Is Canada Socialist?
Apparently there is a huge free speech problem in the sense that the federal government there is telling people not to misgender others and use correct self identified pronouns.
IDPOL is attacking university professors that speak out against this.
There is no first ammendment up in igloo country.
I know there is a huge market economy there and it is tied at the hip to America but are there stronger socialist components there or is it as socialist as China is communist?

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people who don't live in Canada will never know how shitty it is.

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I don't understand why these posts are valid?

Could you explain?

no, the means of production are not owned by the workers.

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In any sense?

Not yet, comrade, but we're working on it


no, private property exists

socialized healthcare is a scam then?

That's not socialist

socialized healthcare is not socialist?
i dont get it

This is why we told you to read a book

If you just shout "read a book" at everyone then a discussion board neet not exist.
It does therefore your reply is incoherent.

canada would probably become socialist if america were to completely collapse

Nice false flag Holla Forums, we know what you're up to.

Wow people sure do imagine what they've read instead of actually reading it.
I'm asking if Canada has any socialist components at all, not saying that IDPOL is socialist.
How the fuck can you non sequitur such a retarded and incorrect reading of this OP?

how do you want to create a classless society without combating racism and feminism

There's no sliding scale of socialism user, a country is either under a socialist regime or it is not. Canada is not fortunate enough to be under a socialist regime and has taken no steps towards implementing socialist economy, therefore it is not socialist.

Thanks for the thread, if you have any more questions about what socialism is, I suggest you read 'socialism: a very short introduction' so you can get a basic idea of what the word means.

The no true scotsman fallacy is really disingenuous.

Okay then, explain how Canada is socialist then.

It's not no true scotsman. Canada isn't socialist by any definition. Welfare and IdPol doesn't make a country socialist.

Socialized healthcare is welfare under capitalism, organized by a state that otherwise functions to protect the proprietor class.

This is weak bait or stupidity.


stupid infographic there are as many versions of socialism as there are sands on the beach

And funnily enough they all require that workers own the means of production.

If you believed this is a thing (and certainly, to many classcucks this rings as true), you wouldn't start the thread positing your "version" of Canadian socialism as so universal and synonymous to all the other "versions" that you can't take the answer of "no, this is not socialism (as Marxists and anarchists know it), you fucking mongoloid" the way you have been.

Read: (for Marxists, "communism" is synonymous to "socialism" as "socialism" simply refers to the lower phase of the propertyless society that is communism)

in Canada, yes it's fucking dog shit and I'd prefer a privatized system at this point.

That's a real nice logo.

I'm not a europoor, but from what I've heard even the far right parties believe in universal healthcare as a right.

Speaking as a Canadian the far left is trash.

We have three main communist parties. The communist party of Canada, the communist party of Canada (M-L) and the Revolutionary Communist party of Canada.

The first one has made such little contributions to politics in canada and is so Idpol that they way as well be another liberal party. The second split from the first at some point but is even more irrelevant. The third one is the only one that doesn't want to be voted in and wants a revolution and 'protracted people's war' against the goverment. But is also tiny.

The anarchist scene is even worse. No groups exist outside of places like Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa. Even the most of them are dormant half the year.

Yeah, it's 'Socialism with Canadian aspects'. It's kinda like socialism except you still have a market-based economy and the means of production are privately owned.


Canada is technically a monarchy, like Spain, Sweden and Thailand.

Before you sperg out consider that OP isn't the only one posting and making questions in this thread.
The next time you link to a book or some other website instead of making an argument you will be ignored just like you are being ignored now.

Now this is ideology.

So he won't be ignored?


Canada isn't socialist in any sense of the word.


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