The Queen is Dying

She's been sick for several days with a "heavy cold", and has – for the first time – missed the official British New Years' ceremony. She is also 90 years old.

What impact with the death of Queen Elizabeth have on monarchism, both in Britain and across the world? What impact could this have on British politics and the British economy?

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None. Monarchism is irrelevant outside of the Muslim world and nobody cares about the queen.

I care about the Queen. I hope she's okay.

brit propaganda. old hag's gonna kick the bucket soon

The monarchy in the UK is nothing more than a tourist thing. Monarchy is part of England's image so they preserve an impotent version of it.

she's 90, man

pick up that trash

doubt it, the media isn't supposed to cover it up.

also her mother lived until 102

If only. Storming the Buckingham palace would be very difficult with all the monarchist drones blocking the way plus the military, hi GCHQ.

The Queen has real power but it's mostly exercised by the PM (eg. picking people for the House of Lords), and she gets reports on just about anything that matters, including intelligence reports.

It's only convention that dictates all of this, it's not like it can't or won't change if some filthy reds manage get a foothold.

It is true that they're a massive tourist attraction; that's been the case since the late Victorian era.

as much as i fucking hate the monarchy, they really are genuinely popular thanks to the constant propaganda by the murdoch press turning the lives of the family into a glorified soap opera for public consumption

some day the people will wake up, and we can watch & laugh as they mount that little shit prince george's head on a spike

Too bad. I was hoping that she would outlive Charles. That would have been funny.

Monarchism will never become as prevalent as it once was, so you don't have to worry. Queen Elizabeth has a largely ceremonial role anyways. Same with the Emperor of Japan.

is it monarchy if one corporation controls everything?
since corporations are people my friend

The Commonwealth states will have a king again. This means Canadian "progressives" can stop bitching about American politics for a few weeks.

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the greatest luxury real estate traders in the world. I'm not sure who's going to keep the books in order.

It'll be very surreal when she's gone. The last vestige of the empire.

I don't know, I think Lizzie's death might start most of the old "white dominions" towards seeking referendums on actual independence, since she's pretty much the last remnant of an era when the relationship between the dominions and the UK was more than "at one point in history people from the latter settled the former"

plot twist: the queen's got AIDS

of this all fiasco, i really don't get why no one likes Charles enough to let him be king. I mean who gives a fuck

her bald big eared 100000 year old son will take over as king and there will be a big funeral were we pretend to care, and then we will go back to not caring cause they are a constitutional monarchy and have no power

The countries in the commonwealth benefit economically with each other, i dont think people give a shit that much

Phillip's navy days come back to haunt them…