Wall Street lawyer appointed to Trumps cabinet


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propertarian: what do you mean businesses control the government

The last time we had full Republican control of the government the country fell in an economic depression and was saved by Socdems and union members. Trump is such a blessing.

we're seriously in for a wild fucking ride
dear god I hope the democratic party get's crushed again next election cycle. we need them to die already. for the sake of humanity



Barack Obama appointed Van Jones to his cabinet, then kicked him out for being too hardcore of a Marxist. There's time.


Still making excuses for your pimp?





Heh, Holla Forums is literally this stupid

Yeah, neoliberalism can always get more right wing, and it can always have a few more Wall Street bankers, including Jewish ones, sitting in office next to Trump doing everything.

More like maintaining or decreasing the rate at which Obama was already deporting them (by the millions a year), and an orange shaded swamp instead of a brown-green one.

At battle with yourself? Verily, your philosophy is deeper than it seems.

Yeah, that's what's surprising me. Over 30 years of a truly dead left. Even without left nationalists and social autocrats opposing it the right manages to be completely ineffectual at achieving anything but a more entrenched neoliberalism.

The fact that it exists doesn't make it any less retarded, e.g. you (You).

"Robert C. Black has gone on to celebrate Anarchy After Leftism, in a book whose smokescreen of insult and vitriol hides a basic lack of ideas about what "anarchy after leftism" really represents, apart perhaps from the supremacy of self-interest. In these writings anarchism's longstanding socialist dimension is jettisoned in favor of individual escapades. Black's personal conduct has mirrored his amoral views. In 1996, he acted as a police narcotics informant against Seattle author Jim Hogshire, resulting in a police raid on Hogshire's home. … one of the most disquieting observations that Bufe makes is that some anarchists have reacted to incidents of immorality and even violence with indifference: "Sure Bob Black is a destructive nut,"he quotes one as saying, "but he hasn't attacked us." Similarly, a comrade in the Netherlands —where Black's writings have, astonishingly, gained some popularity—has told me that when he tells Black's local fans of his violent and unethical activities, they respond with equal indifference. Currently in the U.S., despite Black's narcing on Jim Hogshire — a widely known betrayal of anarchist principles (contact Loompanics for details) — at least a few vocal "anarchists" continue to support Black and his brand of amoral egoism.
Such unconcern is a far cry from the left-libertarian ethos that once proclaimed, "An injury to one is an injury to all!" Apathy in the face of immoral and unjust behavior toward one's fellow anarchists, let alone toward one's fellow human beings, reflects a grave breach of the ethical standards with which anarchists have long identified themselves, in contrast to many marxists and, especially, leninists. Ethics lies at the heart of a truly libertarian movement that offers a vision of a cooperative and humane society. An anarchism that dismisses even gross violations of basic ethical standards with an anemic shrug has not only lost its moral high ground as the libertarian alternative to authoritarian or state socialism; it has undermined its claim to represent a movement for basic change, individual as well as social. Instead it has become a pseudo-rebellious conceit, a self-serving gloss, a passing stage of late childhood development, or as Bufe puts it very well, a fashion trend."
Janet Biehl, in her Introduction to "Listen Anarchist!" (1988) by Chaz Bufe

Good! Free'd markets will destroy the private property/nation-state base/superstructure dynamics of capitalism

Sorry but that is not how it works

Nice, now form your own critique and dont copy-paste someone else's


Lol, its so funny to watch Holla Forumsyps struggle with basic terms

Like a kid learning basic maths

I don't just think it. My fellow cultural Marxist cabal members over at Snopes confirm it: snopes.com/obama-deported-more-people/. Careful not to believe Snopes now that it says something bad about Obomber; we're supposed to love his neoliberal ass, as being communists.

You first, sir.

Free market capitalism literally first saw the light of day under a fully white country, or at least fully white in the sense that back then, any non-hwhite individual was legally classified as subhuman and was little more than a slave (although that may or may not be enough to you, depending on how unique your fascist snowflake is).

The future of America is this: rawstory.com/2016/12/homeless-families-priced-out-of-silicon-valley-housing-forced-to-nap-on-buses/#.WGrwiKvZVLQ.twitter, but more of it?

No u!

do something besides posting an image and a word then, faggot.



Why was the Holla Forumsyp banned? He might be a retard but he was not being ironic about it.

it was open in one of my tabs, anyway. I had just read that about 5 minutes ago after I clicked on the quote of the day. seemed unnaturally relevant


I did not mean to do that twice

No idea, really don't understand what the mods have been doing here lately tbh.

I'm guessing he was the Holla Forumsyp who's been derailing threads and spamming "Culture of Critique" over and over.

Come on mods, quit with the deleting. It stops posters from developing resistance to trolls and shills, and all it does is fuel their self-righteous bravado.


Mark my words: when the 20D chess explanation becomes impossible, Holla Forums will start saying that they were never truly for Trump.

They're surprisingly flexible ideologically. Trump even made them forgive Jews.

They'll just become establishment shills. It's in their nature to bow to authority.

Neh, that would entail accepting responsibility. Much like this place, Holla Forums is at its most comfortable flinging shit from the sidelines without ever actually doing anything.

All we have to do is get a Trans queer feminist liberal to come out and start preaching full fledged capitalism and racism and all the Holla Forumsocks will come to our side.

Nice work, user.

Snopes is not what it used to be.


Holla Forums is pro zionist

Theyre torn on the issue.

Many are pro, many are anti Israel


I keep seeing this meme. Seen no evidence of it on Holla Forums.

Trump is a Zionist, if you haven't noticed.

I post on Holla Forums and am a full blown zionist

Didn't Trump basically use Holla Forums and the alt-right for votes but he's actually essentially an anarco capitalist?

Basically he literally only cares about making more money and pleasing the people that support him along the way, even when he doesn't necessarily share their beliefs?

How is Holla Forums coping with this?

And also, does this mean Trump is the first anarchic president of the united states? (not that anarco capitalists are "actual" anarchics i guess, but technically speaking they're close enough).

Trump doesn't have the ideological sophistication to be an anarcho-anything, but the funny irony is that he might have sort of independently derived his own personal interpretation of egotism on his own.

That's right; Trump is probably more in line with Stirner than anyone else you could name.

Well he's a "self made man" i suppose.
And now that i think about it he's not really in line with Ayn Rand, he just cares about himself and that's it.
Is he the ultimate model citizen, the end result of american culture, history, mindset, and unregulated capitalism as a whole?
Is he the ultimate result of it's degeneration and corruption instead?
Or both?

Is he the true avatar for the narcisistic, self indulgent, self absorbed younger alt-right, regardless if they realize it or not?
It's actually fascinating, it would be interesting to study him in the future as a sociohistorical figure of his time, assuming we don't nuke ourselves to the stone age by the time he's gone.

i wish the meme that anarchism simply means "no state" would end

pls read gramsci

Anarco capitalism is ultimately a meme, but it still birthed an entire generation of people that are genuinely anarco capitalist.
Yes, it doesn't make sense.
No, that doesn't really change our reality.
Memes can come true, you should know this by now.


This thread shouldn't be bumplocked.