How to build a leftist revolution without getting invaded by pic related? Start with a cadre of combat veterans?

How to build a leftist revolution without getting invaded by pic related? Start with a cadre of combat veterans?

Build it off working-class values and pseudo-nationalism. Like Marx did.

This is what IDpol lifestylism looks like, no wonder, why no one takes the radical left serious now a days

Bookchin is a meme but he did give us that word.


Honestly the only way it can be done
Just say stuff like "the workers are the true citizens of America" and stuff about the ruling class being parasitic on our great nation and you're golden

No dyed hair or piercings allowed

I seriously don't understand why leftist don't help the worker at all now. This is what happens when you think academia and arts is key to a revolution.

How exactly is it possible to get "invaded"?

None of them will join Left.


These people are the least of your problems. Try dealing with the absolute lack of any sort of support or sympathy for the communist ideology among any layer of the populace first.

Because capitalism has created a system in which the divides between people are so strong and hard to overcome that only those who benefit from capitalism can become aware of it

Have the public servants of the state read Bordiga.

why does this meme exist


do you pronounce it cad-ray or cay-der?

*class enemy

You can't be class traitors because you aren't proletarian and you never will be.


What are you talking about?

The problem is authorities and right-wing gangs.

Stuck in the 1930's: the post.

Where do you live?

1920s Germany

Avoid colleges. Reach for actually working people over the age of 25.

Talk about practical shit they can relate to, like shorter work hours and benefits. Connect the feasibility of those to wider questions of political economy, the dismantling of the welfare state, neoliberalism, etc. Then embed it all in a framework of Marxist theory. Make it intuitive for them. Get them to question their material means of existence and then lead them towards the larger ideas. Doing it the other way around only works if they're already predisposed towards Radicalism before any fact or coherent philosophy reaches them, which is something only retards like those in your pic tend to be.

And make online content. "Watch this youtube video about the differences between Reformism and Revolution" beats "read Marx, but start with Hegel" or invitations to study groups they don't really have the time to.

O-kay. If you are trying to sell newspapers, you might have some problems.

But, seriously, what are you talking about?
What kind of support do you need?

Depends. If we're talking cadre, then cod-jray, if we're talking cdr, then coy-der, car, cad-er.

what is the significance of your stalin flag?

Yep. I'd phrase it differently though.

First you explain (within Marxist framework, yes; but not relying on actual terminology) how the popularly suggested methods do not and cannot work. This takes time.

Only when people don't have faith in government, or Nazi, or technocracy, or whatever bullshit of the week is being peddled to them - i.e. when they are clearly open to new ideas - is there any point in Marx, or Lenin, or whatever.

There is no proper ML flag and the period I consider the most Socialist is generally referred to as Stalinism (which is incorrect, but still commonly recognized as such).

Since I'm talking about things within this context, it saves time to just use the flag to give additional information to people who read my post.

We live in a world where Corbyn is seen as a radical and widely disliked just for being a boring reformist social democrat of the sort that used to be dime-a-dozen. How is there any basis for a radical leftist movement here?

You live in a world where hundreds of millions of people routinely steal hundreds of dollars/euro worth of stuff from Capitalists, think it Okay, and even try to form parties to make it legal for them to do it in future.

And don't get me started on unemployment, low wages, crappy medicine, crappy products in shops, corrupt bureaucrats, greedy bosses, universally distrusted politicians and mass-media, and everybody knows that all of the above is getting worse.

Your only "problem" is that you are not going to participate in the great spectacle of parliamentary politics.

We enlist their help, because the true victory of communism is never having to worry about talking to these kinds of people again.

Fuck off nostalgic tankie.