/r/SandersForPresident returns, Aidan King suggests joining the DSA


Should we approach this?

How do you feel about their recommendation to join DSA? Is the DSA worthwhile in any way?

This is how some redditors feel:

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Bernie called himself a democratic socialist but ran a campaign on socdem issues. Why would you be surprised he attracted socdems? That said, yes, if his fight is to mean anything now is the time to get in there and explain to people what socialism actually is. He got people to not be afraid of the word, now we need to get people to not be afraid of its meaning.

Bordiga bros don't bully the De Leon he is a good boy

Also, never post direct links to reddit. They have a bot that autobans people who got to a reddit discussion via direct links and then voted or posted in that thread.

DSA is kinda liberal but they're still a Marxist organization. Getting a lot of new blood would be great for the leftist cause in America.

If you are in the US, JOIN the DSA. Do it. you have no excuse not to.

It isn't even really a party, it's a place for leftists to just meet up and discuss and organize.

I wish to fucking Marx that we had a DSA style org here in Australia.

TBF according to the chapo guys that mentality is over and now it's about capturing local elections

Shit. How should we point out the futility of pure electoral politics?

By letting people try it and see that it does nothing.


TBF I think they are working on supporting unions and protestors

I didn't say that you don't do anything after they realize electoral politics is futile, but you have to let people see that reformism won't work. People need to be convinced that reformism won't cut it, and for the vast majority that means they need to see it fail.

The point is, how many times has this happened and how many have thought of this before?

Unless you know a way to get masses of people on board with "screw reformism, we need revolution" without them seeing reformism fail, that point is moot. It's a necessary step in the process, just like acquiring weapons is a necessary step in forming a revolutionary army.

We need to seize the means of moderation before it devolved into another SJW shithole like r/Socialism and r/FullCommunism

Reformism has failed in the west a countless amount of times but they just go along with it. The first world isn't revolutionary.

Diese. They don't talk about Marx much but he can be brought back fairly easily. Plus they're in the International.

But it will cut it and has.
You don't seem to understand the Overton Window and how it is centered at the status quo. Move the status quo left and you move the Overton Window left.

Oh shut up

Last time I looked into these clowns in my area all their meetups were inundated with idpol garbage. The local Greens are better.

DSA don't have a platform document on their website that I can find. I don't trust political orgs that don't

They are not a party.

They're simply an org where socialists meet up and agitate together. It's a broad tent Socialist movement.

Tell me one good reason I should trust these faggots. Even my town's "progressive" activism group is smart enough not to openly associate with Democrats.

This. Social Democrats created reforms. Neoliberals repealed them. And now people are voting for old-schools SocDems like Corbyn to restore the status quo of a few decades ago even though capitalist profits are a joke and they're unwilling to bribe the population like they used to. No one is willing to think outside the system.

They're okay, but it's good to see the guy herding an entire subreddit towards an actual left wing group

Now would be a really good time for cometparty to make the necessary changes

They could become a party, if they genuinely become the scaffolding of a Sanders 2020 campaign, and he leaves the Democratic Party for them…


What is the point in a third party in FPTP? Entryism might actually work.

DSA is fucking useless. Doesn't even contest elections.

DSA isn't a political party in the sense you think. Instead of wasting money on unwinnable campaigns, they prefer a campaign of direct action and education.

Think of a non-militant version of the Russian communist party before the revolution.

But they did contest elections


That was my point. It's better to try to influence the democrats than make some other party.

LOL idpol isn't incompatible with Marxism, it's only bad when it becomes the focus. Stop being allergic to it.

That's the fucking idea you fucking idiot