What do you think about esperanto or other international auxiliary languages?

What do you think about esperanto or other international auxiliary languages?

It was laughing stock for me and some of my friends that after Brexit, the main language of the EU will remain English (not the official language because all the member states' official languages are accepted). We will use another nation's language.

I remember that there was a paper about Britain's GDP. It said (among others) that a lot of it (a few %) comes from English language education. Imperialism at its best. Sry, I couldn't find the paper now.

I also know about some associations of leftist Esperantists who thought that internationalism requires using a language which doesn't have ties to any nation.

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Learning a dead language is already unbearable, but at least languages like latin or ancient greek have a great culture and literature that reapay the effort.
Esperanto never actually existed, never had natural speakers or a relevant literature.
English is already an international language there is no need to artificially crafting another one.


English is already international and only becoming more international. Learning spanish aswell might help though.

Globalism is paving the way to capitalism's decline when the workers of the world all speak the same language taught by their opressors

Esperanto is a eurocentric joke language. Might as well just learn Spanish if you want a Romance-style euro language, at least it's already spoken by hundreds of millions of people.

I do agree that it's very unfortunate that English ended up as the world language, as basically nothing about the language makes any sense and it sounds like arse.

Stay mad Europoor

I wish it took off but with the obscurity and ease of learning it's a nice "secret" language to use in public with friends who also know it.

I think an international language would be very helpful in bringing the masses together during the global revolution. It gives all of the workers in the world a commonality between them, they can all communicate. Mortigi la burĝaro! Proprieto ŝtelecas!

English is the international language mostly because of America, not Britain. In effect the EU is already using a non-EU nation's language.

The English language has transcended national and political divisions ever since 1776.

is anyone here know lojban?
is it true that using it alters your mind?

they say it's easy to learn, but why the fuck did they invented new made up words?

use english or spanish vocabulary ffs

I think it's pretty cool. I'd learn it if I wasn't so lazy

The great thing about Esperanto for me was that it was incredibly easy to learn, I read somewhere that it is 3x quicker to learn Esperanto as an English speaker than to learn French for Spanish.

Additionally the language helps you learn foreign and different linguistic ideas of phonology, syntax and grammar quicker and easier than learning an established foreign language. For example when I was learning Esperanto; after a couple of months I was able to understand the basic sentence topics of French, Italian and Spanish without even having to learn or even knowing in advance any of those languages. I would say it's better to learn Esperanto was an introductory Romance language than as a language you are going to use seriously.

Got any examples?

Though I don't know any Lojban; I do know that the idea that it functions as a programming language is definitely true and that it is so incredibly different from any other existing language because of that. Now If the theory of linguistic relativity is true then yes; Lojban can change the way you see the world substantially, which makes the language so much more interesting.

Any examples of Esperanto not making any sense I meant.

If autism was a language it'll be esperanto, every little thing about it makes me disgusted, from the pretention to be "international" and "neutral" to the plurals in oj
Nothing says "I'm a sheltered dweeb" like supporting an auxlang

Yeah having no pretensions at all and being eternally cucked by english and everything that comes with it is much better. If you are actually bothered by it then you are the fucking autist



As a linguist esperanto seems pretty cool.

Esperanto makes sense, it just fails at what it set out to do: be a unifying world language. To a speaker of Mandarin or Arabic or Urdu or whatever, Esperanto is no more familiar than Spanish would be, merely more structured and logical. It's just a weird mix of Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages. It's simply not good enough at the purpose of being a unifying language to overcome the giant downside of being spoken by no one.

I'm not mad about it, I've already learned it so it's hardly my problem. I just feel a more logical and structured language with a pronunciation that even vaguely corresponds to the spelling would have been easier to spread around the world and for people to learn. English is just too arbitrary. A language like Indonesian, for instance, is far simpler, more logical, and easier for people to pick up even if they speak an entirely unrelated language. But what's done is done, so people will just have to continue to struggle with English.

many studies have shown that esperanto is far easier to learn for non-indo-european speakers than other european languages, due to the highly regular grammar - far more important in the long run than vocabulary

give me a minute to find the studies im talking about

i can't find the studies i was talking about but check this out:


Esperanto sounds retarded. I like the idea of a universal language but it's a bit of a mistake to base it almost entirely on existing languages.

why? it's easier to adopt an existing set of vocabulary than to just make words up.

there's no good reason not to base the vocabulary on an existing template - what matters most when learning a new language is grammar and regularity, not vocab. anyone who's learned multiple languages will corroborate this.

I like the idea of Esperanto. Sadly, there's a huge catch 22 with it, ironically, as well, because it's a supposed International Auxilliary Language or whatever.

It'll only be an international lingua franca if shitloads of people in most corners of the world, or at least a few superpowers, adopt it and speak it en masse.

In reality, nobody learns Esperanto because it has so few speakers and very little practical use, so it doesn't get a lot more speakers and it's stuck in that cycle of disuse forever.

Unless governments start to adopt Esperanto as an official second language or something, it'll never truly take off.

I'd learn it, though, just because I like languages and I'm a special little snowflake.


This. Also, cute pic

Esperanto has native speakers, literature and an international culture.

Many do, though.

I'm fully aware many do. In fact, I plan on learning Esperanto. I get that there's this international community of Esperantards. What I'm saying is, nobody learns it on a large scale. Until it's a huge résumé booster or it's taught in schools and pushed onto the public by government bodies, shit ain't gonna fly.

maybe we could get a leftypol group going?

That would be cool!

Because it means falling for the same flaws in those languages. If it improves by removing flaws then it's okay. Also if the language is too similar to another language I find it harder to learn or distinguish it as its own language quickly. Why would someone want to learn a language no one speaks when they could learn a real one similar to it that people use? I have a feeling more people speak Klingon than Esperanto or similar

Wat about interlengua?


Why would it require that? As long as enough people have languages in common with each other you can coordinate. Everyone should try to learn other languages tbh. Esperanto is a good one to learn because it's designed to be completely regular, so it gives you an "origin point" of sorts that you can compare other languages to.

This. English is actually a pretty good language for this too, because having been the language of a globe-spanning empire it borrows words from many cultures and has words for many many things.

except literally every other competing aux lang has almost completely died out while esperanto still has an estimated 2M+ speakers. Tasty false equivalence though


If I had time I would invent a language.

I'd study it if I had time and wasn't a lazy turd.

but it doesn't fall for the same flaws as the languages it takes its vocabulary from

it reworks all the vocab to fit its own grammatical rules, removing the "flaws"

and no, there are almost 2million esperanto speakers globally, and wikipedia estimates a maximum of 20-30 fluent klingon speakers worldwide

You don't need that much time to learn it.

Kinda want to learn it, if I can find the time.

the esperanto duolingo course has been doing really well and getting good reviews from people who know about that sort of thing

if enough people on here got pic related and started learning and added each other as friends that would be great - the community features are a great incentive to keep studying (it assigns xp points based on how much practice you do and then makes weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards with you ranked against your friends)

you spend days shitposting but you don't have time to learn Esperanto

Duolingo thread when?

Priorities, comrade. Can't cut down on shitposting time.

you're in it bud

I've added some people the last time Duolingo was mentioned but they never do anything

shitposting is easy, learning a language isn't

dumb animeposter

Esperanto is easy, even dumb animeposters can learn it!

Basic Esperanto

This shit should get you up to speed pretty quick

Quick note on the special diacritic characters - if you can't be bothered to download a custom keyboard, or they are otherwise unavailable to you, the convention is to write them as the letter followed by an x (as the letter X is not used anywhere else in the language).
>Ĉu - Cxu
>Manĝas - Mangxas

>Mi - I / Me
>Ni - We / Us
>Vi - You
>Li - He
>Ŝi - She
>Ĝi - Gender neutral second person (like "he" or "she" but without expressing gender)
>Ili - They / Them (as in the plural)
>Oni - One
>Si - There isn't an exact equivalent to this one in English, and it's not important for beginner stuff

There is no indefinite article ("a/an")
The defninite article ("the") is "La"
>Viro - Man
>La viro - The man

Singular nouns end in -o
>Pomo - Apple
Plurals end in -oj
>Pomoj - Apples

Adjectives and adverbs
Adjectives end in -a
>Bona - Good
Adverbs end in -e
>Bone - Well (as in "you did well")

Infinitives end in -i
>Manĝi - To eat
Past tense ends in -is, present tense in -as, future tense in -os
>Mi manĝis - I ate
>Mi manĝas - I eat / I am eating
>Mi manĝos - I will eat
Conditional ends with -us
>Se mi manĝus - If I were to eat
Commands end in -u
>Manĝu tion pomon - Eat that apple

Accusative case
Because word order is much freer in Esperanto, the accusative case marks the direct object. The accusative case is formed by adding a -n to another word, for example:
>Pomon - Apple (accusative case)
>Pomojn - Apples (accusative case)
Here is an example sentence so I can show you what it means
>Mi manĝas la pomon - I eat the apple
The reason pomo has to be marked with the -n is because otherwise the sentence could also mean "The apple eats me"

Adjectival agreement
If a noun is plural, any adjectives to it also take the -j ending. Likewise, if a noun is in the accusative case, any adjectives to it also take the -n ending
>Ruĝo pomo - Red apple
>Ruĝoj pomoj - Red apples
>Ruĝon pomon - Red apple (accusative case)
>Ruĝojn pomojn - Red apples (accusative case)

Now we can make some basic sentences with the vocab and grammar rules we've learned so far
>Mi manĝis la pomon - I ate the apple
>Mi manĝos la bonan pomon - I will eat the good apple
>La pomo estas ruĝa - The apple is red (estas means is/am/are)
>La ruĝa pomo estas bona - The red apple is good
>Mi ne estas pomo - I am not an apple (jes means yes, ne means no/not)
>Vi ne estas bona - You are not good

Probably the hardest thing for English speakers here will be the accusative case, please ask me if you have any problems with it

Come to me with any questions friends, Ni parolos Esperanton in no time!

This is some bladerunner shit. I don't want spanish being involved in any major lingua franca. We should incorporate either Latin or French or Arabic or some language that is spoken by people I would want to actually meet. The only latinos I want to meet are leftists and women. I don't like the spanish language its grotesque

Nobody's talking about spanish, comrade


I get what the gist of Esperanto is, it sounds disgusting

They speak a gross, ugly language. Spanish as spoken by actual spaniards, Italian and French are pleasant. Spanish as spoken by mestizos is barbaric and grotesque. The only time it is easy on the ears is when qt latina gf is speaking spanish angrily. That is it

Aroganta, senscia, malintelekta, fagoto

Is that actually a word?

Technically, yes - but it only means "faggot" as in a bunch of sticks, not the insult

But it gets the point across nonetheless

I think it's actually the instrument:
The sticks are branĉaĵo I think.

You got me good comrade

I'd never actually checked that myself, now I look an idiot

Sounds good to me. Some of the words seem a little long, tho (malintelekta).

Yeah but what does that have to do with Esperanto

Esperanto takes all the beauty of romance languages and then makes it sound like it's spoken by a Pole, kek

No that's fucking bullshit. Learning new grammar is pretty easy, especially if you speak a related language. The hard part is memorization. Memorizing anything in large quantities from conjugation affixes to vocab is fucking hard. The grammar to esperanto can be learned in a day or two but I'm not fluent in it because fuck memorizing 10,000+ roots plus compounds plus idioms.

Is vaginas the only thing you think about?

My dic has "gejo" for homosexual. -aĉ is the "gross/hated" suffix so I guess the closest thing to faggot would be Gejaĉo.

do esperanto speakers have feminine penises?

Malintelekta was meant to mean "anti-intellectual"

Although I mean, "stupid" works too

Ask anyone who's tried to learn English as a second language how much brainache it is memorising all the irregularities and grammatical quirks

Anglophone detected
Kill yourself, english has far more shit you need to learn.

Whats the use of an accusative case over a more definitive word order?

Or the pronunciation.

English must be one of the few languages written in the latin alphabet where you can't even approximate the pronunciation based on the written language.

Get over your delusional nationalism, English is not a hegemonic tendril of the UK, it's a fucking language.

Make up your mind

I would just use Latin for that. You'll learn a lot more about English itself in the process.

pls no bully

Whew, straight in the fucking trash is where this language belongs. Get that tedious shit the fuck out.


If I were going about designing a language I'd be sure to get rid of that fucking crap. There's more than enough characters in the Latin and Greek alphabets to represent all the sounds you need without that bullshit.

How is that tedious?

Obviously not, if you, for example, need two letters (sh) to represent a "ŝ". This way every letter has a definitive sound, with makes reading and writing easier.

t. someone who only speaks English. Hell, English doesn't have the letters to represent all its sounds.

English has several redundant characters that could be used to exclusively represent the digraphs that need them.

English has about 40 phones

The latin alphabet has 26 characters

Even if you ignore the historical values, it doesn’t cut it

What other meaningful digraphs are there other than "ch" and "sh"?

‘th’ is both the unvoiced and voiced dental fricative

tons of vowel digraphs, but the vowel situation in English might as well be totally arbitrary

English should adopt dutch grammar rules and digraphs, at least they are consistent.

Meant word spelling rules, not grammar.

C -> ch
Q -> sh
X -> th



I suppose that my computer hard drive has a goddamn orchard then

p o m o you dip

cognate with french pomme

In the esperantist organization SAT (Worldwide Nationless Association), which is the second largest esperantist organization in the world, the concept of anationalism or nationlessness is propogated in the context of world revolution. It goes further than internationalism in that it advocates the complete renunciation of national identities. In this sense it is more fitting to anarchist and left communist theory in that it avoids the trap of defining internationalism as collaboration between proletarians of separate nations by conceiving the struggle as the community of united proletarians against the international capitalists that divide our class into nationalities for the purposes of resource management and exploitation.
While it's debateable if Esperanto is perfect in modern times for the purposes it was conceived of (While it is very easy to learn for native speakers of european languages, the root words and grammar do not represent all the major world langauge families, there have been criticism of of implied grammatical sexism, etc), Ethnic/national "natural" languages are definitely not suitable alternatives for that purpose. Their popularity is only based upon the respective political and economic influence of the countries they proceed from (which is often result of forced linguistic colonization) and propagating them as 'lingua franca' only increases the power and influence of the countries in which they are the native toungue. Propogating Esperanto, on the other hand, promotes a culture of proletarian unity and antinationalism.
The previous president of SAT, Jakvo Schram is an anarchist and Eugene Lanti, the founder, was a Marxist and also happened to be George Orwell's common law uncle. Also, the anarchist movement in China was originally founded by Shih Fu, an esperantist that also strongly advocated the abolition of chinese language in the context of cultural revolution.
Some essays by Lanti here:

No, but we have masculine vaginas.

Well there are more speakers of Esperanto than there are of Latin. Plus Esperanto was designed as an auxiliary language whilst Latin has, from what I know, to have complicated grammar. I would think that Esperanto would be the more logical choice.


Just learn Lojban, faggots. It already solved the Eurocentrism problem, and it's super fucking cool.


What could possibly go wrong?

Lojban is cool but it's not suitable for human use.

Lojban hurts my eyes and it's too obscure

Esperanto is already pretty well established

also what do you guys think of Ido and Interlingua?


Ido are the trots of Esperanto.

fuck lojban
seriously… fuck lojban so hard

constructing complex sentences in lojban is a fucking joke
to know that your sentence is grammatically correct you need to feed it into lojban-english translation program and hope for any output other than error
and even if your sentence is grammatically correct, you have a hard time to know if it means what you want it to mean

hell, there's a folklore story in the lojban community about how in the heat of a debate one dude wrote in lojban "fuck you", which ended up in a debate about what he meant and why he wrote it the way he wrote it

and I cannot even fathom how live conversation in lojban would look like

I guess it'd be something akin to watching people solve differential equations in their heads

after my encounter with lojban I learned one thing

ambiguity is a virtue

all those people trying to invent perfectly regular lang are delusional
even esperanto have it's own irregularities now, because people actually use it to talk about shit

Interlingua, though even more eurocentric than esperanto, is fun to read because its almost effortless to understand if you know two other west european languages. But learning to write/speak it is a pain in the ass and there's nobody to practice with.
If you want to learn a minority conlang, maybe try Toki Pona. It's very simple and ambiguous and for that reason not very functional but exotic and kind of cute sounding .


Related question: What do you think about radical writing reform ideas?


I think English probably is overdue for reform.

I've got a 17 day streak goin, I would be fine with pairing up with anyone who's up for it
duolingo name is cillbosby


faru ĝin

my sides

sent ;)

ROSSEAU: Volapük
MARX: Lingwe Uniwersala
LENIN: Unua Libro
STALIN: Fundamento de Esperanto


People would rather have this shit instead of Esperanto:

there are 5 vowel letters (6 if you count Y)

now consider all the vowel sounds in english


and that's just scratching the surface

face it, the latin alphabet doesn't cut it

Fair enough.

Still can't understand why learn a language that doesn't have a literature

Well, it does have literature, among other things.

it does have a vast library of literature


Sorry but i do not consider some translation and poems literature.
A natural language has an history and a culture that the nation develop during the centuries.
Learning any european language gives you the possibility to acces 700 years of texts of any kind, not just some useless translation made by some accademic faggot who think that there aren't enough language in the world.

Yeah, and Esperanto has only existed for one. Most natural languages also have millions of native speakers, usually in a fairly concentrated area, whereas Esperanto has maybe 2 million spread across the globe. Not exactly a great base for a literary career beyond translations and short literature. Besides, if you cared to read the article there have been released original novels.

That's the problem.
Is a made up language, it has no history, it has no natural speakers, there is no point in learn it.

I would have thought a socialist would be open to the idea of an international language, unless you think we should be speaking English or some other random nation's language for the rest of eternity. Besides, all languages are made up, when it comes down to it, they just evolve over time, and Esperanto is no different. But it ain't gonna evolve unless people get off their complacent asses and spend a few minutes a day learning it. Think of it as a challenge.

All languages are made up dummy


Languages are born when little communites of homo sapiens somehow start to have the need to communicate, it's a social process.
Esperato is just one guy in late 1800 that decides to create a language mixing the ones he liked more.

Yeah, and back then they were no less "made-up" than Esperanto is.

Yeah, people decide they need to communicate so they make up combinations of sounds and give them meaning. Latin is as natural a language as Sindarin.

Nigga u dum

Are you fucking retarded?
There can't be one or few persons that simultaneously decide to create a language and spread to their people.
Languages are born from the needs.
If you're more than 12 go suicide.

Esperanto has original literature…

I just started basic esperanto on the android app this is pretty good tbh

esperanto thread when

I prefer volapük, tbqh fam

There was a need for an international language, and thus Esperanto was born.

There really wasn't.
At the time it was invented people internationally use to talk french, now they use english.
I don't see the problem in using a living language as international language.
In fact english is the actual international language today, cause nobody, exepct some bored faggot, actual learns and use esperanto.

You know, except for the fact that they're much harder to learn and give the native countries of that language a monopoly on all media and culture. Everyone knows what happens in the US and UK, and everyone consumes American and English media, but popular media from other countries is much rarer, and you rarely hear any news from neighbouring countries unless you deliberately search for it. If you can't see the problem with that, I don't know what to tell you.

REMOVE hispanic remove hispanic. you are worst latin you are the latin smell. return to galicia. to our galician friends you may come to our contry. you may live int he zoo… hahahahaha ,aragon we will never forgeve you.

This are not consequences of the language but of the preminent position of this nation above others.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that other nations produce their culture in other languages.

Honest question: are you retarded?

We need to create our own language, or at least, not we, but a group.

That contains no sex specific nouns or acknowledges identification as a primary whatsoever.

Creation of language is creation of new ways of thought.

Speaking our own tongue, complex but easy to learn, for other collectivists, without the need for identity would be a solid start to fast tracking revolutionary potential.

It would also mark this board's potential.

the point of esperanto isn't to replace anyone's language, it's to be an auxilia…..wait jesus christ you're a fucking dipshit why am i even trying

esperanto has no sex specific nouns

it denotes gender with a suffix, but this is optional

Language dominance is caused by political dominance. Sufficient political power means monopoly on media and culture and language.

A little more than a hundred years ago states supressed minority languages. Of course it haven't ended since then, but it has greatly reduced extent in liberal democracies.

It's rather rare for someone to learn about a culture because he/she know the language for it. More often than not, you learn the language precisely because you want to learn about that culture.


I didn't know that.

Still, even though it's a complicated task, I think creation of our own speech would influence in the right directions, and unify. Something with even less identification, something based less on identification and more on actions.

we already have our own language

find a normalfag and show them any thread from this board

they will have no idea what we're talking about

Tho it's still easier to understand for an English. This is just terminology to reduce number of the lines we write.

Of course I know that you used sarcasm, but I prefer being precise.

Alright, you are retarded. What he's saying is that writers in other countries are writing and making art in English, and not in their native language. This is necessary for them if they want to access a large market and especially the english-speaking one, since they rarely take the time to master another language for obvious reasons. This means that foreign artists, instead of enriching their own country's art scene, are encouraged to contribute to another country's art scene. Even more, artists often have to move to America in order to "make it big", which leads to a brain drain in all other countries, since all their best artists are moving away.
All this isn't to go all "muh culture" on you, but the problems of having a "natural language" be the international language should be pretty obvious.
As said, Esperanto is an auxiliary language (though it's developed a bit of a culture of its own at this point). It's meant to be spoken alongside your native language, so it's easy to learn and translate. Every country's works can quickly be translated and spread internationally, without giving a certain country an inherent advantage over any other.

And that's precisely why Esperanto as a native language is a wrong choice.

It's meant to be an universal second language. It's not supposed to replace existing languages.

It's better said this way. Maybe I'm being negative. Thx.

You best start believing in Esperanto threads

You're in one

Actually there is an esperanto board here on Holla Forums.

"here's why Esperanto is bad"

6500 is the number of natural languages.

user here reporting for second day of esperanto lessons

im beginning to like how it sounds

new language/duolingo thread everyone, move on to there

remember to keep these discussions to one at a time to prevent splintering

What was wrong with this thread?

Since most people start learning new languages by learning how to swear, here is a NSFW introduction to talking dirty which also works as a pretty in depth explanation of general grammar.

Also since my last post about it was erased, here's the anti-national manifesto which expresses the revolutionary necessity of adopting Esperanto to further the destruction of all nations for the victory of the worldwide working class.

How much Esperanto-only content is there?

I can't find the motivation to learn it.

There is esperanto only content, not a whole lot thats great though. There is a pretty large community though, and also pasporto servo is a nice perk. It's like a couch surf kind of thing for esperanto speakers so you have a place to stay in a lot of areas of the world.

a place to stay for free, might i add