Let's make a reading list

What books should every leftie read and know? What thinkers and theories should they be able to quote in conversation to spread the word?

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Ernst Niekisch
Ernst Junger
Michael Afaaq
Georges Sorel
Jean Thiriart

Here is a reading list m8y.



Arbeiter is more what I was talking about.
Niekisch's Hitler: German fatality
Thiriart's "Communitarianism". anything else by other authors.

Lolberts still meme this? I hope you're joking.

Paul Lafargue "le droit à la paresse"

I was thinking of creating a reading list for Market socialism and mutalism so I was wondering besides proudhon who else should I include?

I also think we should have a reading list for more obscure theorists like David Ricardo and Daniel De Leon

Translating is hard.

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Let's make a reading list. Anonymous 01/06/17 (Fri) 05:37:41 ID: 61d07d No.8693664[Reply]
What books should every Holla Forumslack read and know?

What thinkers and theories should they know and be able to quote to spread the word.

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wait.. what? I got banned for trying to raise the level of discourse? W.T.F.?

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Does an anarchist reading list exist already?

Don't you know, they're scared of books.


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Thanks, I think I had all but the second chart. I can already think of a few more books to add to it.

I always say this. Start with the Manifesto by Marx/Engels, and Conquest of Bread by Kropotkin.

They're both pretty short and to the point, and give you a pretty basic understanding of Marxism and Anarchism, respectively. After that, read what interests you in each school. It's also a good idea to get a feel for Marx, as he influenced practically everyone at least a little bit.

Also keep in mind leftist thought didn't end with Lenin. There is a good amount of leftist literature from the mid-late 20th century and into today. Two influential thinkers to come after WWII are Maurry Bookchin, an Anarchist writer from Vermont who came up with Democratic Confederalism, the ideology of the YPG in Syria, and Richard D Wolff, a Neomarxist economist who has analyzed the American economy, Occupy, and has suggested Cooperatives as the key to establishing socialism in the US.

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the only ones worth reading there are the Classic, Social Anarchism, Mutualism, and Syndicalism sections

The Principles of Communism is better than the Manifesto imo


I really like this book, and I want to share it, but I can't seem to find a pdf anywhere.

Fam that is a historical document at best and one could up full of silly questions like
Without knowing the context of 1848.

Too big for 8ch so I uploaded it here: files.catbox.moe/gy50si.pdf


Why are post-leftists such dorks?