What does Holla Forums think about national liberation movements?

what does Holla Forums think about national liberation movements?

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Anti-revolutionary as a standard, dangerous to mix it into the socialist movement.

it's good

Very good. Conservative Revolution was the best in the west. Baathism and Sankarism were the best in the third world.

They can be "progressive" but they can't be communist, insofar as they lead to the proletariat identifying with their nation (and, therefore, the national bourgeoisie) over their class. Still, there are times when the rule of the national bourgeoisie is preferable to the rule of imperialists.

The Tamil Tigers were truly incredible. Those motherfuckers even had a navy and an airforce.

Bourgeoisie nonsense that is keeping everyone from achieving global communism. Western imperialism needs to run its course.

I support it ironically.

there is nothing bourgeois in national struggle



Except for the bourgeoisie who finance it, of course.

That is one fuck of a picture

you mean the collective of locals/tribes/villages?

Thays pretty bourgy m8

Absolute garbage. Nationalism belongs to dustbin of history.

Starting to see why succdems are reviled around here

Well, I`m also for Pan-africanism,asianism etc.

Paging AnFam

funny you say that
there are no Africans or Asians that wish for Pan-anything though
Pan-something is just codeword for being dominated by the largest strongest nation in your 'federation'

I don`t think you know what federation means then. Why would you ever support something that has lead to the last 2 world wars?

nationalism didnt lead to two world wars
a series of ridiculous treaties lead to the first world war and the other one? well lets not get into shit flinging competition ay?
I know what a federation is
the Soviet Union is a prime example of a federation, a number of small nations joined together 'in partnership' with a much larger more powerful nation that dominated their policies
Soviet Union used and spread pro-Russian nationalism extensively while subverting or suppressing Ukrainian, Kazakh, Mongolian and Uyghur nationalist sentiments

Crown prince of Austria was precisely shot by separatist terrorist.

Danzig was caused by German nationalism and desire to reunite their peoples under their state.

Swiss are better example of federation. Modern day Germany is quite good one two.

also russification

Yeah a Bosnian former muslim who supported both pro-Serbian and pro-Turkish agendas in his lifetime unstable nutter
Polish racial supremacy and Promethium agenda in Poland led to them treating the ethnic Germans who were the majority in Danzig like shit with pogroms basically
the land had formerly been German territory
the situation is very similar to the modern situation with Russia, the Crimea and Ukraine

>Swiss are better example of federation. Modern day Germany is quite good one two.
yeah I agree Swiss are a better example of federation
modern day Germany I wouldnt say so, I dont approve of a German state tbh, its just all of the different regional German cultures and regions being oppressed by Prussian hegemony

But that's fucking wrong

is that the Burkino Faso guy?
I dont believe in African communism tbh its usually just a dictator using marxism as a recruitment tool for meat bags to throw to the meat grinder
and thats basically what the Burkino Faso guy was, a dictator

That makes even worse honestly, since there is no excuse for violating national sovereignty.


sometimes they're good sometimes they're shit

really depends on whose running the movement

like modern day Germany
not exactly the same I know but you know how Germany as a nation has only existed for about 130 years
the rest of Germany was just put under the thumb by Prussian military aggression
theres a movement now in Germany where the Bavarians in Bavaria want to get out of the EU and out of Germany



except when Ukrainian fascists funded by Israel and the USA begin massacring ethnic Russians
doesn't your inner leftist want to put an end to genocide?
unless of course you dont like them then its perfectly acceptable

suspected ethnic genocide or suppression is not basis for military intervention, otherwise we would have to invade nearly every country on this planet.

yeah but the global elites spin it however they want dont they