Hollywood's deathgrip on culture

What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2017?


>Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the current copyright term is that in most cases, the cultural harm is not offset by any benefit to an author or rights holder. Unlike the famous works highlighted here, the vast majority of works from 1960 do not retain commercial value,5 but they are presumably off limits to users who do not want to risk a copyright lawsuit. This means that no one is benefiting from continued copyright, while the works remain both commercially unavailable and culturally off limits. The public loses the possibility of meaningful access for no good reason. You can read more about the current costs associated with orphan works—works that are still presumably under copyright, but with no identifiable or locatable copyright holder—here and here. Importantly, the US Copyright Office has been engaged in efforts to find solutions to the orphan works problem. However, unlike other countries, the US has not enacted any such solutions.

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At what point does copyright become rent extraction?



I personally don't, but not caring about it doesn't make it any less bullshit.


I can see these made with Adam Sander's lead.


How is copyright of media material real? like, nigga just torrent it, just open your torrenting software and click download lol

Patent law, you moron.

Your torrented movies are just tip of the iceberg.

Thank fuck for torrents. How could i watch my USSR patrician films otherwise?




Mate if your downloading a video its perfectly safe. Private trackers are safe for actual software too.
Even then

like, nigga, did you not just read the OP?
do you not understand modern media is not completely online?
do you not understand that orphaned copyrighted media is exactly how such spread is prevented?

The problem is that schools and other institutions can't just torrent this stuff.

Beyond the author's death

how do you torrent without your isp snooping? :(
do i need to pay for a vpn? which one?

yes, one that has servers that allow p2p and can't keep logs, now go and look, shoo

What do you all think about people that actually give a fuck about copyright?


It can be argued that it is good to give the author a few weeks/months in which to make sales, but only because capitalism fundamentally fails to provide for those who aren't willing or able to either exploit others or be exploited. In the ideal world artists would be supported through a UBI, donations, sale of original physical works, and commissions.

Sometimes I think a future society will look back on this "intellectual property" thing like we look back on "primae noctis". But then I remember that quite literally everything about our society will look barbaric sooner rather than later, and those of us who realize that are doomed to live through them anyway.


New works will begin entering public domain in 2019.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is one of Trump's advisers.

Satan quints confirm the tyranny of intellectual property will remain for all of time.

Seriously? Fucking shit.

Likely not anything belonging to Disney… they lobby millions of dollars every year to extend their copyrights beyond legal maximums

Iger co-chaired a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on August 22, 2016. Iger was named to President-elect Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum on December 2, 2016


The Frankfurters were right about the Culture Industry


Torrenting is so widespread that its impossible to crackdown on, ISPs will send/forward an email from a copyright troll to you but aren't going to shut off your internet and revenue from you because some fag wants you to pay an optional $20 dollar fine to avoid going to court (which they have so few slots for pirates that they're usually reserved for uploaders and the occasional dumb teenager to crucify and publicize as a useless and expensive warning)


So, what? Rogue nodes can still infect your computer. Who's to say that Big Media isn't paying blackhats to deliberately infect Bittorrent users?

Last time I checked you couldn't get infect with simple media files (music, video), the only way to get infected is if you download cracked proprietary software. And to be honest if you use cracked software instead of looking for a free as in freedom alternative you pretty much deserve to get fucked anyway.