De-bunking Holla Forums

ITT we post images that can be used to de-bunk Holla Forums's stupidity.

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Kek, cry more leftist faggots.

Trump/Pence 2017


I'm not crying I'm laughing at your incoherence

Mortal minds were not meant to comprehend the irony of these statements coming from you.

So all Muslims aren't terrorists and all blacks aren't criminals?

Really gets the gears turning don't it


Well I cba calculusing it, but I think this is inaccurate.

That's a lot of text for them to say 'the tests do not show a link between genetics and smarts'. That's true. Fortunately there are numerous more recent studies that explicitly DO identify a link between genes and smarts. I can post em if you like.

The college board is these guys.

The data was collated from 30 years of SAT scores they published. There's an article that examines the claims made about race here.

This thread is fun but I don't know what the first image was?

If only we could harness the power of the irony that is eminating from this comment. We could supply free power to the whole world for the next 1.000 years.

does this count?




whites are 60% underrepresented faggot

I lieg dis lol

What does that mean?

glad someone else is using the meme i made

Holla Forumsack here. The reason Holla Forums believes jews are behind the media, one among many areas of political influence, is because of a very large overrepresentation of them. I don't have the numbers argument ready, so feel free to debunk this. Just thought I'd share Holla Forumss take for transparency

even if whites are taking the most free lunches at 40% it still doesn't debunk the welfare meme that this data looks like it's trying to do. Whites are 60% of the population, just thought it was funny they only take 40%


Jewish people do control a lot of media sources. Not the majority, but an over-represented amount. But I mean white Catholics are over-represented as millionaires; that doesn't mean that the problem is white-Catholics specifically. If that religion/race didn't exist, another group of people would fill that space, because that space exists - it is the system that creates that space that is the problem.

IQ has been shown to be up to 80% nature, I can link a big list of genes related to Autism Level if you like.

I mean Jews do have the highest Autism Level out of any group. Holla Forums recognizes this, but there are still convictions over accepting the Jewish masterrace meme given a bitter history of zionism


Jewish culture guanteed that the richest only married thedaughters of the other rich men. This has led to the inbreeding on the Ashkenazi tribe, as well as high Autism Level. Check out the schizophrenia rate among Ashkenazis. The mental illness rate is pretty crazy. I have Jewish genes, OCD and ADHD to a mild degree.


You can't bost anecdotes


Ever seen this one before? Source is a pretty wild ride.

people are editting posts I did not say autism level

It's a word filter newfag

Nice redpills heh how about the nuke at the nurembourg trials

oh well I saw aye kyoo

ITT: leftypol posting shittier remade pol Memes and using so called "logic" like cherrypicking and other bs

by the way all Jews are half white anyways, or at least the specific ones Holla Forums is wary of. Reminder that whites still were the best at military conquest and that the only reason we are losing now is due to other (whites)

tbh white will always mean skin colour to me. which is why I will always laugh when Holla Forums gets into a shitfit over who is and isn't white.

Holla Forums does not argue that Asians or their immigrants usually perform better than the average population. First off Northern Asian countries obviously have higher Autism Level than European countries. Second, vetting for Asian countries with similiar Autism Level to European countries will result in immigrants from the higher end of the bell curve coming over to the European country.

Some whites are better than other whites though, like the Irish vs the Germans. It honestly is like comparing different shades of yellow and trying to pinpoint where orange and then red begin. Lots of overlap between Northern and Southern Europeans, Southern Europeans and Arabs, but the gap between a Sweden cuck and a roach is definately big enough to consider a racial difference.

way to tip your hand.

That's a meme spread by the foreign richfags on imageboards.

that had nothing to do with whiteness. tons of "white" countries never had empires and were just backwards shitholes.

nobody like sweden yes :/

Sweden did nothing wrong, take your ignorance elsewhere.


you don't think banter and memes are good propoganda?
btw sweden has embarrasing immigration, not sure how I'm ignorant

This is indisputably hilarious, but I'm not certain if that's true.

It's her (only) daughter that became Jewish, no?

I'm quite certain that's (mostly) true.

But you are wrong. It's not Holla Forums narrative about genetically Jewish mafia that has to be debunked, it's the one about the reason Jews are there.

honestly, reactionaries are the very thing they make fun of. they take the piss out of blacks with "WE WUZ KANGS" but they point to kings and others who are white and fucking worship them. it's next level doublethink.

Asians come into the US and perform better than whites do, so I mean surely race (genetic background) cannot be a totally invalid cause for success? Or how about Jews? 100+ countries they've been kicked out of yet they are the most successful group in the world. Also, saying it's all culture does not address how many studies have come out showing specific genes that are associated with higher intelligence are found less in the darker skinned ethnic groups than whites and asians. Also, economic background is only a marginal factor in intelligence, and the general consensus is that intelligence is 80% nature, 20% nurture.

Not data

No doubt people will idolize people within the groups they belong to. By the way, the KANGZ meme comes from the belief that the Egyptians were not black. Holla Forums is mocking the idea that blacks buy into the idea that they built the pyramids, and not ancient arabs.

Example here. We don't actually believe they built the pyramids, and many sources tell us that they were neither close to whites or blacks, but really an ancient arab.

Literally you.



I'm not black lol. Actually some Jewish, but honestly I don't think it's ironic to admire them as white leaders when the blacks look up to people who weren't even the same black as examples of black excellency.

By the way,, I think anecdotes are gay anyways. I like bell curves much more.

Do you actually believe that Eastern Europe was worse off under Socialism?

Only Czech managed to prevent significant deterioration of their standard of living.

Polish anti-Socialism has more to do with Nationalism (anti-Russian sentiments) than with actual problems.

being such a cuckfag

But like where is the source though

not an argument. also, pic related.

all ancestor worship is pathetic


lol okay but I personally don't use them in an argument. Just because you were taught in school that nationalism is bad doesn't mean you have to be a sperg about it. I have some pretty good ancestors in my family between the alcoholics, lawyers, and engineers.

Alzo here is a source for this images

why does Holla Forums constantly try being bizzaro Holla Forums rather than Holla Forums

Are you referencing DT because by establishment, I think most at Holla Forums are anti-regulation in that sense.

This is what keeps an anarchist like me on Holla Forums rather than coming here, despite my reservations about some of their regressive tendencies… despite the fact that my former anarchistic friends were lefties, until I reconnected to them on Facebook and found out that they are stuck in offense theology of the left. Lefties don't want the facts, and you can't solve problems without facing the causes.

We have a better chance of a future anarchist society under Not Socialism, than the leftist authoritiarians. An ethno nationalist state could be persuaded to allow anarchist experiments to put to rest whether it could work or not. Multicult societies eat their own.

I will always hate the filthy commies much more than I fear fascism, your head is not on straight if you think they are preferable to Not Socialists.

Circumcision is trauma based mind control and the deep root of Jew 🍀🍀🍀anxiety🍀🍀🍀 and shoah fears. Another thing the left is impotent to expose because of Jew 🍀🍀🍀feelings🍀🍀🍀.


So what's pol's excuse for the Sub-Saharan Africans (Nigerians, Ghanaians, Sierra Leonians) performing up to 22% better than the English average?

Aren't "niggers" supposed to be sub-human and have a shit-tier Autism Level?

Idk I feel like leftypol could start getting somewhere if they just embraced pols ideas about race. Many economic leftist polacks are unaware of the free market favorability of pol, so if leftypol were to embrace the race memes but also with leftist economic ideas, maybe things would take off here.

I wonder who could be behind this post

maybe a left leaning polack who knows

The guy gives no direct sources anybody can look at, just MSPAP (which was apparently dropped: ), TAAS (can't find the scores), the bar exam, and NBME (I'm not going to try to find anything on this because the first 3 are dry as dirt for finding info), so essentially, we just have to take this guy's word for it that he's telling the truth. Jesus christ, Grover Furr is a fringe as fuck communist, but at least we can find and look at his sources.

So now I'm looking for the SAT scores and I can't find anything really trustworthy. There's this: , but it doesn't separate by income, just by race. I can't find any stats about the SAT scores in reference to income, explicitly for 1995. I'd have a little more trust in this guy if he gave clear sources of what he used, instead of 'yeah, I used the bar exam'. That'd be like me saying 'Whites are inherently inferior. Yeah, I used the governments stats.' without actually pointing to anything in particular.

All in all: 0/10, unclear not really sources and too much trouble to actually attempt to find anything on this shit.

Woah it's like affirmitive action is rife in the UK and also the US, yet there's no white emphasis on educationn

Reminder that there is consensus on the fact that different people have different learning styles, and that in the US the most disadvantaged group is males, but especially black males. SAT is a better predictor of actual problem solving skills and there have been active efforts to close the performance gaps through what seem like questionable methods.

If women pass schools in the US in higher rates and with better grades ever since mass affirmitive action adjustments made recently, yet they have lower amounts of people on the higher ends of the Autism Level spectrum, how are we to use passage rates of schools as an accurate way to measure raw intelligence?

dunno what that is but I have more of this if you like?

lel, it's anuddah shoah

K this word filter is gold.

Fucking kek.

I would like to see your sources for the claim that affirmitive action has helped the GCSE scores of black British students. Otherwise you're just spouting baseless pol memes.

Also the US and the UK are two very distinct countries with different histories and attitudes to race. As such directly equating the performance of African Americans to black African British is not and will never be a proper comparison.

Meant for

White attitudes towards education in britain and even the us aren't very positive. The common core is a fucking joke I'm surprised this is news to you. Also explain how school performance hasn't become bastardized to the point where it's still a good way to measure problem solving like a real SAT test or Autism Level test would?

Why are the lower Autism Level women beating men if learning styles and affirmitive action don't have their sneaky hands in the educational system? You joke about whites saying how we are being kept down in the educational system when that's literally been the Left's argument no matter how much gibs me dat a black gets in any fucking area they can perform.

While we're on about measuring intelligence in more reliable forms such as the SAT

In this article they literally moved the goalpost from "oh yeah it's probably poverty" to "systematic racism and poor parenting". Keep in mind they referenced SAT and not silly liberalized and manipulated UK schools.

There has been an idea about that kids who are above average intelligence actually can perform worse in schools than children dumber than them. This is due to different speeds of learning. Try and deny the idea that in higher Autism Level populations where the kids tend to be faster learners and be more hyperactive, that maybe they'd have a harder time than the slower kids when it comes to the slowed down pace we all know too well in public school.

And still no direct sources.

I would've thought you polyps would have infographic ready and raring to go for affirmative action considering how often you use it as a crutch for poorly performing whites.

As I said previously:
>"the US and the UK are two very distinct countries with different histories and attitudes to race. As such directly equating the performance of African Americans to black African British is not and will never be a proper comparison."

Your source showing performance in school doesn't indicate raw intelligence


was there a better choice for president that wasn't a jew?

What purpose does "raw intelligence" serve if it isn't put to practical/academic use?

Additionally, read this:

It goes someway to explaining the disparity between British and US black educational attainment in terms of "raw intelligence". But still struggles to rationalise why African Brits are performing so well at school.

In any case, if environmental factors are so key in a student's performance, why the fuck does it matter what a certain ethnic groups "raw intelligence" is? The overlap is clearly close enough for minimal improvements in diet and teaching to overcome the academic performance gap (well at least in the UK).

This is the main reason why most of leftypol really doesn't give a shit about race. The differences are so small that it's better to raise everyone up rather than isolate and "ghettoise" ethnicities.

wew lads

the differences in race and gender being used to further the meme that we are all the same is quite odd is it not? If we are all so similiar, why does the Leftist educational system put so much emphasis on how the differences between us are rational means to give one group an edge over another? How can one claim to be egalitarian, yet use contrary points to encourage policies to make things more equal?

This is gender alone.

The following are some of the characteristics of girls' brains:
A girl's corpus callosum (the connecting bundle of tissues between hemispheres) is, on average, larger than a boy's—up to 25 percent larger by adolescence. This enables more “cross talk” between hemispheres in the female brain.
Girls have, in general, stronger neural connectors in their temporal lobes than boys have. These connectors lead to more sensually detailed memory storage, better listening skills, and better discrimination among the various tones of voice. This leads, among other things, to greater use of detail in writing assignments.
The hippocampus (another memory storage area in the brain) is larger in girls than in boys, increasing girls' learning advantage, especially in the language arts.
Girls' prefrontal cortex is generally more active than boys' and develops at earlier ages. For this reason, girls tend to make fewer impulsive decisions than boys do. Further, girls have more serotonin in the bloodstream and the brain, which makes them biochemically less impulsive.
Girls generally use more cortical areas of their brains for verbal and emotive functioning. Boys tend to use more cortical areas of the brain for spatial and mechanical functioning (Moir & Jessel, 1989; Rich, 2000).

Once again:

Differences are clearly going to be much greater between genders than ethnicities considering the effect of male/female hormones on the body.

Just ask them if they hate Jews so much why do they want to get rid of Israel? So all the Jews will live in their country instead.

Vermin supreme.

Soo… Biological differences are only big in terms of gender, and these differences can only be applied to gender?

Just a few genes that relate to behavior and intelligence. However, despite the decent amount of genetic variation between different races and the fact that genes play a majority part in intelligence, I think it's best you just dismiss this as racist because honestly anyone who takes any of this seriously is just some ignorant biggoted polyps

Holla Forums really needs to drop its obsession with cuckoldry. very low energy

Define these races in objective indisputable terms.

It's aimed at all Holla Forumsyps who jerk off over their ancestors

As a form of wildlife? Certainly.

pol hates greeks what are you on about

Material for debunking holocaust denial.

Most of the time whatever they link to support their ridiculous claims actually debunks them if you spend two seconds actually reading it and not just quote mining it for things to support a retarded ideology.

Some autistic spergmeister used to post a huge wall of links in favor of "race realism" but in actuality said no such thing.

Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying here. Could you define the words you just used in objective indisputable terms?

A link for the PDF of '
Lying About Hitler: History, Holocaust And The David Irving Trial', a book by the historian Richard Evans who wrote the report linked in my last post. He debunked David Irving's holocaust denial.

member when during the Nurembourg trials they tried to claim Hitler used a nuke to exterminate a Jewish village?

Or how out of all the Nazis interrogated, in the hundreds, only three had functional balls and how the same sources that they use to confirm the Holocaust also claim to brag about torturing the Nazis?

Or remember how they used to say 6 million and 4 million of the 6 died in Auschwitz, yet even Auschwitz museum changed their number to only 1.5 million? How come they still claim the magic 6 million number? Is it by chance.. Fake?

they worship all the ancient Greek aesthetics, statues of naked men and the mystical "Western Civilisation", shit like that.

tell me exactly what the races are

difference between africans and europeans / asians mean it would take 300,000 years for africans to evolve the same way as northerners did.

negroid, caucasoid, and mongoloid

There are two races: Straight white male and nigger.
And before you ask, yes women are counted as a type of nigger.

Hitler shot himself. Follow the leader.

read a book

Oh? Actually I think Holla Forums only has a favorability towards physical fitness. This isn't exclusively Greek. They do have very good things to say about philosophy though. I myself am not big on the greeks as of yet but I found a pretty good one.

This one greek guy made a play called AssemblyWoman. Basically it was a play joking that if females ever got into power, they'd basically just give shit away and install communism. Makes you think. It was also a comedy. They said sharing wealth was essentially feminine.

Hitler was a socialist gay. I only like his ideas on how to seize political power and the Nationalism part.

But without socialism you wouldnt have a large overbearing government to terrorize people with.

oh fug so having kids means they're always mixed? Reminder that mixed children have higher amounts of health defects mentally and physically.

I'm actually a free-market / libertarian goy myself. Nationalism isn't fascism.

Hank Hill hates charcoal

the first graph is like saying women are just as tall as men because most of their heights overlap

That sounds a bit dull.

Imagine how boring all the WW2 movies would be if Hitler wasnt a socialist.

A human is just as violent, if not more so, as a chimp because most of their genes overlap.

Holohoax movies? The allies used to claim that the nazis used big ol air pistons to mash jews in a box or use their skins for lampshades but apparently gas chambers are still a valid choice despite

The fact that in the enigma transmissions, they gave a number dead and a number coming in for all of the "extermination" camps. Reminder that the numbers are too small to ever really get halfway to 6 goyllion and that a rediculous amount of zyklon b and dead people were due to typhus carrying lice.

Also, did you know it's actually illegal to challenge the oh so undeniable and totally undebatable eveent we know as the holohoax?

in european countries

Violence extends to all species. The only accurate way to judge how violent something is to compare it within the species. Blacks have way more genes associated with aggression and violence than whites. Also some of it is due to high test and low Autism Level

All men are violent due to high test. Clearly it means they need to be castrated to prevent female genocide.

Sources for the right graph? Otherwise it is meaningless considering the multitude of factors that can affect Autism Level…

Also. If you had read

You would see that differences in average Autism Level between African Blacks and Whites was massively decreased simply by an improvement in nutrition (among other things). This occurred quite literally over the space of a generation.

Polyps time and time again fall into the trap of thinking the small differences in the presence of certain genes overcomes epigenetic effects. Yes, specific genes may make a person more susceptible to certain tendencies but the environment a child is raised in can have far more of an effect on their success than their raw genes. Hence why african blacks in the UK outperform whites despite their supposed lesser "raw intelligence".

Your reductionist approach to the world doesn't reflect reality.

Women can't do math as well as men they need our Autism Level distribution.

No one doubts that African tier environments are to explain a big part of African intellectualism. However, even when adjusting for economic background SAT and Autism Level are the same.

Define "evolve".

Numbers aren't going to save you from getting that wiener chopped off, dork.

Science has agreed that intelligence is 80% nature, aka you're born 80% fixed to a certain capability. The meme that environment is the largest factor is nigger tier information that has been proven false.

Also education has been aimed towards nig nogs and women. Education is not a raw score of intelligence. SAT and Autism Level have never been a positive thing for shit skins. The only reason there's even controversy around SAT and Autism Level is because "Oh no! My egalitarianism prevents me from accepting that people might be different!"

Once again. SAT scores have zero bearing on African Black immigrants in the UK. African Americans have a completely different recent history to Black African immigrants.

Africans are the ancestors of whites. Basically when you look at the amount of genetic change and selection a nig would have to undergo to become like a euro, it's a 300,000 year difference. Don't get triggered over seeing "black man" and "evolution" in the same sentence lmao.

What the hell does that mean? How has education been aimed towards "nig nogs"? Give me solid evidence that early education has favoured black africans in the UK.

Otherwise you're just spouting baseless memes.

School performance doesn't accurately measure raw intellectual ability I keep saying this and I keep explaining how the SAT and Autism Level are better but you keep saying the same thing.

My point is school performance isn't that indicitive of raw ability.

Fucking kek. You quite clearly have zero understanding of anthropology

In the UK the term "reverse racism" is something they like to use as an excuse to give extra free help to minorities as well as monetary aid to make up for racialized differences, I'm surprised you're confused by the existence of affirmitive action. How old are you again?

Are you this retarded? So wait.. You be sayin we wuz white people and shiet?

Once again you're comparing the intelligence of African blacks in the UK with that of African Americans.

And my point is that it took very little effort for African Black British to leapfrog White British despite the gap in "raw ability". Hence "raw ability" is clearly not the be all and end all.

Even if you have some better way of explaining the way the races seperated over time, it still remains true that we are very far apart genetically. That's the only point I really cared about making. I don't mind being wrong about muh roots.

Present day africans and whites share a common ancestor. That is wholly different from saying that africans are the ancestors of whites.

How dare you! My grandpa died at Auschwitz.

Define "very far apart" without memes.

Academics do not measure raw intelligence. To deny that public education has been fucked in the ass multiple times by affirmitive action cucks is nig tier denial. You do realize people with higher Autism Level have a record for not getting along or performing in a crazier environment such as public schooling, right?

Any examples of this extra free help?

Probably from either the allies bombing the supply lines and thereby starving him or typhus eat a fat dick you kike. I'm actually Jewish to an extent too so you're not a kike. My fam fled Germany doesn't mean they gassed the Jews by the millions.

No he fell off a guard tower.

I'm not denying anything, I'm asking you to present evidence that whites have been purposefully fucked in the arse by public education in the UK. Eg. funding grants for early education, special courses etc.

I've asked for this several times in the thread but not a single polyp has provided me with the source for such a claim.

I know in the US there are grants that nigs get for being nigs despite that a very small amount of these recievers ever fucking pass. I also know you get free SAT points for not being white or asian due to affirmitive action. Learning styles have also been pushed to favor women.

In the UK they are much more Left. Their right wing is our left wing. I don't study britain because I don't care for those silly people but even a quick search about affirmitive action and the UK I don't think it's that hard to see it's there.

No one gives a shit about the UK or public schools because the UK is gay and public schools don't mean anything. It's nigger tier education.

The BBC were offering jobs to minority only people. Just small stuff really. But if the races were reversed it would be a national outrage.

At least its not like America where they lower your university entrance exam requirements if you are black and increase them if you are oriental (which the Americans call asian).

Just to confuse you more, in the UK a public school means a really posh highly selective private school.

Well considering it's in the UK that african blacks are outperforming whites I don't really give a shit what examples you bring up from the US.

It's odd that only race-apologists are the only one's to get their nickers up in a twist over SAT and Autism Level results.

Schooling data is nigger-tier apology shit. Women also outperform men in school but men are smarter.

So explain to me why blacks outperform whites in the UK?

Because British education is deeply triggering and problematic.



Into the trash

ITT: Holla Forums bots don't realize that all of their "arguments" (read: infographics) were debunked within the first few replies to this thread. Literally just repeating the same tired bullshit they've been spewing for the past two or three years of stormfront infiltration, their minions don't know to react when logically countered.

I'm getting a little second hand embarrassment here, they're losing this thread so hard. My personal favorite is who posted a chart identical to the one debunked just a few replies earlier for having a fake source, and when questioned replaced it with which is a chart with literally NO SOURCE.

I'm not joking, I'm convinced these are literally bots planted by Holla Forums and stormfront. The replies
to these threads are always so damn predictable, and the Holla Forums defense becomes increasingly irrelevant whenever a new or even slightly outside-the-box argument is made.

Because there are no statistical genetic differences between races? This is why you don't get taken seriously.

The third chart you claim is fake is actually real.

Sorry, but poor research doesn't equal something being fake.

This is why nobody takes you seriously.

While the researchers of the Minnesotan study said the data was inconclusive, that's merely their opinion, the data is *real*

The first picture is basically pic. related

And this shit too. It's fucking creepy. I've seen this same thing pop up in tons of replies, and it's never accompanied by an argument that actually directly addresses the subject matter of the original, it's always only tangentially related to the whole thread. There are other, similar lines which are repeated almost verbatim with only minor adjustments. All of them are irrelevant ad hominem seemingly aimed at embarrassing us or reducing morale or I don't fucking know what.

They're bots. They may even be actual people sitting behind keyboards, but they're still bots. Fucking empty inside, worthless, not even really human. I don't give a fuck how low your SAT scores were, you're still more real than any of these bootlickers.

open a book someday will you

If blacks are outperforming whites in school and girls are outperforming boys in school, but whites are outperforming blacks in the workplace, and men are outperforming women in the workplace then its obviously a fault of academia to properly test or teach the skills needed in the workplace.

Literally NOT AN ARGUMENT faggot

I already provided the source of the chart you said was "fake" because you couldn't find it on the internet

Again, just because you are a retard and can't find it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist

also, we aren't arguing economics, since I am actually economically communist

we are arguing race

So you really think Leftist education is a better indicator of problem-solving skills than Autism Level or SAT?

Were you one of the slow kids who didn't do tests because they were too hard? Are you not a test person? Sounds like you seem really bought into the idea that routine indoctrination is a better method of measuring intelligence and problem solving than literal math dominant assessments.

I thought this was a Holla Forums debunk thread not a Holla Forums I want to debate Holla Forumsyps thread?
One search about gender and Autism Level variations and you will see many sources butt-fucking your dumbass. It's no big revelation that men dominate in terms of Autism Level.

Not everyone likes antifa here and when did you get the idea that we are pro-immigration?

What is this supposed to be a parody? That means for every 10 whites and every 10 blacks only 2 blacks will have high Autism Level while 5 whites will have high Autism Level.

This. Leftist indoctrination needs to stop being dick sucked by race-denialists.

>Leftist education

Kek. And that wasn't my point but nice strawman.

Also, in all honesty, I'm probably much smarter than you considering that I'm currently studying for a PhD in a STEM topic at a top 10 world uni but great effort at a ad-hom in any case :^).

Top heh

lol if only Holla Forums had a smidgen of self-awareness

You might end up being one of those people who is only ever successful in academia and cant handle the real world.

What level of autism are you on?

Nigger I even produced an entire article sauce with two example picks to advertise the sweet prize inside that was an entire paper showing them comparing rich nigs and poor whites.

Right here go and see

Also the male vs female Autism Level distribution is a very well known phenomena stop begging for sauce and debunk my silly polyps azz

Also common core is gay

The first pic here is from the 1000 genome project which documented global genetic variation. It's showing how there is strong differences around the globe in terms of genetics. The second pic is also another very well documented phenomena called the racial Autism Level distribution, which shows how niggers are retarded and should go be kangz in africa. Also try and debunk the fact that it exists by again, N O S A U C E for a very well known set of data. This here

STEM actually requires intelligence. Academia is a gay reflection of what it used to be. Now everyone is a fucking expert on how many ways you can mutilate your penis. Good luck with that meme about STEM and math not preparing you for the real world. Stupid fag no wonder you're a commie you're too stupid to make money.

Eat my big phat aryan penis

I didnt mean that.
I know a few people who have got degrees from world class universities and ended up doing nothing with their lives
Its sad to think of all the wasted resources society has invested in them.

So until you have actually achieved something outside academia I wouldnt consider you smart yet.

Oh look, another wise guy thinking that Holla Forums isn't aware of our geeky gook brothers with their supreme Autism Level.

Anything but math would be a wasted degree. Even a meme tier job like accounting, which is only algebra, starting 60k a year for most cases.


Wow my sides.


I respect the gooks; my step mom is a gook. Holla Forums doesn't hate people because they're different, only the one's that act like niggers.

Haha oh wow

I did nut see this yes Jews served in the Nazi army even a top general who knew Hitler was memed on a bit for being a kike. Good on you keep doing what is Reich.

You know what a step mother is right?

Your dad is a irrelevant shiting traitor! Which means you are genetically predisposed to become one

Lol good meme but he is 50 if he has kids they will be autistic if he still has functional sperm. I could care less she is Vietnamese probably all fucked up by papa orange

That's interesting, but looking at the data:

Gotta keep an eye on that, but the data seems inconclusive. It's like it's trying to hide a trend that's still there (whites do better)

There's on the other hand so much data that's raw, not as fuzzy (there are actual levels, not just two tiers), more objective (i.e.: math or I.Q.) and actually adjusted by income (several socio-economic tiers)

I honestly thought it must've been Arab White mixers who were considered "white" but still don't trust that "reverse racism" bullshit.

It's funny how people who defend the Liberal education system say that we are all equal, yet the Leftists themselves say the reasoning behind altering the teaching methods is due to differences in how they think so they can "equalize" the education.

See this is why Leftists should just embrace Nationalism. At least their system would have a chance at a smart majority, unlike now where they must appeal to the niggers of society. They could pick up all these intellectuals but they've spent so long trying to play identity politics for so many identities that they shoot themselves in the fucking foot making their own arguments.

I would say he already had autistic kids

Kill yourself



It isn't?


G-guys only the 6 million figure was an exaggerated part of the Nurembourg trials, that and the NAzi nukes. D-don't trust these N-nazi F-fascists go-guys..

To say that """science""" has come to a definite conclusion as to the objective origins of "intelligence" is absurd. It would be like saying "science says that art is 70% nature 30% imagination."

This is a bit of an odd request, but does anyone have that 4 or so column large infograph on race and Autism Level that includes the pics of the skull shapes in lower left? I've been meaning to tear that apart for a month or so now.

G-guys the fallacies end at the 6goyllion figure don't spread Holohoa-Holocaust lies.

Oh and if you live in Europe we will literally fucking arrest you because somehow we are that scared of defending what we want you to believe is the truth


These are facts. The 6 million figure is a joke and you can literally go to jail for preaching the Holohoax for what it really is. Where am I repeating talking points v. giving real faacts user?

Yes many studies back up the 80% genetic concept.

Many genes here influencing intelligence and behavior

Before I start digging into your bullshit, level with me. Have you actually read any of these studies?

100% of the genetic material of someone is the result of its interactions with it's environment

Therefore all intelligence is influentiated by material conditions


Is this a big revelation to you? Just because A causes B doesn't mean A = C

nothing wrong with throwing nazis in jail
for the good of the nation

That oversimplification is wrong and useless

Try again

Yez I read book. First heard the 80% nature in Freakonomics, most articles suggesting environment tend to be huffinton post tier.

You realize evolution takes time and naturally selects for the most beneficial features for mating right? These changes are only possible through mutations, and mutations can also be called alleles. Hence some alleles that are related to intelligence can be found in certain populations in higher rates than others.

If the environment could cause such huge sudden changes so as to be 100% the reason for your developement, and not at all influenced by genetic code, it would just be bananas.


Book isn't the only source just gonna add that too

I'm not asking if you've "read a book" you dumb asshole. I'm asking if you've read any of the studies you're actually linking me to before I waste my time doing your homework to tell you how fucking stupid you are.

Yes, and that is the result of material conditions, it doesnt matter if its influentiated along the lifespawn of an individual or through millions of years, intelligence is the result of material conditions

If you mean in the large scope of things, of course you're right. However, take two families of similiar economic background but with one set of the parents having higher Autism Level, and that couple is the one more likely to have smarter children.

Sadly lQ is irrelevant, as it doesnt measure intelligence, and if it does, the situation you are describing can be proved to be the effect of material conditions

Being depressed, which is a sympthon of living in poverty, can reduced the individual's lQ by almost 20 points, so if the parents had higher lQs, it means they surely didnt live in poverty

lQ is useless aswell at measuering other types of intelligence

This has been agreed upon by studies.

They might have children with a higher capacity for intelligence, but that in itself doesn't translate to some objective, DnD-esque, INT stat. Even if a child from family A has the capacity to be a world-level mathematical genius, if he spends his formative years scraping coal into a bucket instead of being intellectually nurtured, he's not going to magically be more intelligent than a child from family B that spent his formative years even in substandard schooling.

This is the absurdity of "intelligence is genetic." Aside from being nebulous and vague, "intelligence" doesn't spring up inside an individual ex nihilo. It's a complex web of personal aptitude, environmental factors, and social interaction.

So no, you haven't read any of the studies, you're just a stupid asshole wasting my time with bullshit you don't know or understand.

Fuck off retard.

"The College Board" is not a sited source: it is a whole organization.

"La Griffe du Lion" is neither verifiable reputable or peer review: its someone claiming to be an academic yet writing in no small part based on unsourced/unverifiable data and making conclusions based on statistics that are outright impossible from a scientific standpoint.

Makes no mention of any actual paper, book, or any verifiable source from the supposed author in question.

Outright unsourced.

Both of the images are unsourced. The link only provides SOME sources for its claims, many of them either reject the conclusions made by the actual source itself, try and make assertions that aren't supported by the data (like trying to insist as fact that an animal model is wholey representative of humans), and one leads to just a news article that attempts to interpret wide-reaching conclusions based only on a single source: a scope that was not intended in the original study.

No source.

And again, no source provided.

If you want to present data to people, it is your responsibility as the presenter to provide the resources necessary to verify your claims and look into further details. Sources must be listed in full enough detail that any audience/reader will be capable of findings said source with minimal issue: that is your work as the presenter to provide as the one trying to form and defend an argument. The figures posted should ALSO stand on their own in terms of how the data is interpreted and extrapolated, as looking into the sources should be a matter of verification and looking into tangential information, not trying to parse what the hell the figure creator was trying to convey.

Depression is a meme, or rather a symptom that can be inhereted or even caused by mental disorders. Mental disorder such as schizophrenia have a fair amount of occurence due to genetics, one of many disorders.

The multiple intelligence meme was invented to make niggers and dumb whites feel better. Autism Level and SAT can actually measure problem solving. You wanna argue the applications and the importance of problem solving and understanding systems as it applies to intelligence? Fine. Autism Level however is a VERY good indicator of proficiency in math (the only true intelligence test) and also has a strong correlation with economic success.

Stop the multiple intelligences meme.

Yes, self-diagnosed one, the one diagnosed by a medic isnt

Ok dude.


Lol in denial


I'm not making assertions to the contrary through my statement, I'm saying your assertions have yet to produce verifiable sources to back them up. I'm still waiting.

What other intelligence besides logical / system based intelligence am I unaware of here? I too took psychology in high school. Shocker: thinking that something like high kinesthetic intelligence determines if a society has mathemeticians and engineers is nigger-tier logic.


Can I see the SAT and economic background numbers according to race that show niggers aren't stupid niggers?

In this article it states that people influencing education themselves recognized that even blacks with a good background were still as bad as the poorest whites.

Wew heh


There is your problem

The entire class was basically shit you could google and become an expert on in your spare time

Dumb Holla Forumsposter

I was shitting on the multiple intelligence theory the class talked about, also shitting on the class. Did you miss the point where I was shitting on the class?

You're a real egalitarian aren't you

I too like reading lacan but this is just top kek

Anything can cause depression. I used to be depressed back during puberty I don't actually mean that I don't believe in it.

No, i think egalitarians who belive we should all be tested equally deserve gulag

Intro-psychology requires anything more than google?



Holla Forumscuck "race realism" btfo by material circumstances yet again

I took a high school tier psychology class and it taught me nothing that I hadn't learned in the spare time I used to spend edgily reading about drugs and mental disorders.

This doesn't mention how the SAT gap remains true. Also congratz on the gibs me dat affirmitive action successess there my dude

Ok, let me put a star on your forehead

You are still not an expert are your feels do not prove the theory of several types of intelligence wrong

Ah so how are 6 of them relevant to Autism Level when 1 specifically is involved in problem-solving?

I never implied they were, they could be since there are several different ways in which kids learn

You have yet to explqin how cognitive intelligence, lQ and all that is the only valid one

so how exactly does for instance, kinesthetic intelligence help one do math? Verbal Autism Level is actually controversial (because of the race gap being wider than the race gap of the math based Autism Level part) so really it's down to one maybe two to errr on the side of caution.

Look buddy, I dont know where you live, but regular, run of the mill people dont go through life solving logical sequejces

I am sure I dont have to find which square follows when giving classes

I dont know where you live, but if you have to do mqth when talking to someone to get a job or something i am afrqid you might bejust a phsyco

Well verbal intelligence is also very beneficial, probably responsible for alot of good but slightly autistic mathematicians ending up being total nobodies. Given the diminishing returns of mathematical ability, of course an extreme is silly. In the right proportions though, it can be healthy and even a very fit feature

Congrats on being brain damaged. Is it because of your retarded parents or all the lead you ingested as a child?

Yes, no here is denying a high level of every type of itelligence is bemeficial, but that level is qttqined by the improvement of material conditions, not "genetics" as "genetics" can be negatively influentiated by a quantifiable loss in the material condition's qualities

Are you mad because the only place my theory has issues is a place where they relentlessly gave nigs free shit to go to a place where in every way they try to cater them with white tax dollars?

Right, so then the next step is how someone will turn out given a set of environmental circumstances. Studies have shown that the groups that perform badly in terms of say verbal or mathematical intelligence, that even correcting for background does not solve the large gaps in performance.

Those studies do not fix anything related to material condition; liberal capitalism with state borders and private property rights still exist

No lol I mean in regards to like race or gender for instance. Even though providing environments geared towards the lower performing groups, the most noticable changes happen in say graduation rates, but are still not significant enough in pattern specific testing

Of course if you removed those things.. That would be a study for sure

I swear, you could fill a book on how to source and not source material with just Holla Forums infographs.

Again, those studies on race and gender do not fix anything you claimed they fix

Heh good luck not getting butt-fucked by the entire world for publishing data that shows nigger inferiority. Post a set of data that proves otherwise instead of shitting in the sauce.

You make a good meme but this one right here mentions official people recognizing this reality


Refer to

No assertions have been made, but you've yet to provide reputable sources.

Like when adjusted for economic background, the SAT gap for race still exists in big proportions?

See this

People don't shit on the SAT gap and they're educators


Archived link here



nice meme that suggests american blacks are genetically disconnected from other blacks because america is just that bad it can do that

It's almost as if polyps are purposefully ignoring the country where african blacks are outperforming whites. (the UK)


Did you even read the article in question? It said that the gap is likely due to pre-kindergarten parental influence, not genetic predisposition. The "uncomfortable truth" is that there is a widespread and cyclical problem in parenting among African Americans. Additionally, as tends to be the case, its a study of only African Americans, which is an isolated group with a lot of shared cultural and generation socio-economic baggage; it is scientifically dishonest to project assertions on that population onto "all blacks."

You claimed the studies you provided fix the enviromental and material conditions

The people in charge of it didnt, as it took place in america

Don't get me wrong, your worldview is even worse than Holla Forumss because at least they agree the individual can be great.

But here is why I was just permab& from Holla Forums. This is going to be my first and last post on Holla Forums.

I could easily avoid it but what is the point when all I wanted was to be on a free speech board?

Found your dilemma.

I've said the exact same thing multiple times throughout the thread yet everytime a polyp quotes me they give me a source based on studies in the US.

I'm not sure whether it's cognitive dissonance or they really are that blind…

You're literally on par with reddit


Top kek!

You guys are the ones who got assmad about being wrong, not my fault random shit posters are more well read than Karl Marx.

No, I'm ignoring that piece because in the face of actual tests, not education rates. That is a poor measurement of intelligent vs Autism Level or SAT. I am not ignoring this fact, I have embraced it and do not feel as if it challenges my data.

Literally the sole point was that no matter how much success a nigger comes from, they still are shit tier at passing tests that measure problem solving, Bad parenting really is the result of this chicken or the egg argument, and since they've found more genes that benefit intelligence in whites, I'm going with the belief that bad genetics breed bad cultures / decisions. Asians and Jews have done what a nigger or spic will never do: come from nothing and then actually surpass whites in economic success. How is this so that classy niggers still are more degenerate than Asian and Jew nigger-tier immigrants?



ok how am I wrong Tyrone

I beg to differ

I wasn't the guy who got banned. But the guy who did get banned was correct. There was nothing wrong in his post. Again, not my fault some random shit poster is smarter than Karl Marx.

Fitting image to your post, nice to let us know to disregard it as autistic garbage

This is the result of being illiterate

In that case, it is impossible for you or any other polyp to claim empirically that all blacks regardless of environmental factors will perform worse than whites. You quite simply don't have the data to even come close to backing up that assertion.

wow effective my dude

Nope. Its the result of being smarter than Karl Marx.

Nope it is the result of being illiterate

Glad I could help others to understand you have autism

I was in that thread and OP got BTFO in only a few posts. The fact that people are still mad about it is ridiculous.

Nice, want a star on your forehead? I'm sure that, had you read as many books as you claim, you would have developed a better critical sense by now


Reported for spamming the same shitty question you spammed on the sticky threads

For example, one of the premises the OP is giving is that since the average of living is increasing, this means that the disparity between the two classes is decreasing. But these things are not necessarily related:

For the ultimate BTFO of polyps (with infographs supreme):

Literally shows the idiocy of lumping all blacks together. Nigerians in the UK are performing almost at the same level as Chinese students (and way way above white british).

The point I am trying to make is that correlation is not always the best indicator for good or ill. Yes, wealthy countries and people and so on have a higher standard of living. However, this only refers to the relationship between agent and environment, which is always indifferent. What is left out of the discourse if we continue to talk like so is the real relationships between rich and poor, and the real relationships between countries of varying resources.

Like pottery. Fucking kek.

Also, in terms of socio-economic group, african immigrants in the UK are much more diverse and certainly do not comprise only of the top 1%.

Going further than that, even adjusting for the "cream of the crop" africans immigrating, their average children's Autism Levels should "technically" still be below the white average if it were purely dependent on genetics. Yet somehow this doesn't seem to be the case. It's almost as if other factors are at play...


(pic related)

Or maybe you're suggesting that the UK doesn't take in Doctors, Engineers, and the cream of the crop from China?

Yeah this study is trying to say that the outliers that had outlier children are somehow proof that genetics mean nothing, Again, even 16% of blacks are comparable to the top 50% of whites.

Also the idea that a black having more white dna will make him smarter is a fallacy. It's been proven that third cousins are the healthiest form of mating, and that anything past this (especially irrelevant shiting) only serves to disrupt what initially would be an entire system of alleles all selected to coexist with each other in harmony. Some heart defects can increase a white's risk of heart failure by 10%, but a blacks by a ful 250%. Also what is sickle cell anemia and aids. Mixed children, even asian and european children have more defects than benefits. Diversity is a sham.

Nice meme dude. It's not like immigration, like stated before will select for outliers. Applies to the UK as well. Maybe politics isn't your strong suit.

If that's what you gleaned from the article then you clearly didn't read it. Maybe reading apprehension isn't your strong suit.

(pic related) shows poor blacks are outperforming poor whites

Another for you.

Also your sauce had this black lady intellectual. Notice the lack of self awareness and arrogance. This is actually the look of higher thinking, you can just see the intellect beaming in her eyes.

Nigger tier minds breed nigger tier societites and cultures I don't see why you think this is such an outlandish belief to hold. Talk about open-minded leftists.

That's some STRONG intellectualism you have there.

who would you trust more with a loan, the kangz lady or this guy?

I repeat again
Where is it? Where is the proof of the link between the assertion in the article and that it's a problem of genetics. Not broad assertions, a source.

by the way your article is trying to say that because intellectually gifted immigrant kangz had smart kangz that somehow this disproves that kangz are stupid. It only is another example of how outliers can have outlier babies. Nice.

You've yet to answer the question: how does the fact that you don't like the look of the person invalidate the source?

Top kek just because my source disagrees on the cause of this gap does not make my point invalid. SAT wise, niggers cannot close the gap even on equal economic footing. Nice meme though, doubt anyone will think critically enough given the selective context to know which argument I was initially addressing.

Kek. Not one polyp has replied to this post yet


See I don't understand. Right here, some dank sauce showing specific genes that are related to specific behavior.. Okay, nothing wrong here.. Oh and also, poor whites get scores on actual intelligence tests similiar to rich blacks.. OK user but only because of institutional racism or culture!

Here are some alleles.
It's not even about the fact that you guys disagree, but really that somehow you still think it's an outlandish position to hold.

Yet you presented the source as a proof of your point, which clearly it is not. You cherrypick what you think is valuable out of expert testimony, but then ignore the interpretation of the experts in question because if fails to adhere to your pre-existing assertions. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
You've yet to isolate all non-genetic factors to prove your point. The only factor you've even come close to isolating is income, but that's only a single measure, not all factors minus genetics. You cannot conclusively say "its genetic" unless most if not all other factors besides genetics has been removed from the experimental design.

what does your pic de-bunk?

Completely untrue
Even poor niggers perform better than anglos

My immediate point is that even muh ghettos excuse is a lie. They agreed in the sauce that supposedly btfo's with me because it just shits out another excuse.

And really, there are no other factors..

White dominance making blacks too alienated to succeed? Bam, Asians and Jews succeeding in every country at every economic level.

How about attitudes? Nope, The higher the Autism Level, the higher the anxiety. Niggers are poor, stupid, and they're fucking happy.

And here was the post that mentioned why that source doesn't work.

Again, where is the valid source.

Passing classes /=/ a hard measure of problem solving try again nigger apologist

nigger every single allele had its own link

The list goes on. Income isn't the only factor that plays into developmental success.

Lel. If you present me with Autism Level studies in the UK showcasing whites superior intellect compared to african blacks then I might start to believe you.

Otherwise GTFO.

(US studies regarding african americans don't count)

half of those or more would go along with economic background. Parenting? Yeah I guess it makes sense retarded niggers beat their children too much. The study literally said it corrected for economic background and placed all the blame on parenting.

Also GCSES are (almost) standardised test involving Maths, the sciences, English among other subjects. It doesn't just involve "passing classes".

I could show you the passage rates in the US and I don't think that's even a valid way to measure intelligence. Worldwide, niggers have lower Autism Level this is undisputed. Autism Level > getting straight A's

An allele is a possible variation of a gene including the arbitrary wild-type form. There are links provided for SOME of the GENES, but as pointed out, not even all of those sources actually make the conclusions that you're claiming.

Economic? Yes. My point is that you consistently fail to actually rule out economics and continually assert that "ruling out income is enough" to prove that ALL OTHER FACTORS (economic and non-economic) are ruled out.

The source is used to indicate genetic involvement and behavior. Yeah I saw the allele usage after I posted.

Of which only some of the links in question actually make any real connection to human models, and even then they are associations, not conclusive links. By "association," that is meant that a trend is observed, but all other factors have yet to be isolated out of the study.
And if you don't actually understand genetics or its terminology, don't try and make a genetics argument.

Sauce for UK please. If not, GTFO.

Looks like a hibe


Nobody said they were. Doesn't change the fact that they statistically commit crimes at a significantly higher rate than whites and asians.

Note the third image on SAT scores stratified by race and family income, it is actually featured here, in the JBHE no less:

It's not a "fake source", it's just old data. The table you're reposting is from a book where the full source is detailed in the bibliography most likely.

Nice try Holla Forums, but Holla Forums always wins.

Next you'll be citing Yankel Wiernik.

It's really irrelevant who scores what were and at what level because:

1) Variation across time can be accounted for as a result of eugenic or dysgenic fertility.

2) Intelligence has, beyond any reasonable measure of doubt, a substantial heritable component to it. It's not just twin and transracial adoption studies anymore. Geneticists can even use full-sibling studies now, not to mention GWAS data.

Any protestation to the contrary is literal creationism, as in "evolution stops at the neck/only applies to cosmetic aspects of human beings because other things make me uncomfortable".

Income alone does not account for all socio-economic factors.

Also as has been stated earlier, it is the responsibility of the presenter to provide proper and accessible sources. The original criticisms are valid in the context of how it is presented.

what's so bad about female genocide?

That's some nice mental gymnastics you got going there.

The fact that the human race would go extinct?
Actually, it's a great idea.

Fundamentally the burden of proof has been misplaced. It is not up to the "racists" to prove that races are different, it is up to the liberals to prove that humans are neurologically and physiologically identical. Of course, they seldom do and when they do they tend to fail - typically liberals' primary rhetorical method to addressing racial differences on a non-superficial level is to postulate some theoretical mechanism by which the observable facts can be explained away without regards to genes.

Once you know the game however, there is no reason to play.

Regardless, look forward to the coming era of Chinese dominance in genetic science. I'm going to enjoy you chaps screaming "racist" until you're blue in the face at a bunch of East Asians who couldn't give a rat's ass what western liberals living in their increasingly Brazil/Lebanon-tier hell-holes think.

Except my entire point was the complete opposite. Whites are becoming less intelligent inter-generationally. There's actually some evidence for this too, see: Galton's reaction time tests on Victorian Brits compared to the present day.

A group's ability to preserve its civilization is dependent upon high-tier fecundity.

What is Flynn effect?

Would you mind posting the studies where they measure the heritable part?

Not every trait evolve at the same rythm.

Thats not how it works

People having slower reflexes is somehow a proof of them being retarded?

An effect that is limited in its manifestation to a few hand-picked nations, and that is, according to more recent studies, not even manifesting there anymore either:

Regardless, the Flynn Effect, even when it was touted as the herald of convergence between black and white Autism Levels, never actually represented real gains in g-factor intelligence. See:

Even Flynn himself said this:

Since the Flynn Effect is neither uniform, nor continuing to grow across many of the countries where it was first observed it's possible it's a case of "practice effect", especially since even in the initial study it was largely limited to the non-g loaded aspects of cognitive testing. See:

This is an extraordinary claim, it can be rebutted by simply looking at different people of different races.

Consequently, it requires extraordinary evidence.

So you're posturing at understanding psychometrics yet you don't understand how important the link between reaction time tests and g-factor intelligence is?

This is basic level stuff. See:

You didn't think those Asians were good at click-per-minute games like SC2 for no reason, right?

The link between reaction time and intelligence is a fucking massive field unto itself, which a huge amount of research. Some psychometricians even hold it's more effective as a proxy for g than something like Raven's Progressive Matrices.

If you want to even pretend your views have scientific grounds, then you bet your ass you have to: all scientific assertions do regardless of how inane it may seem.
That's called isolating your variables, which again, you MUST DO if you're going to claim scientific foundation for your views. The problem is that most sources sited fail to truly isolate said variables.

I'm not asserting a correct or incorrect view on the matter, I'm just saying your analysis is not scientific in nature.

Reaction time =/= intelligence. Its a measure of sensory and motor function/response. Mild cases of cerebral palsy for example have little to no psychological effects despite the poor motor function.

Sure. Couple of relatively recent ones:

Then why do you evaluate them using the same tests?

No, it's called throwing up chaff. If you want to propose an alternative hypothesis, then simply produce research which shows a stronger correlation.

It is not up to your opponents to do this for you. Especially since your throwing of this chaff is done for political reasons and is not in good faith.

You have absolutely no fucking idea what you're talking about. Mental chronometry is a huge field, as I have already said. The relationship between reaction times and g has been demonstrated innumerable times before, even as far back as Galton.

Note that it's not just a case of reaction time, but pretty much all cognitive tasks form what's called a "positive manifold". This phenomenon even has a name: "Spearman's Positive Manifold".

Your question is a non-sequitur. Rephrase it.

Re this: Refer to..

This is an extraordinary claim, it can be rebutted by simply looking at different people of different races.

Consequently, it requires extraordinary evidence.


why is Holla Forums so obsessed with Autism Level level?

People are not equal, why are you using the same test to evaluate them?

Are you retarded or just a leftist?

An assertion based on experimental data is not inherently correct simply because nobody has yet to (or has and your ignoring it) shown evidence to the contrary. To say that variables have not been properly isolated for a certain conclusion to be made is a critique on the experimental design, which may or may not invalidate said conclusion once further experimentation has been conducted. It is part of the process in progressing from hypothesis to theory, and the problem I have is that these problems of variables are not being addressed by most contemporary studies on the matter. You cannot claim the hypothesis to have transcended to theory unless such matters have been addressed.

A strawman. Nobody ever claimed it was.

Again, until research can be produced that shows these variables being a stronger predictor of the outcomes in question, then you may as well rinse and repeat until you've worked your way down to "well, what about the relationship between flush toilets in predominantly white schools, and flush toilets in predominantly black schools?" and such.

Actually that's what liberals are doing now, come to think of it. Before it was things like "self-esteem" that accounted for low Black American Autism Level, but then they discovered that Black Americans actually have the highest levels of self-esteem out of all four major racial groups. Kek.

Yes they are. Read Gotffredson's "Social Consequences" paper, it is basically an entire laundry list of the sorts of chaff I'm talking about, with an explanation of the data on each of the postulated theoretical mechanisms that were supposed to explain intrinsic racial differences of this kind with 100% reference to environment.

Just for the record: Neither myself, Gottfredson, Pinker, Hsu.. whoever, has ever claimed that environment has no effect. Environment has a very important effect. What we also emphasize is simply that genes ALSO play an important effect.

Both aspects are important. The only determinists in this thread are people who think that intelligence is 100% the result of environment and that in spite of all darwinian logic to the contrary, that human beings evolved intelligence in spite of it not being heritable in the first place.

Anyway, time for bed.

We know that socio-economic factors do play into our current measures of intelligence though, so we know that there is a limited field of relevant variables that would derive from this association. My problem is that they usually boil it down to income alone, which doesn't cover a lot of other relevant components (like mentioned ). Those factors are not irrelevant to developmental success, but are rarely addressed together. Almost every study posted in this thread thus far has failed to address important variables, and excusing the criticism as "chaff" is only showing of your own ideological assertions bleeding into the analysis.

As someone who traveled through Europe, I can say with certainty that image is nonsense.

Multiculturalism is cancer

The 'other factors' remain unaccounted for; That is, there is no data getting rid of them nor supporting them, although to support the idea of other factors being true you'd need TREMENDOUS evidence, considering all of the adoptive studies and twin studies have absolutely ruined that theory. Yet, there is instead a plentiful heap of evidence supporting genetic theory; Such as, Oh, I dunno, literally the entire theory of evolution. Why the hell would you assume your way is right when there is more evidence to the contrary and the logical conclusion brings us to the genetic end as well?

Because there is about as much association with environmental factors playing into intelligence as genetics. If one wishes to properly characterize these influences, the variables we can control (environmental) must be isolated. Until then, those environmental factors will continue to interfere with the collection of data on what specific components of genetics play into it. Especially when one tries to tie up all genetic factors in the vague definitions of "race," where environment and history have always played a larger defining role than any sort of genetic basis.
The reductionist approach towards "tabula rasa" or "genetic determinism" are both fundamentally flawed and often unscientific analyses.

Evidence for this? The logic of genetics would say that genes determine both the influence environment can have and inherent ability.

Except they don't. Races are more tightly defined by genetics than anything, and history is a part of that. You do realize genetics are inherited, right?

Neither the idea that we are born blank slates nor that we are determined from the get-go as to what we'll be are correct, obviously. Current data and logic does not suggest that environment can overcome genetic influence, however.

Source? Not to mention relevance?

In any case, my point is that "raw intelligence", avergage "IQ" or whatever the hell you polyps want to call it can easily be superseeded by environmental factors thus allowing blacks to outperform whites - even in the cases of blacks from lower socioeconomic groups (who outperform poor whites in the UK). Absolutely nothing you've posted runs contrary to that.

In fact you've completely missed the entire point of my posts, the above article and pretty much every other post criticising pol-tier mentalities with regards to intelligence across ethnicities. Average ethnic Autism Level on the whole DOES NOT MATTER when it comes to educational attainment. Environmental factors (nutrition, culture, peer groups, family relationships) are by far much more important. Hence why whites literally get BTFO by nigerians at EVERY SINGLE socioeconomic level in the UK.

Additionally, pretty much no one takes an Autism Level test in order to get a job. As such it is pure autism to focus so heavily on the scores when they bear such little relevance to eventual outcomes.

Are you retarded or just a rightist?

Such as?

I'm sure a government that allows children to be raped because they don't want to be racist is trustworthy.

Do what you must, I have already won. Trump 2020!!!

Kek. Stay mad polyp.

S-stupid nazi, it's not real marxism/socialism/communism/anarchism/leftism/petideology unless it works!

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Almost every source listed in this thread has shown that environmental factors do play a role in intelligence.
Theoretically yes, but you seem to have the conception that a small rearrangement of genes can completely negate all post-conception development. Our genome is not a 100% efficient code, nor will it ever be: it is a patchwork arrangement of changes governed only by "what hasn't gotten the species at large killed yet." Competition only goes so far to do away with inefficiencies.
What is "white?" Nordicist model? All indo-Europeans? Europeans? Where do these definitions begin and end? Where does "Europe" start and stop? At what point do North Africans stop being some Mediterranean people to being black Africans? It's all arbitrary.
Additionally, 100+ years ago, it was also assumed that black people in the US would die out due to being weak, sickly, and generally unfit. Now the narrative has shifted to them being "physically strong due to more recent tribal ties." Indeed, this will change again given enough time and whatever narrative is most convenient given the circumstances of the time and what role black people are relegated to in society.
That's an entirely vague statement: what do you mean by "overcome?" When we're talking about genetic variation here, we're talking about generally minor differences here, not the differences between normal and someone with crippling disabilities: there is still genetic fitness for survival and success. From a functional perspective, environment is the factor we can control with certainty as to the outcome, thus it is of greatest importance in guiding policy and ethics.

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So you aren't going to provide any beyond 'edoocate urself shitlurd!'? I'm asking for clear proof that environmental factors contribute to intelligence. Should be easy to provide.

It's not theoretical. That's simply how it does work. Genes determine how environments affect us.

Additionally, 100+ years ago, it was also assumed that black people in the US would die out due to being weak, sickly, and generally unfit. Now the narrative has shifted to them being "physically strong due to more recent tribal ties." Indeed, this will change again given enough time and whatever narrative is most convenient given the circumstances of the time and what role black people are relegated to in society.
It was assumed 100 years ago? It wasn't, for that matter, and you are making that up. As for physical strength, that is also false; They are more oriented to violence and little beyond that.
As for your entire argument of race,
If you can tell which person here is white and which is black, you shouldn't have any problems discerning race. Additionally, genetics is a very exact science, much unlike the handwave method those favoring nurture over nature use. We can genetically define groups and ancestry, you know?
If a person's genetic background would determine them to have blue eyes and not brown eyes, no matter what you do, you will not change that fact. This works similarly for how we are and how we will develop; You cannot, through any environmental influence, make a person inherently more capable than they currently are. As for guiding policy and ethics, your point is irrelevant; This thread was supposed to be about 'Debunking /pol', and so far it failed to even get past the first post. The fact that this is not the first, second, third, nor even fourth time I've seen this thread (And practically the same outcome) reveals alot about why this board is the way it is; Most people here are completely willing to run into a solid brick wall until it falls over, rather than climb over it.

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"Inherently more capable than they currently are"

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The lack of self-awareness in this post is quite frankly astounding.

More non-arguments. Thank you for once again proving Holla Forums right and re-affirming my beliefs, It's always a pleasure to see it. The only new thing about this thread is that I've posted in it, and it has gone over 300 posts before being bumplocked.

Ok, tell us what book is being sourced in that image?


You've been watching way too much Stefan my friend. It doesn't make it a "non-argument" just because you can't discern the meaning behind a criticism levelled at you.

Here's a "non-argument" for you. Give me definitive evidence of a study revealing the "inherent capability" of a certain ethnicity based purely on their genes. I'll be waiting but it will likely take you a while…

(Tip: Using the term "inherent" in academia supposes that you have definitive and well-tested proof for your assertion)

That's a funny thing to say coming from a liberal. One who would turn away from facts if it didn't fit their ideology and narrative.


My point is that how genes and environment interact is largely uncharacterized, and it is not so simple as "breeding out" the environmental influences that play into human development. The more complex the bodily systems get (in this case, brain development), generally the more has to develop post-birth, as opposed to animals like horses who can partake in almost all normal life functions except mating directly out of the womb.
Also a quote from Manning the Race: Reforming Black Men in the Jim Crow Era

Cherrypicking. Berbers and Egyptians are usually good examples of how even within a single ethnic group there can be a lot of variation that can by any one individual be considered "white" or "black." "You can just tell" is not a valid characterization.

Some children change eye color as they age, starting light and becoming darker with age. Same with hair color. Phenotypic expression of genes can change and have altered regulation post-conception, and in fact that is a necessity for a fetus to develop and tissue to differentiate (as all cells in the human body contain the whole human genome).

Variation doesn't work that way. When we say it's 60/40, or 40/60 or whatever, we're talking about what accounts for the variation as a whole.

You misunderstood if you think you can "supersede" genetic factors with environmental ones. Short of some sort of weird procrustes bed scenario which come to think of the adventures of leftards in Cambodia isn't far off the mark.

It's more like

As we do now. Unfortunately.

You're misunderstood if you think I meant environment supersedes genetic ones on the whole. My point was that environmental factors can and do supersede "in-built" average genetic variations between races when it comes to educational attainment.

One can argue that african immigrants are selectively pressured to be of a higher Autism Level (based on genetics) than those who remain in their original country. However, the same could be levelled at those from countries with higher average Autism Level such as Pakistan, India, China etc. Yet despite both groups being selectively pressured we find that many black africans - Nigerians in particular - continually outperform those from other countries in UK-based testing. Clearly environmental factors must be of a great importance for such a high "genetic hurdle" to be jumped.

I disagree on a couple of points here.

You're supposing the selection criteria are the same for all immigrants when they're radically different. For example, Indian Americans are almost all skilled work visa recipients whereas Mexican immigrants have a disproportionately large number of low skilled workers by comparison.

In the UK Pakistani immigrants are generally from a city called mirpur. Which even in Pakistan has a pretty terrible reputation. This is because pre 1980s commonwealth rules allowed for a fairly permissive entry criteria.

So it's not as uniform as you're implying. Nigerians in the UK number what, 80000 or so?

Just over 200 000.

Additionally, around 33% of black african students are eligible for free school meals ( Free school meal eligibility is generally seen as an indicator for children being from a low socio-economic group. Obtaining exact numbers on the proportion of Nigerians receiving such benefits is difficult however, it is unlikely to be lower than the 12.5% of white British considering low-skilled immigration from non-EU countries was only limited in the last decade.

That's not true. I've been one the US high school system and I can tell you, blacks don't get extra point for being black. If you think they do, post evidence.

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