US police killed more than 1,150 in 2016

By Gabriel Black
4 January 2017


Who cares?

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Thank you. I'm sure all of their families would be comforted by those ratios.

I'm convinced that a lot of Anarachist's problems with the police are because they only know American police.

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Of course, enlightened European police officers who understand human rights would never gun down innocent boys in the street.

Just because you're poor doesn't mean you should get a free pass for committing crime and being stopped for it.

"Oh, but the rich aren't being shot."


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So? Most of them are druggies or transexuals.

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In a proper legal theory, while you are in the commission of a crime, you step outside the law (outlawry) and thus any measure to stop you (bringing you back into the protection of the law) is acceptable. The police have a moral obligation to stop you with as minimal violence and bloodshed as possible. If violence is needed to occur, it is both moral and necessary.

Drug usage is reactionary.

Do I really need to explain why the decadent tranny lifestyle is bad?

After all….

No and people being trans is not a "lifestyle" for fuck's sake

Reactionary media perputates the war on drugs

You are such an incredibly stupid person that you don't deserve to live. I would actually support the cop that executed you in the street. I hope everyone you love is murdered right in front of you and you end up paralyzed, unable to do anything but relive the last moments of the brutal slaying of what meager individuals have even a modicum of affection for your defective send over and over again until the end of your worthless life.

Drug usage is reactionary.

Does it matter? You may be able to change you may not. If science says we can not. We kill them.

How pathetic. That's not even a fraction of what Holla Forums would kill in revolution.

Do I have to tell you?

But the soviet union build a monument for transsexualism bigger than the statue of liberty.

You don't support cops killing criminals but you would support a cop killing comrades?


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You are not our comrade if you bootlick

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ITT Canadians sowing seeds

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Really makes you think.

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It's not like people can't be concerned over multiple issues

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But much less than their share of the criminal population.

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Which all-white neighbourhood do you live in?

Ah yes, I remember when drug-addled hippies managed to overthrow the capitalist order in the US-

Oh wait, they didn't. They just ditched the pot and tie dyed shirts for coke and suits

Honestly I'm surprised no dictator has openly or tacitly encouraged drug use, would probably do much, much more to reduce dissent than anything else