What went wrong?

What went wrong?

He didn't do much, but the USSR had a long medical history of getting punched in the face (WW2, Stalin's bullshit, embargos) and its death was inevitable.

He was a genuine idiot who didn't have even the most basic grasp of socialism, the fact that he was so powerful despite this is a pretty damning indictment of the ussr



What's a good history of the USSR and/or their party workings?

lawyer cant into theory and practice
ignoring all the solutions around him
decides to destroy the institutions society depends on to function

He didn't, of course, want the USSR, which gave him a lot of power, to collapse - it's just that the teachings of Marx, Lenin and Stalin weren't upheld in the latter years of the USSR.

FTFY, Doc Mitchell

Oil price fell on it's arse and they were racking up foreign debt

Did it really have to spend so much on the military though?

It was all about looking strong on the international stage which they could use as a boast on the domestic side of things, same as Russia is doing today.

Webm related was unjustifiable as afghan state socialism was unsustainable.

Pizza Hut literally bought him.


ю гайс ар хилариузли стъюпид.

Yes, or else they would have been destroyed by the west. Of course that happened anyway with their foolish market reforms, but at the time it was a necessity. The whole point of the US bullshitting about their "nuclear defense system" was to nullify the concept of MAD, which would mean the US could feasibly attack the USSR with nukes.

he should have focusated on improving the quality of life and industries instead of muh arms race wich it pretty much useless when they got MAD

Except the Strategic Defense Initiative, however implausible, indicated the US' intention to overcome MAD, so the USSR had to increase spending as a response.

He improved Russia

if only they had god rid of the state apparatus to make this possible

Make what possible?


Brezhnev died.


Yes, of course, the USSR had a class of wealthy industrialists who owned the means of production and exploited this monopoly for personal gain, how forgetful of me.

Indeed, it was called 'The State'

kek, a state which acted on behalf of the proles. try again. all social orders come from human interaction, not abstract ideas.

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Who did the state apparatus act on behalf of then? Where did all the wealth go?

The nomenklatura, all the wealth went to his private accounts



seems like you're trolling. a thoroughly bourgeois past time

If the political class did no harm, why did the dictatorship of the proletariat failed?

Stop throwing words around that you don't understand. "Class" denotes a group of people who share a common economic interest. The nomenklatura was a group that became alienated from the workers, but did not constitute a class.

Trying to control damage using linguistics won't help you, call them whatever you like, the party/state/nomenklatura did no work and were a parasite that controlled the working class for their benefit

And again, if all of this is false, why did it fail then?

… Yes?

Except it wasn't "for their own benefit" because they weren't wealthy, which you would know if you had any knowledge of the subject. Hence how the state could afford to provide so much to the working class.

It failed because Gorbachev thought it would be a good idea to create a capitalist class within the country.

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That's not what I said. Their wealth was utterly incomparable with that of the bourgeoisie. Do you know where state leaders lived in the USSR? Probably not, you will be imagining them living in palaces living a life of luxury, because your only point of reference regarding socialist countries is bougie propaganda.

Tankies are so fucking delusional its unreal

Nothing. Everything went as planned by the previously established basis of opportunism.

Ah yes, of course, the USSR was a capitalist society. All you have to explain now is the constant aggression of the capitalist world, the massive gains experienced by workers, the total lack of millionaires and monopolists, the lack of unemployment and the massive changes felt throughout society when after 1991. But I'm delusional.

Fuck off with your ethics faggot cuck, the soviet officials being able to get scarce goods before workers were doing it in the interest of the working people right? They got their cars and other commodoties delivered faster because it was in the interest of the workers right?

And how do you explain that all the new oligarchs in the Russian Federation were previously soviet officials?


I'm not saying "every soviet official acted in the interests of the workers" - and luckily they didn't need to. The socialist system established by Lenin and Stalin ensured the security and wellbeing of the working class - and it took 40 years for revisionists to destroy it.

You fucking idiot, why were they "new"? Maybe because the system was not a capitalist one before.

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Bcause they were societ officials before that, who enjoyed the same muh privilege but were not open about it

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Of course, they differ in the name :^}

They are indeed both manifestations of capitalist production arrangements.

The russian people will be relieved that their lives didn't change at all after the destruction of the USSR and they are still living in the same system.

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