The French are responsible for the downfall of western civilization

Are they right?

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the french are literally the best part of Europe

im sti;l fascinated by this guy. he's clearly very intelligent but seems to have a personality disorder. hyper-defensive, comments on his own videos pretending to be young women, shames people for disagreeing with him, demands financial support, considers himself the salvation of philosophy even though he as no real experience in the field, etc.

yeah, yeah, yeah…Liberte, egalite, fraternite, but when the Haiti folks wanted some of that, they told them to shut the fuck up.

it's a bit more complicated then that fam

In the grade scale of things, that is completely irrelevant. Not to mention they did get their freedom in 1815.

He fucked them up with a debt of 150m franc, but hey at least they killed his brother in the wars

I want him to debate de Benoist so he can get his ass kicked.


WEBM that garbage; I don't want to sustain this man's neuroses.

its actually not tho.
Liberty, Egality, Fraternité are nice princibles, but verry few french actually belie in that.
just like America land of the free home of the brave, its just a nice motto.
it was written by some smart ass a while ago, who probably lived by those principles, but not everyone agree with those.

The principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity were the main driving force behind all of the change that occurred in the late 18th - early 19th centuries

True. But they didn't really achieve it now, did they?

Irish, Slavs, Jews and blacks were treated like shit in comparisson to today.

Why doesn't Molyneux name the Jew


Relative to every single other country in Europe at the time it was very good. The French occupation of various countries in Europe led to the widespread decline of serfdom and the emancipation of various peoples, such as the Jews and other religious minorities who had been forced to live in ghettos or worse. Jews were even freed from slavery in Malta. There were plenty other positives as well (although some would disagree), such as meritocracy and secularism.

It sucks that he is along with others who align with right are the best philosophers today.

The best we got is… Zizek? And most of the left refuses to embrace him because he aboves their spooks.

Maybe is just the times I dont know


Reported for literal shitposting

Philosophy undergrad here,
Outside of Roger Scruton and, not so recently, Willard Van Orman Quine, I know no philosophers that are conservative/right-wing. Vast majority of others are on the left, for some weird reason.


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Robespierre literally abolished slavery you daft cunt

Molly is just a fake-it-til-you-make-it retard who propels himself forward on sheer self-unawareness. He's like Wile E. Coyote running off a cliff; he can basically go indefinitely until he realizes that the cliff ended a long while back, except that Molly can do this for years or even decades instead of seconds.

Weren't they pretty much responsible for the creation of western civilisation (Liberalism and all that).

Every time I watch a Molyneux video he draws closer and closer to blaming… a particular ethnic group. Always talking about some abstract shadowy cabal of liberal SJW communist globalist 1% puppeteers. It fits the framework perfectly, just missing that one magical word.

"Western Civilization" didn't begin with the Enlightenment. What we consider Western Civ started in proper with the Greco-Roman Mediterranean civilization, which peaked and collapsed due to a variety of concurrent forces. This lead to a dark age and the re-solidification of continental power in the Holy Roman Empire (Modern Germany and North Italy, among other territories) and the Frankish Kingdoms while the Christian Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Remnant) held out in modern Turkey. All of these nations and states–including many I didn't list–at various points, subscribed to a variety of governmental forms and philosophies including but not limited to: imperial dictatorship, hereditary monarchy, elective monarchy, direct democracy, representative republic, and hellenic oligarchy. So no, the French were not responsible for "the creation of Western Civilization" because of "liberalism", they as a people and nation are merely one player in a long, vast and intricate saga that took place over millennia.

t. Holla Forums

Yes in the sense that they invented it so that it could eventually possibly fail.


If not Westerners, then what exactly were they?

Does he not release the effect that French military support had in defeating the British in the war of independence. America would't exist if it wasn't for the French.

No its not at all the French are an awful civilization that were more brutal than the English in their colonialist efforts and to this day fuck with North Africa. Fuck France and fuck all French people

Turkic/Iberian mediterraneans who are as closely related to North Africans as they are central euros. Who thought everyone to the North and South of them were subhuman heathens and were vaguely right in thinking so


Sure, they may not have been 100.00% Nordic Aryan Ubermenschen, but they were still Westerners who laid the groundwork of Western Civilization. Being swarthy does not make one a non-Westerner.


it was napoleon who reversed many of the gains of the revolution

No they were literally not at all related to White Nordic Snowniggers and thought that snowniggers were subhuman swine. Which again comparatively they were

literally the only thing the french revolutionaries did wrong

somebody who doesn't understand the influence material conditions exercise over human beings in general

I'm still failing to see how this makes them non-Westerners, fam. They lived in, plowed and harvested the soil of Europe. They established the tradition of Democratic/Republican government, classical architecture, and many of the other building blocks of Western science and culture. They're not muh Nordic Aryans, but they're certainly Westerners.

How're you going to say people like Rudy "Best Roman Senatorfu" Giuliani aren't Goddamned Westerners? The native peoples of the Northern Mediterranean are nothing if not Westerners, and I think you're being a bit silly-perhaps a bit of a troll-in saying they're not.

*lived upon the soil, I should say.

French Support for the American Revolution happened before the French Revolution, it was one of the things that bankrupted the state and led to the revolution itself.

He's correct. There are very, very little.

Guys, I don't know if you bothered to watch the video but when they're talking about Foucalt and Derrida.

he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, but he's very skilled verbally. that's what makes him a great conman.

There are tons, actually. Many just don't openly espouse anything is they don't see it as relevant, or fear haranguing by the batshit wing of humanities.

Analytics are often tend to be vaguely apolitical tacit neoliberal technocrats if not overtly into scientism, hardly what I'd call full blown lefties, nor could you call Wittgenstein one. Contys are bohemian little fucks and have a lot of Marxist influence and more crossover with "theory" schools so there are more lefties among them, yet they must confront both Nietzsche and Heidegger.

My point is Western philosophers tend to want to preserve at least one aspect of the Western tradition, and see value in at least one tradition. So they are not natural hard leftists as you may think, probably many have views you'd consider reactionary, even though many are sympathetic to Marxist thought and some form of socialism, while being skeptical of radicals, think about it they are on campus and have to deal with campus cancer trying to decolonize everything all the time.

You don't have to agree with him, but he's far from a "retard." What you said was more retarded than anything he's said.

It takes only a modicum of sense to understand what he's trying to pull and notice his huge number of inconsistencies. I should hardly call that verbal skill. If I drug someone into sleeping with me, I'm not a "master of seduction."



mks u fink….

what the fuck man, Turks didn't show up in those areas until 1400s

Yet it's not; The idea that it's an "amalgamated abstract term" is a midwit malapropism of the most deadly manner.

Consider the Frenchman from Bordeaux: he lives in the same house that his father lived in, that his grandfather built after the war. His grandfather is likewise descended from people who also lived in Bordeaux, who are descended from people who lived there before him, and so on, and so forth, going back to the middle ages, to the Frankish kingdoms, to the Merovingian kingdoms, to when the territory was called Gaul by the Romans, all the way to the primordial darkness of prehistory. France is his country, this is inarguable. By extension, Western Civilization is inextricably bound and linked to the people who produce it and whose ancestors produced it and the claim that it is an "amalgamated abstract term" is hilariously dumb when you think about it for just a moment.

No, it really isn't.

So argue otherwise. Tell him that he doesn't have the right to the land that his ancestors have been tied to, cultivated, and fought to defend since prehistory. Tell him that your disconnected, inhuman abstractions about capital and class are more important than his very identity and self-concept. I think he'll tell you otherwise, and I think we're currently in the process of the entire "amalgamated abstraction" known as the Western world telling us otherwise. There is more to the human experience than the singular dimension of abstract notions of labor and capital.


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Nah, he either rent an expensive apartment in the city center, or he lives in a suburb, with retired baby-boomers or with lumpenproles, according to his revenues.
His father payed a loan for 25 years to buy a house and sold his grandfather's one.
Stop idealizing continental Europe, it's like the US, just have less guns and more welfare state.

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I liked your posts, friend. Some of us get it. It's herding cats to get them to see a perspective outside their dorm room or basement though.


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I'm not doing it for the guy I'm arguing with, but rather any bystanders who may be lurking, hopefully dissuading them from being duped by 🍀🍀🍀Marxist theory🍀🍀🍀 and helping them see the bigger picture while thinking more holistically about the world.

I understand nationalism, I think Marx is useful to understand the world as well. You dupe yourself if you just think if Rothchilds just fucked off the rest of the owners would stop finding ways to screw you. The right pushed for neoliberalism, remember? You sold out the unions in your own countries for some porkie pie and being triggered by shitlibs and now you're complaining that global capital is trying to homogenize the proletariat and destroying everything. Duh.

Oh hey, dubs, luck of the 🍀🍀🍀Irish🍀🍀🍀.

Irrelevant to the argument, though I appreciate what you're saying. What I'm saying is that there's a definite thing as "French-ness" just like there's a definite thing as "Japanese-ness" and that both these things have a genetic and social component and that this is (part of) the flaw in the narrow-minded Marxist-leftist weltanschauung

now the sockpuppeting is getting sad

why does Holla Forums want to turn us into a nazbol hive so badly?

Is it more palatable to you than a marxist board? lol

You think Europeans live in the same house as their grandparents did, this is not the bigger picture, this is fantasy.

Yes guys, this is shitposting.

It's classic American neo-nazi romanticizing Europe even though he's never been to it a day in his life.

Of course, "Frenchness" exists, we have a weird language with a lot of [ə] sounds, some specific customs, food and music, in short, a culture.
So what ? Does that means we should hold reactionary views ? No.
And by the way from the French culture stems a leftist "tradition", for the lack of a better word : Robespierre, Proudhon, Blanqui, Paris Commune, the Situationnist Internationale, Badiou, the Invisible Committee, and a lot of others I forgot. It's not """anti-French""" to be a leftist.


just wanted to let u kno i'm not even reading ur posts by this point

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The old right pushed for neoliberalism, and the unions had internal problems with corruption that had as much to do with their dissolution than The Eternal Capitalist did. A general realignment is necessary if oligarchical rule over a homogenized mass of fungible consumers is to be prevented, it's just obvious that said realignment will have to come from the reactionary right rather than the Marxist left (whose effective end state is that same oligarchical rule over the many by the "enlightened" few).

No, it's an American paleoconservative using the first country that came to my head as an example of what constitutes a "nation" (people and their shared culture and experiences over time). You, however, are using the tired old "muh dum murkan" canard as a convenient means to sidestep the mental responsibility of actually having to make an argument

The gulag is this way goonsire.


These fools shall never understand the profundity of the Ropish Anime Volksgeist. In the New Order, we will proudly serve Obersturmbannführer Andrew Anglin by posting on NordicRuneChan's /kikepol/ with our vast array of dynamically-shifting public IPs

Well you say it's obvious, but I've gotten through to like five of people at least. With enough autism at their disposal they could each convince like five people, and so on. I figure it will be exponential from there.

You do realize flirting with national-fascism to prevent the progressive-fascists (and that's what they are) being puppeteered by global capital has its own totalitarian implications right? Technology's pace is currently outstripping our ability to plan for it, legislature is totally coopted and barely functional. They just get laws ghostwritten by lobbyists all the time, and Trump is, let's face it, in all likelihood not your golden ticket, even if he pushed the Overton Window and triggered the establishment, they are completely flexible and most people are too alienated to even give a shit. Consider this, the MSM was screeching he's literally hitler for 6 months, meanwhile vast numbers of people STILL didn't bother to turn up to vote.

fuck white people fuck drumpf

I'm glad you mention technology, as its rapid, unrestrained introduction into an already over-encumbered and confused society introduces a multiplicative effect on the already barely-manageable entropy. We need some sort of regulatory mechanism on the introduction of new technology, though I'm not sure how we'd go about it without, as you say, flirting with totalitarianism.

Trump is obviously not a "golden ticket" (though he is quite golden in the literal sense) but I do think he can stop the bleeding for a minute–the wall appears to be going forward, and his bolstering of law enforcement should mitigate the demographic and inner-city chaos hopefully long enough for society to intellectually re-normalize and come to its senses (the incoming generation currently in school is the most conservative in recent memory).

Overall, I think either deliberate de-complexification or collapse (regional balkanization, worst case scenario the fabled Nazi masturbation fantasy) are inevitable.

I haven't watched his videos for ages. Is it cynical to wonder if it's so anti-semites can think he's dog whistling them, and his old ancap base don't get too rustled?

Well, if Roger Scrotum is any indication, conservative philosophers are so rare because "conservative philosophy" redefines shit.

It's like he saw Analytic Philosophy and said "yeah, it's pretty good, but it doesn't have enough arbitrary sentimentalism about muh tradition"

Specify this though. Neoliberalism isn't just one ideology among many, it's global capital unleashed. This is why Marx is essential, you have to start getting an intuition for how ideology is systemically manufactured, rather than pinning it all on shady backroom machinations. To me it's more of a way of seeing, another dimension of meaning, rather than a dogma like Lelninists et al would have it. Elevating any fundamentally limited ideology to total dogma, as required of totalitarian society, is a large part of the very problem of totalitarianism.

When you have a total ideology ossified into the state apparatus it tends to lose its initial meaning instantly. It merely creates a template around which tyranny threads itself. Especially now that the security state is becoming all-pervasive, and the shitlibs and right-nationalists seem eager to hand it more repressive powers. (Getting rid of a certain foreign influence in your country is not going to solve this problem either.) We are human, we are limited, it's in what we can't see where the entropy comes. Where you have a total ideology, combined with repression, introduces a catastrophic lack of systemic feedback.

We form meanings in a shared community, this process needs some degree of freedom to work, or it just becomes empty coercion, engineering society on the whims of detached bureaucrats on the marching orders of ultimately, financial incentive. Consider Hayek (abstracted), Popper or Polanyi's epistemic arguments against totalism. The total societies become similar precisely because of this mechanism, not because of any abstract "horseshoe", and eventually it merely becomes capitalism at the barrel of a gun, while grinding the human spirit into nothing. I'd probably prefer endless neoliberal commodification and anomie, if that combined with probable immament technology didn't have terrifying implications (and it was actually, you know, feasible).

You cannot stop technology as such, you can limit its free flow across borders to an extent, but how are you going to stop China, India, Russia, etc. just building the same thing in secret? Espionage has limits. It's always going to be an arms race, and the deep state will be working on it even if you'd prefer to believe they aren't. A return to nationalism MAY retard this process a little, but giving the state increasingly bold powers will not. It'll just become segmented markets rather than a larger incoherent one. As a yank paleo-con I'd have thoguht you'd be more critical of tyranny, especially in its potentially most extreme manifestion in techno-fascism, whichever path we take to get there.

Oh to finish my point the "totalitarianism" to limit tech you propose would seem to need to be something like a one world security and regulatory apparatus. Exactly what you presumably don't want.

To these people, "Western" is a euphemism for "reactionary and authoritarian". They want people to think of the Enlightenment values that form the basis of the modern world while longing for a time when the Western world was as savage and backwards as everyone else.

Tru dat


No, I said we need some kind of regulatory mechanism, which is a far cry from absolute totalitarianism; I also pointed out that such a mechanism isn't feasible without unacceptable repercussions.

True, which is why any moral form of government going forward has to protect individual liberty; what I'm saying is that we need a foundation of liberty tempered with a disciplined, realistic and sober outlook regarding things like race, community, religion; etc. We need to allow freedom of expression while also embracing the unpleasant reality of human nature, i.e. tribalism, out-group hostility, and the preference for one's own kind that people who don't spend the majority of their free time on anime imageboards (that is, normies) hold. Mass Islamic Immigrant violence is the prosopopoeia of the terrible consequences that arise from incumbent governments' failure to recognize these truths.

Agreed, but it also needs discipline and a dedication to the community's wellbeing on the behalf of its members. This cohesion comes from each individual being invested in the success of his community, and people are more likely to invest in the success of a community whose members have things in common with them and to whom they can personally relate and depend on than one full of different people who speak a different language, have a different shared history and so on. This is why you see ethnic enclaves form in big urban sprawls in the U.S.: these people aren't really Americans at heart, they still carry their own folkways and traditions that are fundamentally alien to their host population.

With regards to things like Unions, I would actually be glad to see them make a comeback, as it has been made so abundantly clear in recent decades that big business plutocrats cannot be trusted to act in the interest of anything but their faceless shareholders' own bottom dollar, but they will need to put an emphasis on governing themselves in such a way that their leaders abstain from self-serving corruption.

Bertie was a socialist. I also wouldn't call Nietzsche right wing, he's incredibly individualistic, thought pan-nationalism was pants on head retarded and that anti-semetics should be shot.

t. Holla Forums

These two are blaming individual French philosophers, not French culture.


too scared to name the Jew? blame the French

almost as pathetic as calling them porkies instead of Jews

I know, but she still seems to want an easy scapegoat, and might have found it with the French (along with the immigrants, Muslims, and baby-boomers even though I kinda agree with that last one tbh.
Sure, Foucault and his followers had a lot of influence in the "post-Marxist" academic circles drunk on idpol, but Judith Butler is American, as well as all the liberals in charge of the Silicon Valley now, pushing "socially just policies" in their workplace. And that's the kind of people she really want to blame for all the bad shit happening in the world. "Cultural-Marxist liberals".
It's a worldwide phenomenon, fueled more by the Eternal Anglo than le France, and influencing young European leftists everyday. They could have chosen to promote Debord and Bourdieu instead, but they didn't.

That, and also she is also using the "hon hon hon" meme unironically, and I don't understand why it became a meme in the first place, because no one laugh like that here except smug Parisian porkies, maybe.

This is what I really don't like about Molly, he's clearly gone full fascist but he's too much of a pussy to even admit it.

I think she is blaming post-modernism. I'm not sure if it has French characteristics. French intellectuals are known for being scared of transparency, but I don't think that post-modernism has a monopoly on being opaque. The mainstream media has taken a role of introducing opaque theories such as cold fusion, Fermat's Last Theorem or carbon nanotubes to post-modernists but after a month or so most have moved onto the next topic du jour.

They are trying to promote a "sustainable" environment that ultimate calls for drastic reduction in the population.

There are other problems happening in the world because of authoritarianism, poaching, etc. They know that they want to improve conditions, and that it will require getting people to challenge their assumptions, but they feel a need to challenge as many people as possible. There doesn't seem to be a solid plan other than to keep experimenting.

I feel like a majority of most "famous" aut-rightists' energy is spent trying to figure out how to talk about da jews without naming them outright.

No, it's because they're fucking nationalists. What? Yes, two state solution is the only way. The Palestinian people have a right to self-determination.

I seriously want to become a stalinist tankie when I read the comment section to that vid. I will always respect anyones opinion but holy fucking shit: it's like people from 4shit and Holla Forums don't actually understand that being racist was ironic back in the day. But now there's literal fascist because of fucking memes.

Someone send this bitch to the gulag

"Dismissing the guidance built for us over thousands and thousands of years in the form of gender roles, traditional lifestyles, hard work, objectivity, and cultural supremacy was, in fact, painfully stupid."

" Is it really such a step forward that our civilization, which once shed both blood and ink debating Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, is now reduced to considering theses like VICE Magazine’s 'Dear Straight Guys: It’s Time to Start Putting Things In Your Butt?'"

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I can't believe people look up to this guy. Really despicable. Va te faire foutre Stéphanie.

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