New leftist subreddit created

We should bring more attention to this. It's supposed to be a non-tankie version of ShitLiberalsSay where we post cases of Liberals saying dumb shit, and it would be good if we could move leftist reddit away from the liberal larping shithole it currently is.

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Leave plz

WHy do you dislike reddit?

Go away.

Why? The whole point of this subreddit is to try to make reddit less of a cesspool where shit like this gets posted and fucking upvoted

I subscribed to your sub reddit and i will participate.

Get out of here i beg of you

"Redditors must be exterminated in the revolutionary holocaust." - Karl Marx

I can't bump this thread because I hate reddit, but I'll help in some way anyway

that thread

The worst part? The guy who submitted that is a mod on LateStageCapitalism, and he stickied a thread titled "Happy Birthday Stalin!" on December 18th, when LSC is one of the most accessible subs to liberals, and a great way to convert them to socialism.. It's like this dude is going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure socialism never takes a hold on people's minds.

How many unsuccessful subreddits have you guys made?

shameless bump

Creator of the subreddit here. (i didn't create the thread)

Largely I just wanted a place where we can archive people being liberal retards. Was getting sick of dealing with shittier and shittier liberals, but having no place to make fun of them because SLS is the fucking worst.

I'll put it in the sidebar.

What are some other Holla Forums subs? We should create a Holla Forums sub network.




/r/leftypolitics, but you should avoid the leftypol association, otherwise it will go down the same way as /r/anarchismonline.


It's almost like it's his job to disrupt attempts at leftist organization and solidarity-building online.