Have there been ANY prominent developments in Marxism since 1990?

Have there been ANY prominent developments in Marxism since 1990?

What's been the trajectory of Marxist theory and research since the fall of the USSR?

Marxism and capitalism are ideologies of the XIX century. We need something new, fuck the old.

Yes, capitalism is totally outdated and no longer exists.

libertarians will actually argue this though

Participatory Economics

Towards syndicalism.

Is there any modern theory that actually argues a model in which the means of production get abolished? I'm of the opinion that seizing the means of production will always just lead to state capitalism at best since they're designed for a capitalist market

It's not a matter of theory. You need to do (or be doing) something major for development to be recognized and become prominent.

Piketty is a bit famous, but he didn't actually do anything new. Then we also have attempts at implementing Marxism in IT (Fuchs' Digital Labour). But nothing significant.

Revisionist. Marxism needs practice: it gives purpose.



I should've clarified: Is there any modern theory that actually argues a model in which the means of production get abolished only to get replaced by new ones that are aimed at functioning within a socialist society?


They're wrong.

This is true.

We've had 40 years of empirical research with an unsound theoretical grounding. What should've been done, is an analysis of how Bretton Woods effected the distribution of commodities and thus of labour. Instead, what we got is people arguing over the semantics of what Marx meant and applying his theories based on commodity money to fiat money , and thus producing garbage research that means nothing and tells us nothing about where Capitalism is headed.

post-left anarchism

Really? I was under the impression Marxist syndicalism has been irrelevant since the early twentieth century.

Not Marxist

This is the dumbest thing I ever heard. So nothing man made? That's even more primitive than anarcho-primativism.

did you continue reading
obviously some things can be preserved im not talking about razing cities to the ground, but stuff like abolishing companies and rebuilding factories/workshops, rebuilding infrastructure etc

Bob Avakian and the RCP

What is the difference between the current MoP and "aimed at functioning within a socialist society"?

Of course, once workers get control over MoP they start improving it (making it more comfortable). But why should anyone want to destroy MoP?

That's seems to be an immense investment of resources.

Obviously, everything will be rebuilt, but hardly immediately.

The Soviets disassembled, moved, and reassembled whole factories during ww2 right? Why can't we just do the same with our reappropriated mop?

Wertkritik aka Value Criticism

lets take the clothing industry as an example. currently clothes get produced en masse with cheap materials, constantly pumped out to the market, are designed to only last for a few years at best at which point youre being told by a million ads to buy the latest fashion trend. what happens when the workers seize the means of production? well, if they dont fundamentally change the way the product is produced all that will happen is the same toxic cycle capitalism invented before, cheap workers that are being exploited overseas will mine the resources needed for your clothing, you will pump it out en masse since it will still be of cheap quality and the people need clothes to wear and in the end we're not gonna be none the happier for it, with everyone still slaving away in factories sewing clothes. good job workers, you made your dreams come true. what needs to happen is that you kill the toxic way of creating clothes and fundamentally reinvent it–i have obviously no fucking idea how that would look since ive never sewn a piece of clothing in my life, but you get the idea i hope

any relevance Marxism could have had died in 1917

Cultural Marcism replaced "classical" liberalism as the key social force in the west by removing marxism of all economic elements.

There are no serious living marxist economists.

Marxism is dead.

All you have left is deeply triggering and problematic hatred.

This (pictured) is what Marxism achieves today.

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is there a socialism reading guide about economics? i want to learn about our present day capitalist system but it seems like all the reading guides i can find about it are being peddled by anarchocrapitalists. i dont even care about some criticual evaluation and marxist theory, i just want to understand how it works, where its flaws (flaws from our perspective i guess) are in enabling people to gather capital and so on

Julius "AryanMage88" Evola is SJWier than obvious tumblr satires.


Actually, yes, I have.

It's nonsense.

thanks for those suggestions but I need MOAR

im especially interested in the flow of capital, how it is controlled and how to manipulate it. id take an economics class but i once visited one and i swear to christ it was more of a neoliberal jerkoff session than actually educational