Japanese white-collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence


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Globalization combined with high level automation is going to force incomes in the developed world down to third world levels within the century, probably sooner. Good.



I bet this sort of snobbish demoralization probably existed in abundance when the car was replacing the stagecoach in the early 20th century.

It tells me nothing, aside from that people will still remain idiots.

automation is a nonissue if the supply of labor is capped and companies can't outsource

the lynchpin to communism isn't automation insomuch as it is disabling exploitative schemes (ie, multinational companies) from existing in the first place

You got it wrong, the snobbish demoralization happened in the nineteenth century with the railroad replacing the stagecoach. For example, see how the Transcontinental Railroad ruined the Pony Express. This is also where the John Henry folklore came from.

The funny thing about cars though is that they're not cheaper than trains, it only seems that way due to government subsidized road maintence.

Automation of this variety effectively sets a "maximum wage" for laborers in the field. It will drive incomes down over time. Also the labor supply argument is irrelevant. This isn't about unemployment but wages.

the maximum wage in all fields is the min wage, unless some sort of talent or licensing is required

the supply of labor determines the wage which employers are willing to grant workers, low supply means high demand and vice versa

I bet and we have to thank the US for that. The only conspiracy theory I think that is rather valid is the General Motors streetcar conspiracy.

And it goes to show, considering that the US is still the largest consumer of oil in the world, even more so per capita.

this is a fact

revolution within our lifetimes?

You don't understand supply and demand. What this does is effectively create an infinite supply of workers who are "willing" to work for a "wage" equal to the cost of some servers and an AI software license. As AI becomes more advanced and ubiquitous, both of those costs will come down. No matter how few real humans are available to do the job, the wage they receive will never be higher than those costs, because of the aforementioned effectively infinite labor pool. In the long run they won't even be able to earn minimum wage.

Just like the euro currency is forcing Western European wages lower to be as competitive as Eastern European ones.

All hail "globalization"!


There are many things you could blame for that, but the euro isn't one of them.

I support communism, but the more time I spend here the more I am becoming convinced that most of the left are completely economically illiterate.

You aren't a communist.

Dismantling the EU at this point would only serve the proto-fascist right. Choose your battles.

uphold marxism-first-worldism thought

The EU is actively creating facism. The proto-fascists you see out there today are mostly Russian funded right wing organizations. Real facism is organic and is created by the kind of economic crises that the EU creates. If you want to weaken fascism get rid of the EU.

accelerationism doing its work

No really, you're fucking stupid.

These stories are rather old, but


Contrary to the smug self-assurances of the "middle class," it is their labor that is most at danger from automation. White collar work, after all, is simply taking data inputs and producing data outputs. While Strong AI and other such "muh singularity" shit is a farce, programmers have gotten very good at emulating the output capacity of a brain.
As personal anecdote, I work at a gas station. We are a long, long, long way away from developing a machine which can efficiently cover the 100 someodd small jobs that my work entails (and, yes, contrary to that anti-minimum wage ad, a Hell of a lot more work goes into hourly retail than just taking orders). On the other hand, they are increasingly handing over supply, price setting, and other upper level corporate work to algorithms. Long before gas station clerks disappear, Marathon will have done away with their entire staff of engineers, accountants, and management.

And another unfortunate salaryman bites the dust….

Don't forget about those poor, single OL's.


Why live?

Take a joke at the expense of a Japanese sallaryman.

Besides, do you want a person or a robot giving you prescriptions.

Actually come to think of it Americans "advancing" medicine so horribly to the point they automate by phone for everyone bound to a mobile wheel chair doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility.

No joke, unironically, a machine.

Automated Phone Diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder

Truly the Philip K Dickian future we can look forward too.

That's a funny word

Given the domination large pharmaceutical companies have, does it make a difference?

To many disabled people, phyical and mental, not like there is a difference, it does. It actually makes a significant difference to people. Even if Pharma is shit, its all we currently have, and working in Medicine is not a wasted effort by any one person.

Especially trying to ease the pain of people who are hurt by Capitalism the most in a world they can never hope to compete in.

Yeah, I'm going to go with the avatar, sorry Anfem Tripnigger

I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about people who actually need medical help. Apparently you don't think you do, so.

Is AnFam talking authoritatively about the efficacy of medications again when she's on Xanax and an "antidepressant" and they aren't working? Conveniently they are supposed to not work if you drink while on them, but the psychiatrist just tells you you're a slob and a failure for drinking, rather than doing anything about the alcohol self-medication. Hrmmm. Worth the $200 per 15 minute session or however much they charge I guess without ever actually doing anything but adjusting doses based on pamphlets they've been given at the all expenses paid industry "conference".

Solution: End the psychiatry racket and give clinical psychologists the license to recommend prescription in conjunction with a physician. Easy.

lmao, where the fuck do you live where GPs actually care about that shit?

with Japanese characteristics

I don't care if the Xanax don't work it's bomb for a little while

Only winners drink

Winners take their Xanax with Cheongju.

Since I have clinical depression and anxiety the Xanax does help and so does the Lexipro. I'm a mess without it tbh.

God do you think I'm a depressed alcoholic reptile person because I'm in medicine

You sound more depressing than I do. Get a personality.

A place where they're trained?


Xanax doesn't sound like a lack of a personality it sounds like a person who knows how to party


When all the people who mock me for being in college are under my league it feels pretty nice. Like my very existence is proving a point by pissing you off.


No, I think this because you've said as much in your posts. Distinctly remember it in your new years post, just before you told me to kill myself repeatedly. Luckily (?) I'm less fragile than you. :^)
No thanks

Sorry that was a bit mean AnFam. You know I like you even (especially) when you're mean to me.

That tells me that you should be taking what I have to say extremely hard.

No I didn't.

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I never actually told anyone to kill themselves. Wrong person.

Clearly not since you misidentified a shitposter or made a false memory of it.

Hey at least you're realistic.

Ah yes, tell us more about the trenchant insights into the human condition one only receives when fucked off their face on antidepressants

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How would I explain that to the doctor? "I compulsively post on leftypol because I've woven together a meta-theory of leftism and have deemed myself to be Galileo x Zizek x Cassandra but I can't stop getting in cat fights with this tripfag and I remember her shitposts because they triggered me so hard they're burned into my retina"? I'd be sectioned immediately.

Why should I take the opinions of a person who's happy escaping reality with antidepressants seriously, again?

Or are you just doing your homework for your inevitable college-radical-to-upper-middle-class-centrist transition

Because you still take life this seriously your ambitions haven't been destroyed by your parents substantially enough.

No sense of humor. No lack of impulse control for any given moment, tons of flaws not willing to admit them, takes everything posted on a taiwanese message forum seriously

I can say for certain my diagnosis is you're fucking boring and undateable

An Asian that wants to graduate as a psychiatrist talking about having their "ambitions destroyed" lmao

Yes, tell us more about how you're a "rebel against the status quo" for…having friends struggling with drug addiction? Fucking women as a lesbian?

I used to want to be a novelist. I still do.

But so does everyone, and your parents hate the idea of you ever having recognition.

When I put it like that, outside of the parents part, I probably sound like every other white fuckwit with a personality as cardboard tasting as you do.

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Leave her alone faggot we've already covered this ad nauseum. We're getting weirder with it now.

I'm sorry Anfem Tripnigger but you're far more bourgeois than you think you are

Here's hoping you don't go too far overboard when Big Pharma comes knocking

My bourgeois level is at 12 Engels




Eerily accurate tbh

If you want to be a novelist then write you fool. Why do you waste time?

fucking hell asian anfem…i thought you were better than this. The fuck you want? a degree to be a novelist? you don't need one. Just write you idiot. Saramago only had elementary school and that didn't stop him. Oh and he had quite the tough life.


Wow it's as easy as being disowned by your parents for being fame seeking and banking my career on shaky foundations or putting my money at steak, writing behind a pseudonym which people always find out, or just not doing either and not getting disowned

Really, I just asked for a "novelist degree".

Read between the lines.

Reminder that in your terrible country, this man is your president, and it's partially my fault.

I had beef earlier thats my excuse for the typo



Coming from a fellow edgy socdem I find this statement appalling.

Pan-Europeanism > Etchnic Nationalism

Cultural nationalism based on socdem liberalism "until we can figure out what the hell is going on" >>>> crypto-white "Euro" nationalism

Can't you do both? Or are you unwilling to get a job in order to back up your true passion of becoming a novelist?
But ok, if you want to live the life your parents dreamed for you, that's your choice. Or perhaps you really do want that inheritance.

Oh and stop taking those meds. You americans and your affection for meds kek

Do single OLs have revolutionary potential?

You're a fucking idiot.

Continental centralization of power is necessarily evil at this point, we can`t rely on national organization of trade unions anymore. We need to secure peace,economic development and reforms for Europe and only way towards this goal is to transition away form nation states towards federal union. Corporations are transnational, therefor our organization should be also the same.

What is an OL?

I keep reading it as old lady (as in christmas cake) but its actually Office Lady

True you're right. If a standard american is under the effect of ritalin since the age of 7, might as all be a slave to meds his whole life.

Reform the EU, not get rid of it
The eternal anglo leaving is a good start

I don't envy the elevens

Dude don't you know that when machines replace jobs they actually make more jobs?

I hope you are memeing me