What went wrong?

What went wrong?(You were born and so everything went wrong)

the right is just a liberal

Sounds pretty good tbh

The USSR was a very diverse state you retard. It was an inheritance of the Russian empire and yes, people from fucking Azerbeijan was seen as equal as someone born and raised in Moscow.
You don't know jack shit of what you're talking about


If the person on the right was also a soldier, the difference would be unimportant.

they had video games in the USSR

Why do leftists get so triggered over the helicopter ride joke?

Because it refers to a CIA puppet who killed thousands of people and tortured tens of thousands? Fuck off

Castro killed hundreds if not thousands of people too.

But that's okay, amirite? BASED COMRADE XD

Estimates about Castro's death toll range from 15 to 100 thousands, definitely not hundreds.

He didn't killed people. He killed corrupted faggots. People like you are a menace to the well being of society and yes, should be killed.
You're nothing but a waste of resources.

Back into the soil, gusano.

Pinochet was one of the most disgusting leaders ever even from a nationalist perspective. He whored his country out to a foreign nation for his own profit.

cognitive dissonance: the ideology

this is why no one takes socialism seriously anymore

I didn't say that.


Noone's triggered by it.
It's just a very stale over-used joke.
It's like r/communism spamming le gulag maymay.
It's reddit-tier.

Anyone who kills Canids are not my fucking comrade.

also how they joke about Pinochet but then turn around and say leftists are violent, don't touch muh free speech etc

The Holla Forumsyp cries out in pain as he spergs at you

This. Just take a look at this comment for example
Supporters of Pinochet use the same logic, that they were all subversive marxists who were a menace to the well being of society.

Cognitive dissonance, double standard, whatever you want to call it.

Because they never read theories and spends time on "le commie memes" facebook page.

Also, source for that girl?


Liberal alert

I, a modern communist,
Am okay with LGBT, not love.
Do hate feminism. It's bourgois.
Hate Islam and other religions. They are the opiate of the masses.
Work in software factory (computer)
Love my country so much I want it to spread socialism and then dissolve for a greater cause of communism.
Am also a vet.
I have never gone on a hunt because I'm not rich.

On other hand:
Like diverse opinions and viewpoints.
Don't frequent coffee shops, but consume 2L a day.
Don't have a degree (yet)
I also masturbate (a lot) and play video games (sex kind).

Too much freedom, look up the Swedish Paradox.

for something to be a joke it has to be funny

A lotta things went wrong in the 1950s.

righty sounds pretty qt tbhwy fam

is this real?



why live

For the revolution