Is "eurocentrism" a real thing? Is it something to be combated...

Is "eurocentrism" a real thing? Is it something to be combated? Is it just a natural consequence of everything worth a shit coming out of white majority countries?

It's white people staring at their navels and believing that they're compassionate when they rebel against their fathers.

Yes, no, yes

It's a real thing, but the way it's used in academic leftist circles is asinine. Literally EVERYTHING created by a white/European person is considered to have a "eurocentric" bias, including Marxism.

Marxism IS Eurocentric. Marx was a European, and Europe was his only vantage point. Thinking Africans and Arabs should have socialism just as we do is frankly extremely Eurocentric


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Yes, yes, no.

Marxism isn't eurocentric at all. At most you could argue it's germanocentric.

Marxism is premised on social class and private property from a European "lens."

rockets, gunpowder and hentai are from Europe?

It's a real thing, assuming that the mind-set and symbolism of entirely other cultures works within the same framework as it does in Europe, thus imposing European ideas upon concepts where it doesn't quite fit.
One example is how we tend to assume that tribal chieftains are monarchs, when in fact they are usually just ceremonial and/or religious leaders, and most actual decisions are taken by ad-hoc leaders by initiative.

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Yes, yes, no.
I don't really think Marxism is Eurocentric

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Maybe but Sorelianism is universal. ;)

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Yes Marxism is your religion, not ours.

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People who use it unironically think that culture gives people magic powers that makes them unable to comprehend other cultures and that they are separate from the rest of the world due to cultural difference.