Halfchan's /lit/ is being flooded by Holla Forumsack anti-intellectuals

halfchan's /lit/ is being flooded by Holla Forumsack anti-intellectuals

please help

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I dunno, man. I took a peek and you guys seem to be doing a pretty good job fending them off by yourselves. Any threads you need backup in?

Not your personal Red Army.

Find something better to do with your time.

it's like you love to be datamined. it's like you deserve it.


yeah, people are starting to peddle alt-right drivel

/lit/ is the only leftist front we have on halfchan though, /his/ has mostly been compromised already


/lit/ isn't even leftist. I see alt-right shit on there all the time.

I've been trying to contribute some leftist discourse but I've been largely alone.

fucking lol

Keep your autistic "battles" to the cyclic thread.

Look here, fuckers. Maybe you're a bunch of fucking newfags, but if you've been around for more than a couple months you'd know that /lit/ is Holla Forums's ancestral homeland. They're why we've got Stirner and bunkers and all the high-quality memes we've been taking for granted for years now.

If we can't give them 20 minutes to make some anti-Nazi shitposts, then we're some real pieces of shit, aren't we?

It's because of that stupid operation about how leftists newfags invading 4chan.
But the actual newfags are is the underage b& that found 4chan and right wing politics when gamergate happened.

le ebin raid

It was bound to collapse under Holla Forums shitposting eventually.
Tell the refugees to come here if they want.

Please contribute to the discussion here rather than participate in childish raids and land battles over anime imageboards. It's much better here than there.

/lit/ has never once been intellectual. We tried discourse with them before and they all fall for the same shitty liberalism. Go back to cuckchan and stay there.

I would try, but /lit/ is not worth saving atm
it hasn't been good, and Holla Forums shitposting has had its own virtual presence established there, for a long time

Yeah, the guy who wrote this was real high quality.

kys pls

Fuck you Marx you moralist ragamuffin

It's bad enough that you're trying personal army bullshit but your motivation is shitty memes? >>>Holla Forums

so it's agreed then

/lit/ is a spook

Jew detected :v)

wtf i hate stirner now

spookbusting is alright but leave the chosen people alone

/lit/ is full of commies though, and Holla Forums knows it

No they don't. /lit/ isn't even relevant to them. We are which is why you should be fucking here to begin with.

Best I can do, fam:

>tfw copied Zizek text and my >prose style is already called hopeless

This is nothing new, I used to browse /lit/ years ago and in 2012 or 13 Holla Forumsacks started to run over it, people stopped reading for fun and only pretentious philosofags were left so I abandoned that place.
Old /lit/ was bad thanks to fags like Deep&Edgy or Brownbear but was much better compared to what came later like the booktuber they stalked.

/lit/ has been death for long, let it rest.

I bet you plebs have never seen the true /lit/ memes like Tao Lin or the huge Orson Wells

Go to bed, Tao, and stop promoting yourself in everything /lit/ related!

Fuck off Holla Forumsyp, /lit/ has been dead to me ever since the mods banned political philosophy.


Jews are shit fuck off.
>>>Holla Forums

that thread was funny though tbh

i would've helped but im perma banned
should ask /his/ maybe.

remember when feminister turned out to be a man , good times

we had a thread about that "book" few days ago here.
apparently its 90 pages long.
the writing quality is as you may expect it. on par with an average Holla Forumsype post on halfchan, same goes for the "idea" of the book.
it's so bad i would actually rather read half chan's Holla Forums.
worst par is that she does it while being condescending. its amazing!
makes me want to shove her stupid "book" up her ass, which seem to be the place she use to think with.


hi pol, how you doin?

so was i until i went into the real world.


/mu/ was left wing till the election, now I've noticed a lot more Trumpshills and complaints about how Henry Rollins is an SJW.

He's an obnoxious liberal who does little more than write terrible polemics, sure.

But it's pretty much the most punk thing ever to turn 30 and become a complete conformist sack of fucking shit

Rollins gets to share a room in gulag with Fat Mike

also reminder that /lit/ even now is a generally better board than Holla Forums

we don't even talk about leftist literature here

Yes, I cannot "win"which is why you dont debate fascists, you kill them

Using a may-may to express such a view is rather ironic

holy shit, anyone got a copy?

Did it ever occur to you that you might be a 14 years old kid surrounded by other 14 years old kids? Or that your friends are not as smart as you think?

/lit/ is a shit board, into the trash it goes



The thirsty anons were JUST

Ironic you're all against this when you have no problem raiding Holla Forums.


A /politics/ board raiding another is fair game, always has been.
If some retard wanted us to raid /a/ or Holla Forums then you'd have an argument.