If you're against Israel then you must hate Jews

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My god Prager u is getting worse every week

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I have no love for Zionis trash, but I do think the left has a giant antisemitism problem.

Tabloid journalists pls go. Attacking Israel/Zionism =/= attacking da joos.

Proofs? Palestinians are just as Semitic as the jews.

Take a look at leftypol narrative versus pol. You will see that whereas pol blames everything on the jews, leftypol goes deeper into the issues than pathetic idpol like that. The few racist posters here are trolls from Holla Forums trying to cause confusion.

Holla Forums please go.

t.hasbara shill

Between Zionists and a group of dickheads who are against homosexuality and in some cases women's rights, I fucking hate them both.

Nice idpol you got there.

not even worth the attention.

Nas will destroy them

Well I'm not a Zionist and have zero love for apartheid Israel, but my point still stands. The left has a weird aversion to Jews and often times use anti-Jewish tropes when making a point about Palestine.

Now you're just playing semantics.

I would say most leftist antisemitism is often cloaked in "anti-imperialism" (but really isn't). They place whiteness tropes on to Ashkenazi Jews and demand that they remove themselves from their Jewishness if they want to be "true" socialists, or demand that they center their Jewishness around the Palestinian struggle (which is really just an attack on identity in a different form). Mizrachi Jews are also compelled to abandon their Jewishness for striaght-up Arabness and side with Ba'athist ideology.

PragerU is such trash.

For the millionth time Holla Forums, nazis aren't leftist.

Never seen this happen, but I don't live in USA and know 0 jews. The only jew-related opinions I have heard from leftists is that Palestine should be liberated, and zionist corporations should be boycotted because they fund wars in middle east. You shouldn't choose to be pro-imperialism just because you are afraid to be called a racist, thats exactly what idpol is designed to do.

No, I've never said I support Israel or oppose BDS. What I do oppose is forcing Jews to collectively apologize for Israel, the same what I oppose forcing Muslims to collectively apologize for ISIS.

Liberal Zionists are also terrible.

Oh ok, thats completely reasonable.

haha yeah its totally a coincidence that half the world is losing their shit over israel a country of a few million people in a political conflict that does not claim more than a thousand lifes a year while in islamic countries oppressive regimes gas and bomb their own citizens every year and its barely a topic of debate haha haha

I don't know which planet you live in, but here on earth they get their shit handed to them by zionist-backed american soldiers who ironically kill more civilians than the oppressive regime they went to stop.

Yeah it's not like western Jews have used their influence to get various western governments to defend them against the righteous fury of the native Arabs. Israel is an international issue because the jews needed it to be one in order to guarantee its survival. Ironic how that has changed.

show your kids our propaganda educational videos


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yeah im sure the jews are secretly pulling the strings behind for example saudi arabian politics which is responsible for hundreds of drone strikes death in yemen. the saudis and jews are big friends after all, weird how this is never a point of discussion

or the fact that assad gassed his own citizens and with the support of russia still commits human rights abuses en masse seems to not really bother anyone is SURELY led by a jewish conspiracy that goes all the way back to israel

man these mysterious jews sure have a lot of power xDxDxD

nazbols pls go


btw in the same time 235 palestinians died as a result of israeli intervention more than 10 times that died in yemen because of saudi intervention

wheres the outcry about that? im sure the middle east is secretly in outrage over saudi arabia intervening in yemen and their right to govern themselves but since the jews control the media they dont get to voice their sympathies :(

It also has a lot to do with Jews being told they have to give up their identity for the sake of revolution (which, apparently, isn't coming anytime soon). It ultimately assumes Jews have no real depth to them or anything to give in the current state because their Jewish identity is inherently oppressive or some shit.

The Jewish identity is as toxic as white identity. It has no place in the revolution.

On what basis? Most Jews are not Israeli.

why even bother discussing with a nazbol, it combines the worst things of communist and fascist history into one. really the only thing thats worse than nazbols are anarcho-crapitalists but those are at least more naive than willfully ignorant

Majority of Jews in most developed countries strongly support Israel (though they often do criticize its treatment of Palestinians) and are also strongly opposed to any attempts by outsides to decrease its influence via legislation or even fucking voluntary boycotts. Their cancerous ethnic-nationalism is a disease that not even communism can cure.

You could literally say this about any ethnic group.



ctrl+f the catalog for "jew" and i get 27 hits
less than 5 for every ethnicity there is


What about hating Jews, Mudslimes and Christians?


The sad thing is, I have seen a few idiot Israelis post here making the same argument and insist that they are actual socialists while being in support of an apartheid fascist state.


I never understood this. Why am I expected to like jews or any other group?

Its not "fascist" per say but it does have racial laws and a very aggressive foreign policy.


10/0 top kel fam

Good, Jews have been the biggest obstacle to achieving actual communism. While they are almost always the ones who push for communism they are also always the ones who never uphold the ideals and just exploit the system for their own gain no different to how they behave in capitalist systems.

Holla Forums has it's idiots but they are right about one thing, Jews corrupt and destroy all social systems, they are a parasite and can never be a part of what we need to achieve and so they must be exterminated.