destructive worth is spent


the trick is to allow for outlets (of impulses, libido, anger, fear, negativity in the philosophical sense) that don't fatally disrupt social cohesion. maybe if you had such outlets you could do better for yourself

in the meantime I can defend myself and my own.
Revolution isn't a dinner party etc etc

all valid responses

completely utopian, this implies that they'd be willing to accept this premise, which a majority of them won't.

Today four run of the mill blacks from Chicago kidnapped and tortured a mentally handicapped man and then decided it would be smart to livestream the entire event on facebook. This is the intelligence of the average negro. It does not plan ahead, it does not reason. It does only what it immediately gratifying to it at any given moment. Do you think you'll ever actually get them to sit back and think about any of this lofty leftist utopian thought? Sure maybe a handful, but as a whole niggers will be a collective drain on any society they inhabit.

Dictatorship of the proletariat fam.

by reading the cow book

No. Collective drain of society are standard banks, central bank, investment banks, insurance companies, stock market, credit rating agency.
Those are collective drains. They don't produce anything uselful.
Niggers are simply lost souls which will be saved through propper education.

By building dungeons in which Trumpcucks and other human trash will be imprisoned and allowing black people to go to those dungeons and torture the inmates.
That's right, OP, you are literally going to be trapped in a dank, windowless cell and tortured by niggers. You will cringe and cry in the corner while black people punch, stab and kick you. All of your nightmares are going to come true. Also, I'm coming for that toothbrush.

t. gultural marx


The thing is, white people should be commiting most of the violent crime in America because crime exists in every society. Blacks still manage to commit slightly over half of the violent crime somehow.

But then there's one black which is more dangerous than all of them combined.
It happens to be the president of said country. Nobel peace prize winner, Mr Obama.


I know it's utopian, it's "the trick" after all

you sound jealous they got to live out a fantasy
you should try living out yours.
in the future, let's please deal with concrete subjects instead of phantoms
yes this is definitely fucking stupid
please just say nigger
I'm sure you are someone who plans and reasons and really thinks the state should do both those things for general welfare (sarcasm). I see you curb your own impulses so they fester into something far worse (not sarcasm)
about as much as I can get you to
now tell me how colonists saved the Africans from themselves and plundered the resources of Africa for the Africans' own good

European history is a history of the same shortsightedness you bemoan. The enlightenment, humanism, and capitalism accumulated vast objective wealth at the expense of millions of alienated, unfulfilled, human lives. It was able to do so because the whole foundational ethic is to shun the impulses and libido. Thus the individual polices himself, the social totality runs amok.

Since when has back-breaking labor that pays next-to-nothing ever been enjoyable? You people are retarded faggots who've never been around niggers. This whole board has to be one big piece of sarcasm.


Appeasing terrible people isn't going to make them stop doing terrible things, cuck.

By allowing "niggers" to rob and loot specifically you without cessation.

If you give black people hard labor then give it to me as well.

have you ever done hard work for yourself? yeah it's hard but it's worth it, right?

these normative words are a can of worms I can't bear to open. I don't get how any one normative outlook isn't as vacuous (that is, based on concrete economic interests) as the rest.

This is a documentary. Just imagine the orks are blacks and you're good to go.

Also the nazgûl are kikes

Fugg pic didn't post

Having a bit of trouble separating fantasy from real life, aren't you sport? Don't worry kiddo, you'll get over your chuunibyou phase eventually.

Lord of the Rings was made with Divine Inspiration in accordance with Tradition to show the struggle of the White Race against the darkies. It's just like the writers of Warhammer 40k who were inspired to map out the future of Man.

It might be fiction, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

Trump is the God-Emperor of Mankind

This is the future you meme'd, Holla Forums


Gulag, like every other troublesome element.

Don't worry about that, sweetie, you'll already be dead.

ATTENTION MODS: This post is like the polar opposite of the problem that /r/feminism has. They *over moderate* and alienate the shit out of people, thereby deafening themselves to the normies who may have legit questions about racial crime statistics. To a normal liberal, racial connections to crime might seem a normal mental route to take due to the way people are taught in the capitalist school system.

But this shit, a picture of criminals implying all black peoples are criminals with a non-board slang usage of the word "nigger" also drives away normies who might come here to our board to figure out what we're about and then leave thinking we're fine with the oppression of Black people.

These fucking posts need to go away IMO. This shit is hurting what we are trying to do. Fuck Holla Forums, and fuck nazis. You wanna ask questions here? We aren't opposed to that shit, we're opposed to the obvious troll form of the question when anyone who posts this shit knows they're not trying to illuminate themselves and rather make a spectacle demeaning black peoples.

What about the Salamanders? Vulcan and the canon conflict practically predicted the Tupac conspiracy(which in turn inspired Tu'Shan)


I dunno I guess we'll just have to wait for that one to get meme'd into real life I guess


we're not trying to appeal to normies though

Well first, if this is in fact a socialist board then yeah we're appealing to people in order to aid what should be a global movement.

And if your opinion is that of the majority of this board then the board isn't communist at all, and is in fact just a LARPing board.

Actually, by definition it's not true.

Also 40k isnt meant to be from one race's perspective - man wish to control the galaxy and purge it of other races just like the eldar and the necrons and the orks do. The Tau also want to but instead of purging the other races they want to brainwash them all to their will.

There are no 'good guys' in 40k, all the races are basically pure evil.

Consider what lies outside the walls of the "doomed, stagnant megastate" in the memefuture

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