Theory Thread

ITT we make some new theory, one post at a time. Build off earlier posts or add something completely new. Critiquing other posts is good. "Read X" is not, unless you explain why X is relevant.

I'll start:
This is an example of how the superstructure helps maintain the base. People are primed for this sort of periodic interruption by religion.

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How is base/superstructure theory a new theory?

That's not the new part. The example is. I didn't want to make a wall of text OP so I kept it simple.

I'd like to posit that the reason tankies are so authoritarian is because they weren't hugged enough as a babby

What the fuck does periodic interruption have to do with anything?

Sorry, to be more specific it's periodic interruption to pay tribute to whoever rules over you.

And what, do you propose, is the solution to this?

Solutions are already happening. Religiosity is in decline and religious people take rules like that less and less seriously over time for hundreds of years now. As for ads themselves, avoid platforms that use ads and use adblockers whenever possible, discuss the dynamic with others. Advertising is a key factor in contemporary capitalism, so disrupting it will destabilize the system. Animosity toward advertising and the resulting measures that corporations will take to force ads on people will cause agitation; we can then step in to educate and organize.

This could lead to an exponential escalation. If they start forcing ads, then the ad sources get disrupted by hackers, so they get stronger security measures, but then people infiltrate to bring the corporations down from within.

Each step forces people to organise against capitalism, under our guiding hands.

Millennials especially have been spoiled by an incredibly free and open internet. There will be a massive backlash when suddenly porky turns it into another corporate playground. Not to mention what will happen to people working at smaller companies that depend on internet access and will have to shut down when they can't pay the premium bills. Shit's going to be fucking wild.

And it's a good bet it won't just calm down, cables will be broken, servers will be hacked, and they'll be made to regret it.

Born to late to explore the Earth. Born to early to explore the stars. Born just in time to fight a guerilla war in and over cyberspace.



But they got norton! How are we supposed to hack that?

oh shit, game over boys.



idk, we've had a lot of years of Gramscian war of position (aka in the superstructure) and very little war of manoeuvre (base) and all we have now is precarious work and neoliberalism.

religion hasn't been a dominant ideology reproducing capital now for 100 years so it doesn't really need to be overthrown

We don't think that.

Religion is only declining in Europe and North America really. It is still a disgustingly powerful force and justification for oppression in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Guess we better fire up them internet atheists. :^)

Not sure if you're serious or not but the internet is a good tool for breaking down these divisions.

I'm serious but I'm also reveling in how butthurt those noisy douchebags can make some people.

Kill rich people and white people
Full luxurious gay black space communism

the egalitarian telling someone they don't read books?



If you're not Holla Forums and you still manage to spout retarded bullshit that sounds like Holla Forums then just because you don't post there doesn't mean you don't belong there.

This is the central contradiction of modern society tbh. The immortal science of posadism-adblockerism will lead us to communism.


remind me again what Holla Forums's position on feminism is again?

Millennials are barely old enough to have seen a free internet. GenX has been spoiled by profit-less Wild West internet of the nineties and aughts. They grew up with Napster and newsgroups full of CP, bestiality, and bomb-making plans. Their internet was actually free.

But aren't rings with full electron slots already in their most stable form? I'm rusty on ochem but there isn't really anything to "optimize" there.

The optimal conformation isn't a planar one, if that's what you mean. it's got three sp3 carbons.

The joke is that nobody does DFT calculations by hand, it's invariably the computer's job

Being anti-feminism is to be against the wishes of most women in the community and the past 50 years of Marxist Feminist action.

Being against it because you're attatched to the idea that the hot oil banana fucker has of us, or of the rabid autism response it suddenly got in 2012, is inherently counter-revolutionary to what we hope to achieve.

Rabid hatred of it, in my mind, as well as rabid misinterpretation of it in support, came about too suddenly and too violently not to be engineered. By who or whom I do not know, but I believe the deep state for political purposes, for an election like what we just had or more.

GAWD I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath

Oh I get it now, thanks user.

By Anita Sarkeesian, fampai. Any "mis-interpretation of the theory" would've been originally hers, and her points and arguments got absolutely destroyed regardless.

Nonetheless her detracters are worse than herself, and she's an annoying fuck. Everything got blown out of proportion to the point it's fucking infuriating Feminist theory cannot be talked about in any capacity.

Say the word feminism you have a solid 10 people saying women are only good for shackled pregnancy machines, especially after autists saw the new Mad Max or got angry over the new Mad Max.

That didn't use to happen. Autism has reached critical peak and I'm really not appreciative of the fact, especially here.

Smooth. I'm sure thunderf00t will be glad to know his work as a scientist and his huge mandate are irrelevant after all. How could he be so stupid as to consider himself an authority? In anything?
As always, predictable and predictably nonsense.