Egalitarianism and globalism destroys socialism, why do they come as a package?

you guys here are mostly socialist, right? do you also support Not Socialism? Hitler believed in socialism and didnt like capitalism, but he believed the "brotherhood" aspect of socialism had to be race based in order to succeed.

Since people are tribal at their core, this system makes the most sense (atleast to me). I feel like most people are willing to work hard in support of "their" people.

How can socialism exist in a mixed country like the united states or many places in europe now? its pretty naive to think you can eliminate racism and racial preferences permanently.
Why is it socialists that are typically pushing these ideals that in effect make their own system more likely to fail? This puzzles me the most. socialism can easily spread to a society filled with people that are all members of the same tribe, since they can easily be encouraged to help people that they biologically see as part of their own family.
but socialism often brings egalitarianism with globalist ideals, which in effect kills any chance socialism had in taking root.

This is like the equivalent of attempting to spread Christianity to a secular nation, while also introducing sexual liberation.

Why is it done like this?

So Nazi Germany as a "mono-racial" state was socialist whereas the USSR as a multiracial state was not?

Correct OP?

hitler wasnt a socialist, he was a porky enabling faggot who privatised the economy


Hitler constantly flip flopped on socialism. He never actually implemented it, despite having supreme executive power, and at one point he just said "dude socialism is just when people have food lmao".

As for nationalism I think there's an argument to be made for a certain degree of cultural (not racial) homogeneity that can be achieved through assimilationist policies and limited immigration. Also important is to ensure that minorities don't become economically disenfranchised. This happens under capitalism and forces immigrants and minorities into ghettoes and towards crime. This combines with the general stigmatization of the poor to create racial resentment and tension. Socialism would go a long way to alleviating racism, primarily because it doesn't demonize poverty, and also because it distributes wealth far more evenly, meaning that minorities wouldn't be any worse off than the rest of the population. Racism would still exist in all likelihood, but it would be a far smaller issue.

TLDR: Nazis are stupid and socialism would work in an ethically diverse country.

yes. in addition to "russians" it actually contains many racial groups. now we all consider them russians, but southern russians and northern russians… as well as eastern/western dont see themselves as the same race. add the large jewish population, gypsies, and youre left with a multiracial country.

im not only talking about nazis, im talking about the ideology itself of race-based socialism, which i believe is called natty socialism.
i used hitler as an example because i dont know another time this was tested

Why not gender-based socialism, sexuality-based socialism, or fucking hair-color-based socialism?
They are all fucking spooks.

because theres no collusion between those groups other than gender, but society needs straight people. and straight people need both sexes.
there is collusion between people that share a common culture and background that also look alike.

the only other group that has collusion would be people of a religion. societies have tried that, the problem is religions are too varied and theres always divisions in them down to petty disagreements. nomatter what you do, you will always be the same race.

but youre all ignoring the question. why is socialism always spread with egalitarianism and globalist ideas, 2 things that actively work against socialism?


Take your anarcho-tribalism back to Storm Front.

Gee, I wonder.

are you seriously trying to make that argument?

name a single socialist country that wasnt completely destroyed by these types of beliefs.

anarcho is the opposite of socialism user. the world is tribal whether you like it or not.

national socialism doesnt have to be facist user. Not Socialism is what every tribe or small successful country had at their peak.

No people are only racist because they are broke and need someone to blame and have been told not to blame capitalism.

Without capitalism there is literally no need to be racist, as it is capitalism which causes the criminality people falsely attribute to simply being a nigger

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if you think all racism is a form of scapegoating then why are there plenty of racist rich successful people. prisons divide themselves by race as well. why do you think that is? do you think they are blaming eachother for their hardships?

racism is a much deeper problem then you make it out to be.

hitler introduced a bunch of social programs, the only thing stopping them from being normal socialism was that they were only available to germans. similar to golden dawn now in greece. only there to help the greeks.
the motivation behind it is they want to help fellow greeks.

Because they use the scapegoat to justify their theft, by saying it isn't their theft that causes the degradation of society, but the niggers.

No, I make it out to be much deeper than what you make it out to be, which is simple 'tribalism'.

I make it out to be the consequence of centuries of exploitation and misinformation from the owning class to the proletariat.

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rise of Hitler came after a massive market crash, with the liberal elites pretending it wasn't because of capitalism.

The current rise of the far right has happened after a market crash, with the liberal elite pretending it wasn't capitalism again.

So they stirred up the people against immigrants so that capitalism is not blamed.


Also if Hitler believed in socialism rather than capitalism or jewish crony capitalism why did he privatise everything and give it to his cronies much like a jewish cabal would, and why did he underwrite all of this with an economic system built on the MEFO bill ponzi scheme, where he printed money in exactly the same way the present day federal reserve does?

social programs are not limited to welfare. programs are what built those government roads and aqueducts.

hitler came to power after a massive market crash. it crashed because of crony capitalism and the results of the 1st world war. hitler had to work within the system to restore it. his version of "privatization" was just a way around officially declaring those things as state related. but they were essentially run by the state, hence why they were his friends.

this is what caused the boom in their economy. he went about it wrong, but the result was socialism. you could argue that he tricked his population to practice socialism and support it. he used racial nationalism as motivation for them to support it.

argue about it all you want. it works, and you can test this yourself. talk to any conservative/capitalist or even anarcho capitalist and they warm up to "the state" running everything, when "the state" is filled with people like them.

And government programs are inherently socialist, everyone knows that!

Shitposting thread. Bring out your best shitposts, boys.


Explain the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism, why has their never been capitalism without cronyism and what did hitler do that was any different?

So, its exactly like the US right now, and is crony capitalism, just pretending to be…. you've just blown away your own point.

the boom in his economy was caused by the MEFO bill program which you fail to mention even though I referred to it. This was essentially printing money and having his cronies accept it to finance rearming.

> you could argue that he tricked his population to practice socialism and support it.

No he tricked his population into thinking they had socialism when what they actually had was national capitalism, I.e the jewish ponzi scheme just with Germans (actually, an austrian) in control of it. Hence, MEFO bills.

MEFO Bills, business in the hands of private cronies= federal reserve notes, business in the hands of private cronies. Its literally the same thing with gassing jews tacked on as a scapegoat

yes I can, every Fascist state collapsed

It's just capitalism.

capitalism inevitably devolves into crony capitalism. but there will be a pure state of capitalism at first, usually the economy does well, but because of the nature of capitalism (greed) naturally the people that rise to the top first will seize it and use it for their own means.

no, hitler had crony socialism disguised as capitalism. as long as you were a german it worked this way.

i failed to mention it because the MEFO bills was not the main contributor to their booming economy. their money becoming extremely valuable on the international market is what caused that. their exports brought them riches.

its the easiest way to get people to accept socialism. its a jumping off point and the transition from there is easier compared to a purely capitalist country.

This has literally never been true.

the early united states was pretty close to this. then monopolies form, then lobbyists, then it all goes to shit. the early early united states especially out west was very capitalist. there were no taxes, claimed property was owned property, etc.




No he didn't. He kept the rhetoric, but purged socialist during the night of the long knives.

How can they be your people, if you don't know most of them personally?

You work for a spook.

People don't want to be alienated from others in general. Tribalism itself is just an extension of this.

Changing the mode of production in various ways.

That's all you need to do.

People will always believe some absurd things. That doesn't mean they can't fade over time.

Nazism also failed.

Capitalism is failing.

Blaming socialism's failures explicitly on the fact there weren't enough white poeple in one area is pretty incredulous, all things considered.

That means people have to first buy into cult-like behavior first, to be on familial terms with people they don't know or live hundreds of miles away from them. Screw biology, who ever lives in your region has more effect on you than who shares the same pigmentation.

You don't need socialism and nationalism. It's not required.

because you share a common culture and history. 1st generation immigrants always do alot to help eachother, why do you think that is?

how do you get those in power to relinquish control? they obviously dont care about anyone outside of their social group. which is why race is a strong motivator for this, since its part of a social group.

you either have poor reading comprehension, or you like to assume. i never said any of those things.

what i mean is socialism fails to take root. capitalism has successfully taken root.

cult-like behavior as you call it is what comes naturally to humans. why do you think tribes exist to begin with? do you think that was an intentional planned system?

i never said you needed both, i just said its an option. however when you mix a country with people that are VERY different in culture, priorities, etc… socialism cant work. can you agree that socialism requires people to work together?

It's always been shit.


good job user, im sure it makes sense to you.


You were literally saying that we would all have a jolly easy time if only we changed the definition of socialism to something it's not.


bullshit thread

Only on the most superfluous, artificial level. In fact every time one of you spooked idiots say this you proceed to display just how little you know or understand of "your" culture and history.

Name one time in history.

Which is all the Jews did, and all Hitler did in Germany.

and yet, I have just described to you in detail how this is not the case and the opposite is the case.

Hitler DID privatise industry and hand it to his cronies> Crony Capitalism, this is irrefutable. He also did pretend to be a socialist, hence the name of his party Nationa.l Sociali.t.

He DID NOT collectivise the means of production, which would be socialism, and he did not call it capitalism, hence the name of his party, N.ational S.ocialist.

I already refuted your point, don't just repeat it again like the refutation doesn't still stand.

>i failed to mention it because the MEFO bills was not the main contributor to their booming economy

Likely because you have absolutely no idea they existed, because they were in fact the single main contributor to the expansion of the economy, as they financed the re-armament which was the centre piece of the Nazi War economy.

>their money becoming extremely valuable on the international market

Because it was inflated by MEFO bills and the the war economy.

and how was with manufacturing financed?

…MEFO bills.

First, no, it wasn't. Second, 'close' means it actually wasn't.

This is what happens when you're an ignorant nat cuck. Your head is so full of fuck there is no room for any actual facts.

So? I could also share the same pokemon cards. Doesn't mean I have to care.

Kill them or wrestle power from them. You think they care whether we're the same race? And we're supposed to be the ones who are naive.

Most of them come over with large families, number 1.
Secondly, material conditions often force them to.

[citation needed]
Also, even if that's true, doesn't mean I have to follow it in the way you suggest. Shitting comes natural to humans too. Doesn't mean I should literally everywhere.

The first tribes? Material conditions forced people into tight knit groups. Your idea of tribe is a cult revolving around the national body.

Priorities are the problem, and those can change over time.

meant for

i like how you think youre arguing. but the only think i disagree with is the role of the mefo bills, which is actually pretty irrelevant to the argument which is why socialism has to be grouped with egalitarianism and globalist ideas.

stop projecting about your own disconnection with your culture and answer the 2nd part of that question.

you successfully convinced someone thats against capitalism, that capitalism is bad. congratulations retard.

but yes, capitalism starts out as an ideal. just like anything else. then it becomes corrupted because of its own nature. early united states, especially during western expansion was indeed capitalist. there were no cronies as it was frontier land.

On a scale of 1-10 how mad are you at this image?

Stopped reading at;

it's almost like your conspiracy theories are inconsistent

The ruling class literally were the cronies


irrelevant to socialism

The belief of Christ-as-savior isn't incompatible with sexual liberation

That's why blacks in poor neighborhoods preferably target whites over their fellow blacks right? People of the same race gotta stick together.

Well gee i wonder if the idea of having a classless society inherently implies egalitarianism

No country that lived long enough to be considered a country successfully completely eradicated capitalism from their economic system so the answer is none.

shiggy. anarchists and socialists still agree on the majority of questions

1st generation immigrants always do alot to help eachother, why do you think that is?
Because they aren't integrated into the society at large and don't know how to get help there so they stick with what is familiar

I want to ask you. Do you realize on any level that there are practical, tangible, material reasons that people stick to people who are similar to themselves, or do you think that there's just some magic attractive "human nature" force that compels people to spontaneously get along better when it's people of their own race?

No it is extremely relevant to the argument. What Hitler did had nothing to do with socialism, it was just another crony capitalist Ponzi scheme.

So your original statement

Is false. Hitler pretended to like socialism in order to enforce his crony capitalism, using racism as a scapegoat.

Just like race today is a scapegoat for capitalism.

and your disagreement with the role of Mefo Bills are based on nothing at all. Show me one historian or economist, sympathetic to the Nazis or otherwise, who disagrees that MEFO bills were used to finance re-armament. (and therefore, pretty much the entirety of the Not Socialist propgram, which was explicitly based around war economy.)