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Does anybody know what is happening in Mexico right now? There are riots going on across the country due to the gas prices.

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Mex here, peso depreciation and energy reforms forced the state to increase the price of gas, people went batshit

Basically all the gas here is bought from refineries in the US

Good, good. That's some really interesting news.
The question is, why are you here? Go outside, join the riots. Agitate the folks to fight drug cartel and corrupted government authorities as well.

lol just lol at centrally planned economies and state owned industries

so fucking weak

And it was from the neo-liberal energy reforms too!

see >

Wow, so Mexico must be a socialist state since they fixed the price :^^^^)

One's area is being affected by this event, as certain supplies are not arriving at stores due to the highway obstructions caused by the protests.

Tiredness, if anybody would care to transcribe and translate these recordings taken:

The government is false-flagging.

Mexicans slave off the most hours in the world for little pay, their oil was sold off to foreign corporatists, the value of their currency has been squashed in a couple of years while their wages do not move even a little and their gas prices went up.

No shit things would be going down.

Christ, you castilian speakers speak too fast, but i did my best:

1st: The federal government is using soldeirs dressed as civilians to destroy stores in shopping malls. Do not fall for that decoy. Be smart, we must take care of each other. The government wants to destroy our movement, but we must not allow them to achieve it.
I repeat, the people rioting are from the federal government.

2nd: Buy food because they are going to go scarce in the upcoming times. Buy food that's enough for a family for a whole month. Products which are nutritive and that you can save. Prepare yourselves because things are going to get rough.

3rd: Couldn't understand almost anything.

Tell me Holla Forums, is this what accelerationism looks like?

More like this.

I always like to point to Saudi Arabia when right wingers cry about muh Venezuela muh oil nationalisation

Norway's statoil is also fully nationalised. It also happens to be considered the best oil company in the world.

On the contrary, nationalization can lead to lots of corruption. Petrobras has been involved in a lot of scandals over the past few decades in Brazil.

the third one is talking about them closing warehouses (I think) and also that the goverment is the one sending the looters to be able to attack pacific protestors, and also says that some cop cars are filled with civillians and that they are dropping them off, and that he thinks that those are the people looting,


Well mexiposters lead the revolution after trump takes all the jobs back and your economy collapses?


Remittances have driven up prices. Illegals are seriously afraid of being deported.