Refugees set homeless man on fire in Berlin: Police

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Attacking homeless people is one of the things that shocks me the most. Gulag is the only answer for the attackers. People like that don't deserve to live in society.

nothing surprising about that tbh. been happening for ages


Nationality is a spook
Psychotic people are not.

Why is this fair nationcucks?

They did the right thing homeless people are usually drug addict degenerates and often leftists. The genetically inferior must be cleaned by fire.

Wow turns out Stirnerology just confirms your prior belief system, while making you an even more obnoxious faggot about it? Color me surprised.

I didn't call it "mental illness", you did.

psychosis then, if you want to get all pedantic. I thought morality was a spook too? This union of egoists simply acted in their self interest, so I fail to see the harm.

Who said anything about morality?
You're rambling about arguments I didn't make.

Shut up prickly you stupid rapist.

Agreed, Nationalist Government's should deport all criminals to Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

Forget morality for a second, how is "psychosis" not a spook?


You're the one saying it's a spook, not me.
You tell me.

Nice skewed perspective you have there, fresh from the liberal narrative.

Really made my brain tick over something fierce.

Maybe think it through. It turns out a lot more things are technically spooks than just those which you already rejected out of conformance to your prior political beliefs, then rationalized.

Do you know what a spook is?

Because it seems you're just throwing things out there without any attempt justify it. If you don't even have a point to make, then I really can't be bothered.

i was talking about a hypothetical stormfag government friendo

Which is what you did.

I dunno something like fixed social constructs imposed on the individual snowflake's pure creative ego in order to control them?

Nice spooks faggot


Close, but it's also ones relation to the fixed idea itself. Now tell me, how is psychosis as a classification a spook?

Consider the scenario in which you've been told you're psychotic by some state bureaucratic apparatus, as happened and happens to dissidents everywhere, for example. How is it your self-interest to go "Haha, well okay then, I guess I am?"

What does this have to do with leftism?

Are we talking about false diagnosis to serve political purposes? In that case, it depends on what you value. I'd get a second opinion. I'm still not seeing how it's a spook.

It's good to see refugees are doing the jobs natives don't want to do, like setting fire to homeless peron

I hope you're not serious, but if this ironic fun posting this is 10/10.

Also, I'd like to point out anything can be a spook if it becomes a fixed idea. So under certain circumstances I could see psychosis as one, but simply as a classification, I doubt it.

are you fucking retarded? In what world do you live?

And what if you value your nation?

Ultimately, I see a similarity in two useful, if flawed and fuzzy, dynamic social constructs required for cohesion (mental illness/health, and nation), that may be critiqued and thus modified over time through popular consensus in an open society, and which are frequently misused by repressive regimes, but are not entirely dispensable. I'm not sure how I could make this much clearer.


I generally agree we should have some sort of classes to Westernize Refugees.

How spooked am I?

But they are? How fixed does it have to be to become "fixed"? Nation doesn't mean full on mythology.

What if you do?
I'm not seeing your point.
I guess I could see how you might seem similarities because they are both used to classify certain things. As fixed ideas, no, it's not very clear to me.

More spooked than a lot of nationalists. Liberals have no idea what's going on.

What world do YOU live in? Compare the response to what Dylan Roof did to any recent Islamic terrorist attack, and even an idiot can point out the difference


My point is memers screech "spook" at things they probably already didn't like, while failing to examine the rest of their closet, and it's not an argument. How is nation not a "classification"?

I never said they weren't
When it has to affect "owness".

Let's be honest, sometimes it does.
As a classification, I have no problem with it, tho.

It's absurd; not based in reality or a commonality of understanding in this topic. It once again shows liberals ultimately believe in nothing except feel-good seeming bandaids. Do you deny nationality, the concept of "the West" as well? Do you not see how this is irreconcilable?

It's both, fam.

more like

Dylan Roof: Just a mentally ill loner, purely a lone wolf attack. An unfortunate fluke


Literally where the fuck do you get your news from? Have you ever actually watched MSM or just get your information on it from Holla Forums?

Only if you like spooks.
If you like them, then I guess it wouldn't be.

So being psychiatrically stigmatized, forced into confinement, medicated, isn't anathema to the concept of ownness? Wtf?

It's almost impossible to define mental illness easily, yet it's indispensable for a socially cohesive society.

Yeah, so? Sometimes an idea is taken too far in practice (usually by repressive regimes) therefore it's always bad? Could say the same for any political idea, namely socialism. Unless you think socialistic regimes didn't create elaborate mythologies themselves.

It';s almost as if Muslim psychotics have killed more people in the last ten years than "white supremacists"

…no, it's the Islamophobes who are wrong

So what's the point of egoism, as a political philosophy, then? It's almost circular. Skeptical, curious people tend to reject the status quo ideas anyway.

Who said this?
Why are you arguing with an imaginary version of me?

I didn't say this either.

Sometimes socialism is a spook.
Stirner talked about this.
You should read him.

I'm inquiring why "nationalism is a big time spook lmao" is a meme, if it barely even makes any sense to say this, especially in isolation? I was referring to the post that said "psychotic people aren't spooks" then making a comparison between the implicit unquestioned assumption in said post that there is a significant difference between social ideas about nation and mental health. I argue its hypocritical to outright reject one idea because you're already politically opposed to it while shrugging and assuming another.

Significant difference from the perspective of Stirnerism*

Stirner's egoism wasn't designed as a strictly political philosophy, but its emphasis on the individuals autonomy has spurred individualist anarchist thinking.

Because nationalism is different than the nation as a classification.

I'm pretty sure I didn't write this.

I never said it was, and I haven't.

It's nihilistic hedonism also Marx shit all over him.

Kind of

Not really.

He brought up really important points, but they were mostly outside the scope of Stirner's original work. Overall, it was nothing that couldn't be reconciled.

Not an excuse. Execute the scum. They know fine well what would have happened to them back home. They see that Europe is a soft touch.

It's almost as if white christian nations killed off hundreds of thousands of civilians in the middle east in the last 10 years.

…no, that's just fake news.

It's almost as if one of these two subjects of opposing religious views were acting specifically on their religious views all the while praising their god while the other was acting on whatever economic globalist agenda or what have you profited the people in charge while being completely detached from any notion of religion.

….no, you're just going to continue being a retard espousing false equivalencies.

Personally I'm in favor of using nuclear strikes to deal with every crime. After all, maximizing suffering has been proven to be a reliable way to prevent crime.

Tell me do you think the families of the dead are comforted by the fact they died for greed?

Not an excuse.

Let me fix that for you

How is this a hard concept? You punish your own citizens because they are your citizens, and kick out guests who fuck shit up. If they want to live in your country, they better behave, otherwise they can go back to where they came from.

You are just strawmanning all nations as stormfag, dickweed.

Well if you set homeless people on fire you deserve it tbh.

If you want to solve problems you look at the cause not the consequence.



Irrelevant to the point. Dead muslims in the middle east in the past 10 years are because of the greed of the west followed by the opportunistic radical muslims who saw an opportunity in the chaos.

But christianity or any other religion for that matter has nothing to do with it. That's the same kind of bullshit like saying that potatoes are the cause of evil if a particular country where potatoes are highly prevalent commits evil. That doesn't work unless those people are screaming PRAISE THE POTATO, DEATH TO CARROT MUNCHERS while blowing themselves up to kill random civilians at a noticeable frequency.

As said above, globalism created an opportunity and radical islamists took it. This isn't hard. The only way to say muslims have no responsibility in the matter is if you want to call them subhumans who are mindless animals that don't know any better.

Very impressive

Again leftists can't meme, it is supposed to relreset a dilemma

How many ITT are shitposters and how many are legitimately falling for the bait?

I don't want to read through this cess pool to find out. Why doesn't somebody anchor this?

I am legitimately replying. If it was an neonazi setting homeless people on fire (which falls within their narative) we would be calling for their head, and I dont see how its any different when its a refugee.

Why the fuck would they even do that? They don't even have anything to gain from doing such a thing. They've just managed to obtain residence permits, why would they blow them on something so dumb and purposeless?

Because theyre fucking retard lumpenproles. Make an example out of them to prevent it from happening. Even if you take into account the exaggerated nature of media, lots of them seem to think Europe is a pussy paradise where you wont get punished for doing shit.

But since its germany it will not result in anything.

So what you're saying is their idea of Europe being a place where they won't get punished is accurate. Which kind of contradicts the idea that they're just stupid lumpenproles.

Why can`t it be Islamic terrorism that is funded by capitalist class in saudi-arabia?

That is pretty fucked up, but was this the only violent act that happened today? I have a feeling that people have been doing shit like this in capitalist societies a long time now, maybe not always as flashy and with fire, but violence and killings none the less.

I guess you're right in that sense.

They're still stupid lumpenproles though, because you have to be stupid and lumpen to burn homeless people.

Good, muslims should be expulsed from europe

Go do a search for people burning homeless people to death. Why make this particular thread? This is a Holla Forums nationalist/anti-immigration thread.

Also anyone have any non RT sources on this story?

These aren't even all the stories from December, why not make a thread for each of them?:

This is not an anti-immigration thread. It's a thread about mongs burning a fucking homeless person.
Literally everywhere on the Internet if you can read German.

Cool, mind if I include these current stories from the last 2 weeks in this thread? Since we're discussing mongs(Hope this isn't a racial slur or something) burning homeless people after all.

Get out of here. Holla Forums is a Naziialist board now!

Feel free to post these stories. I hate people who do shit like that. I didn't start the thread, m8.

That's part of their traditions for new year. As they say, give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.

Since 9/11, cops have killed more people in the US than were killed in the attacks themselves, the Iraq war, and the Afghanistan war, combined.

So no, not really.

As do I. I'm not defending the people in the OP, but sadly, this is a common phenomenon in capitalist societies.

refugee and asylum policy maybe?

A very conservative estimate for the Iraq war puts the number of deaths at 150k. And that's very conservative, the true number is probably a few times that. US cops kill what? 1k a year? Or you're only considering people killed in US soil? Because in that case the two wars have 0 dead.

Bingo. Nazi thread.

You are objectively wrong.

But how could you and so many others think of terroists as Muslims? Almost as if the mainstream media had a heavy bias against Muslims and in favor of whites.

mental illnesses are not a spook you fucking retard, go take a class in psychiatry.

I've said it time and time and time again, socialists NEED to adopt a strong anti muslim stance if you are to progress AT ALL. NO MUSLIMS IN OUR COMMUNITY, NO MUSLIMS IN OUR VICINITY, NO MUSLIMS FUCKING UP OUR LIVES.

Quit being a whip and save the white race by banging your sister already.

We could always do the muhrapefugee-muhwhitey bit as we've done these past few years. Alternatively, we could also look into what influences people to do this, but never mind that, this is fun too.

Islam is also brought up despite the article never mentioning that anywhere. Everyone bringing up Islam to this discussion could say what it has to do with this and back their claims with evidence.


What is a Muslim though? Are you talking about a Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim, Moderate Muslim, Muslim who is hanafi, a Salafi Muslim, or maybe a Sufi Muslim? What if someone just said they weren't Muslim but just practiced Islam in secret, what about them?

All those are Muslims.

Homeless people get beaten up or murdered all the time, between 1999 and 2013 375 homeless people were murdered because they were homeless just in the USA alone.

Oh but this case is special! Because Le evil savage mudslimes did it! Its proof positive that all arabs and muslims are backwards and should all be deported. The thousands of cases like this one were the perpetrators were white don't count for shit apparently, because reasons. What a perfect example of the reactionary irrational emotions based worldview.

What gets me is the moralising and finger waving from people who love events like these where they try to make out that its those on the right that care for the wellbeing of the victims, such as after the attacks in cologne when they were harping on about "rape culture" as if those words didn't trigger the fuck out of them before now.

Stop fucking lying folks, if you gave two shits about the homeless or rape victims, you would acknowledge their existence and the existence of the problems they face when there aren't muslims or immigrants to blame, never will you ever see a more blatant and slimy attempt to exploit other peoples suffering for political gain. You fucking scumbags.

If you ask a sunni he will say shias are not muslim. So they are Muslims according to who?

Fucking this
If anything here in the US it's suburban white kids that do this shit all the time. Do these refugees deserve to be gulaged? Yes but so dies EVERYONE who goes out to murder the homeless.

Wow, this is spot on. Most Holla Forumsaks don't give a shit about women getting raped, all they care about is these white women are being violated by another race; however, if someone of a white race were to violate a white woman it's ok.

Dude, Islamism isn't some new thing for fuck sake.

The vast majority of the past 1400 years, Muslims lived under states that were arguably more cruel, more genocidal, more sadistic than places like the KSA and other Gulf States today.

If it were left up to Sunniggers across the MENA region, every single Sunni-majority country would elect an Islamist government.

And your bullshit only holds if you think it's valid for Greek Cypriots to set random Turks on fire as an "act of vengeance against Turkish imperialism", Iranians to do the same to Sunniggers, any number of minority groups to Chinese etc.

If Holla Forums's collective historical knowledge really so bad that they think history begins with the French Revolution?

Study the various Islamic Caliphates, asides from the odd period of opportunistic peace (Ummayyads treating Arab Christians alienated by the Byzantine stance towards various "heresies" for example, or a few years after the Tanzimat Reforms in the Ottoman Empire), they've been behaving in this way for millenia.

Name a single thing IS does that Mohammed and the successors themselves did not do.

According to whom? Let me Guess, the Holla Forums think tank?

What about the Democratic Afghanistan? Or the Democratic Iran(which has a sizable Sunni population), what happened to those governments(western intervention)? What about Iraq and Baath? Whatever happend to them? Or perhaps Libya?

Citation needed.

See this is where you fuck up. Muslims themselves argue over these fine issues regarding what Muhammad did and what's the proper way to proceed to do such things. Why do you think shias and sunnis don't get along? I bet you didn't know some Muslims pray in very different ways yet are all sunni; as in, they will follow different fiqh rullings depending on which shaykh they follow. Some schools of thought consider x hadith weak or y hadith strong.

I guess if I was a Muslim according to Holla Forums then you would be right. You guys should start a new school of thought and sect of Islam called Holla Forums Islamism, would suit your cause.

Shias are admittedly more peaceful than Sunniggers. That's for various reasons, but a key part of it is that the sunnah Shias adhere to includes a different tradition of ahadith. That's the symptom anyway. I think the ultimate cause for this was because Islam had to pass through the filter of Persian civilization. It did a lot of damage to the Iranic people, but it also had to subtly adapt in some ways. So yes, you can have your bone, no honest person will deny that Shias are, generally speaking, significantly more peaceful people than Sunniggers.

A problem leftists who think Islam is going to go through some "reformation" period don't understand is that they false equate Islam and Christianity, assuming that because some guy on the TV called them "Abrahamic" that means that historical materialism/geist will subject Islam to the same historical forces say, 200 years down the line that it did to Christianity.

The inherent problem with this line of thinking is that it fundamentally misunderstands Islam. Islam was always: "The Quran is the word of God VERBATIM". Mohammed himself and the traditions of the prophet in every single authentic hadith all affirm this. You need to get this concept through your thick skulls: Islam is not going to change fundamentally because the Quran is the literal, unadulterated word of God. Verbatim.

Christianity by contrast has a more flexible scriptural tradition. Not even the Catholic Church in late antiquity maintained that the New Testament gospels were verbatim the word of the God, just that they were the testimonies of those who had been exposed to his "son". Combined with the various councils that established canonical Christianity, this means it's whole lot easier to "interpret" Christianity in radically different directions.

You people have absolutely no understanding of Islam. You just think it's Christianity a few centuries in reverse. This is because your ideology (leftism) quite literally calls on you to believe that human beings are entirely and wholly the product of the environment around them (read Theses on Feuerbach if you don't believe me), and as such, any insinuation that peoples are fundamentally different to one another on some level is "essentialism".

You are the equivalent of creationists in this regard.

Ironic, that you say we have no understanding of Islam, when you have some huge flaws of understanding in Islam, yourself. Some Sunni Muslims will argue with other Sunni Muslims over the authenticity and interpenetration of various hadiths, why do you think there are so many schools of thought in Islam? I like how you say all Muslims think the Quran is to be taken VERBATIM, when some Muslims get into theological arguments witch each other over the position of Allah; as in, where is Allah? Is he everywhere or is he just up in the sky? Why do you think some Muslims will celebrate things like mawlid and other Muslims will start saying the whole mawlid thing is innovation or bidah? Your understanding of Islam is obviously elementary, do you really think everyone follows the same version of Islam even though Islam exists with the Turks, Arabs, Indians, Iranids, and even Asians?

[citation needed]

According to historical fact. Do you think the cruelties visited upon non-Muslim, and even non-Sunni minorities by Sunni Islam are a fucking recent event, you moron? Do you think the thousand-year hatred that Greeks have for Turks is rooted in some sort of "Islamophobia", that crypto-capitalist islamophobic racist sexist Byzantine monks came up with from the 11th century onwards?

Do you think that the Maghreb is 99.9% Sunni Muslim and speaks Arabic almost to a man is because of some sort of process of peaceful osmosis took place?

Do you think the conquest of the Indian subcontinent being one of the bloodiest pre-industrial conquests on earth was also manufactured by "Islamophobes"?

You people are not macro-historians. At best you know a smattering of trivia about events like the French Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848 and so on, and that's pretty much it. Into these you read your prejudices and assume you've worked it all out. But history is longer than the so called "rights of man", it's longer even than the conquest of the Americas. If you have no basic command of a rudimentary historical timeline beginning with the Sumerians, or at least the Ancient Egyptians, then you're always going to get stuck in this trap of modernity where you assume it's "only a matter of time" before all the poor Arabs do away with any actual, literal adherence to Islam and become good little gay rights activists like white people are.

Sunnis are powerless in Iran. It's a predominantly Shia state. Thank goodness.

They kept the majority of the people in check, like most Baathist regimes, with extreme authoritarianism. Justifiably so, but still, it's not as if the Alawite Baathists in Syria are loved by the Sunniggers. They're fighting for their very survival as an ethnic group right now - don't think it can't happen on the periphery of Europe either.

Show me a single orthodox Sunni Muslim scholar with any real following who does not mandate punishment for apostasy, homosexuality and other perceived social ills.

You are falsely conflating Islam and Christianity again.

You're a fucking moron. Every single Sunni scholar agrees on the six books. Are you just throwing random Arabic words around to sound like all those other trendy leftards from Emma Watson to Laurie Penny who quote from Surah 5 to claim that Islam is "against killing"? Fucking LOL.

What is your point here? The interpretations in the case of mainstream Sunni scholars are a matter of degree, not of kind.

Alright Ahmed/Tariq Ali. I know you guys dindu nuffin and everyone welcomed you as liberators wherever you went, or something to that effect, but the fact is that Abi Waqqas and a good portion of other Sunniggers engaged in forced conversion of Zoroastrians, and are primarily responsible for the death of the Zoroastrian faith in Iran.

Capitalist puppets never care about homeless people until an immigrant hurts one.

All Sunnis are fundamentally the same, and those that aren't are simply lapsed. The danger there is that they pick up the Quran, read it, understand that Islam isn't just about occasionally praying and celebrating Eid, and follow the example of the gangster Mohammed.
I repeat: All non-lapsed Sunnis are more or less the same.
Now go back to defending burning homeless people as an expression of rage against Israeli settlements or whatever your latest spun narrative is.

Do you people actually believe that capitalists oppose mass immigration?

How did you reach a plane of existence where reality becomes completely inverted? Did you sacrifice a lamb over the pages of Das Kapital or something, and were transported there?

good one

In fact, not only do capitalists not oppose mass immigration, they support every single social liberal cause you people embrace: From gay marriage to transsexual mental disorders.

Look at Silicon Valley's major tech firms and tell me these are institutions promoting and pumping billions into actually reactionary causes.

You have the entire corporate world in the west on your side and you're still rambling like a madman about how they're somehow funding hardcore nationalism.

Again. Do you actually believe that capitalists oppose mass immigration?

As in, the majority of owners of significant capital stock in the western world?

I want to get this clear, because it's a rhetorical flourish I've heard from lib-lefties over and over again, and it simply doesn't tally with a reality where MNCs not only actively promote and lobby for the most permissive visa and naturalization laws imaginable, but agitate for ever larger domestic markets through artificial population expansion, spend billions promoting socially liberal causes and advocating for amnesty and so on.

Own your shit, faggot.

I love how most of your argument consists of calling other people idiots with respects to historical knowledge, while you just sit there and spew out verbal diarrhea regarding various historical events perpetrated by "Muslim" nations. I'm sorry, no one said Muslim nations were ever saints, neither are western nations with respects to the crimes they have committed.

See, you just assume that your position is the more "correct" one because you have some hidden insight into the history of Islam that I guess most of the left lacks, tell me where they given to you by info graphics and webms?

Yeah, after the western government installed a Shah that was overthrown by shia reactionaries.

You are falsely conflating Islam and Christianity again.

However, aren't those punishments suppose to be only carried out in a sharia state? So, they don't apply to a Muslim living in a western country.

You see, this guy will try to justify him calling the hadith weak because he is a salafi and his shaykh was probably from the same school of thought as Albani.

I want you to go settle the debate between various Muslims about the Position of Allah, since you seem to have an unlimited knowledge of Islam granted by your middle eastern history(tm) that everyone seems to lack.

Alright, I see your point.
Come on, you were doing so well…

Of course capitalists don't oppose mass immigration.

The point is that the alt-right are capitalist puppets. This is because the bourgeois is trying to shift the blame for societys problems onto immigrants rather than themselves.

The left and the right both have a common enemy, the left blames the capitalists and the 1%, while the right blames immigrants and jews. This is because the right has been manipulated by the bourgois to blame racial groups instead of the one percent.

Let's face it, capitalists don't care about homeless people, and if the alt-right cared then they shouldn't be voting for right-wing parties.



It's called "reading the primary sources" and not just "buying nice looking paperback secondary sources with nice cover art at the bookstore" Ahmed.

Yes, nobody ever pushes the notion of Muslim perennial victimhood. Holla Forums just made it up. They meme magicked Tariq Ali, Mehdi Hassan and their ilk into existence. They're not actually real people you see, Islamophobes created them to defame people who accuse other people of "Islamophobia".

No, Iran was predominantly Shia since the Sunni-Shia schism.

Come on dude, elementary macro-history, like I said.

Muslims believe it is a holy duty to spread their deen across the entire globe, what would your advice to Heraclius and the Sassanids been when the Arabs started massing on their border? Just to ignore them because they believe in "Islam in only one country"?

I asked you a simple question.

I'll make it easier. Show me a single Sunni scholar with any sort of significant following across the MENA region who doesn't interpret the Quran and the Sunnah in this way.

A bullshit word, just like "wahhabi".

What they're practicing is orthodox Islam and always was. There is absolutely none, zero difference between what they advocate and what the various Caliphates throughout history have done.

The Ottomans and Rashiduns and Mamluks were a thousand times more cruel than IS.

Different races are different. It's not just Arabs, you dense fuck. Go back to your "b…but it's just skin color!" fallacy.


Yep, we've heard it all before, as nebulous a group as "whites" have geared all of the worlds societies to their ends through some voodoo-tier mix of "phantom discrimination" and "invisible knapsacks" but… Woah dude, did you just say that Jews are incredibly wealthy and influential in US society? Not cool man. Everyone knows that Jews don't do things that are in their interests to do.

I care about homeless Europeans, but I sure as fuck am not going to prioritize that policy point before things like, you know, actually remaining a majority in my own ancestral country?

It's similar to how many of you cared more about fag marriage and tranny bathrooms than opposing free trade deals and attempting to oust another legitimate government in the middle east.

Horses for courses my man.

Except, if you go to a salafi masjid, the guy at the preacher stand will start saying x and y stuff they do at your south Asian masjid is bidah and should not be done. When you go to your south asian masjid, the guys their will start saying how all the guys at the salafi masjid are a bunch of wahabis who are doing horrible things by destroying monuments related to the Prophet and companions in Saudi Arabia. OR, even more fun, go to a salafi masjid and tell the imam that Allah is everywhere, and one he starts bringing in hadiths start saying but Imam Abu Hanfia said.

Yes, Holla Forums infographics and webms are primary sources. I like how every Holla Forumsak repeats the same tired lines of ahmed when they think some guy is a Muslim.

I didn't know the 18th century was before 1000 AD, great knowledge of macro history.

Well, if those Arabs were armed and suited I would tell them to start getting armed and suited, but of course with a Holla Forums education refugees = armed and suited warriors coming to invade Mother Europa.

What way exactly? You can go google scholars against suicide bombings and you will get some good hits. Here is a hardliner salafi source,

Except when it's not
Most salafis follow a very literal puritanical version of Islam stemming from the school of thought of Hanbalism.

Most Jews are Wealthy; however, that does not mean most Jews are evil cultural Marxists who wish to destroy the white race.

Ah, that explains why Sunni Pakistanis in the UK have so much respect for their white British compatriots who saved their asses by creating the state of Pakistan (they would have been rightfully ethnically cleansed by Hindu fire otherwise), that they rape their daughters on an industrial scale. Not to mention that this behavior was well known in the community, well known even to the families of many of these men. And that such attitudes were encouraged by these same tolerant "South Asian Masjids" you're praising.

Are you a paki yourself? Your people have a lot to answer for my friend.

No, I'm talking about primary sources like this:

That you'd never see referenced once in any modern western account of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

You stated Iran only became predominantly Shia after the Shah. Re-read your own post.

They're not warriors, just a pestilence brought on by our own permissiveness and apathy. The fact they are net negative for us is almost impossible for you to deny. Not that you'll ever acknowledge that your people have indeed led to a spike in rape and other forms of criminality where they've been most heavily concentrated. Do you want me to run you through a laundry list of what your akhis have been doing in places like Greece, Serbia and other countries that have fuck all to do with any "oppression of the Middle East"?

Gotta defend the ummah, innit bruv?

Nice non-sequitur. Jews are reflexively cosmopolitan ethnic nationalists. That is all.

I didn't mention suicide bombings, you just manufactured that as a litmus test of your own.

It's irrelevant. Whether it's a Sunni family that only wears hijab or one who wears Burkha, the advance of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria showed one thing, ordinary Sunni Muslims, beyond a few exceptional cases, have absolutely zero pity for non-Sunnis and are quite happy to go along with radical Sunni Islamist regimes so long as they're not the ones who get the sharp end of the stick.


Shows just how widespread these attitudes are among Pakistani Muslims in the UK. It's not "just a few people" with these sorts of attitudes towards white girls.

It's obvious that social economic factors caused the refugees to behave in this way. The German government must do more to help refugees.

What's up compatriot?

What the fuck is going on in this text? It defies belief. I knew it was a problem but this is insane. Fuck, I hate our fucking judiciary.

I harass them on the street and some of my mates have fought police (can get away with shit like this nowadays in abandoned mill towns) because they're as bad as these fucking rapists. They only arrested the guy who owned the last house and he served three years.


Capitalists don't care if a plebeian lives or dies. They're the ones bringing in the rapefugees in the first place. On second thought, they do care a little bit when their propaganda agencies can't avoid reporting on it, but the damage is easy to contain.

And leftypol wants more of this on your streets.

To them even locking up a paki gang rapist for a couple of years is harsh and retributive.

Rotherham really was the last straw for me. I cut all ties with any social liberalism or social democratic crap after that.

Gulag anarchokiddies when?

Only 3 years for setting up an elaborate scheme to rape unsuspecting girls…. and do this on an extremely large scale …. ?

Leftypol is divided because it takes in a vast amount of different viewpoints.

The actual modern left wing parties (such as labour in the UK) uses as basis flawed social studies done by professors who intentionally are trying to find correlations to justify nonsensical policies. If you've studied math or encountered statistics in your degree you should open up some published psychology and social science papers. Your mouth will fall open what gets published, and it will fall even further when you realize politicians are making policies based on such flawed studies.

Police is only concerned with reaching the objectives they get from higher ups. The higher ups in most countries are ministries who use various studies and numbers as well as input from government to state their objectives. If there is no plan to address Muslim rapist gangs or they get instructed to not get involved with it, nothing will happen.

Amicus Curae court briefs in the US is a perfect example.

The actual modern left wing parties (such as labour in the UK) uses as basis flawed social studies done by professors who intentionally are trying to find correlations to justify nonsensical policies.
This. It's almost as hilariously bad as the Excel spreadsheet they used to justify austerity.

Funny meme m8, I'm the guy you're responding to and I was one of the first people here to write a comprehensive debunking of the refugee crisis. Anyone that wants to flood the country with more people when our employment and housing situation is awful isn't a socialist, they're a confused edgy liberal. This isn't some grand leftist conspiracy, it's the police being mouthbreathing retards with the political wit of a gnat and it's typical of the jobsworth behaviour of our state employees.

Who would call the police racist for rounding up these people and going to town with black mariahs? It seems to me that the press constantly harping on about political correctness has instilled a fear of political correctness into people, as most of the press's stories on this, like most things, are utter bullshit. Banning Christmas and flags and other constantly made up bullshit with no oversight to stop them. And it's always council workers, police, journos and idiotic busybodies with no political aptitude that are declaring that doing something would have them called racist, but where are the people actually calling them racist? Sure, the police get called racist for persistently stop and searching black kids in London, but does that stop them from constantly disproportionately searching them? They even managed to piss off the yoots to the point that they started rioting and looting, so they can go fuck themselves with their shitty excuse of fear of being called racist.

Boo fucking hoo. You've not convinced me causing them trouble is not something I should be doing since I actually find it fun. If I had a police uniform and a squad car I would be a maverick. You get to go on patrol, go do something other than drive around in circles harassing teenagers you fucking dweebs.

There are other countries who have an interest at stepping over the people of middle east. It ranges from Europe to other countries in the Asian continent.

And divisive rhetoric, when we have record it is all horseshit because we have seen the example of people from there adopting communism/socialism. They can be revolutionaries.

You asked for this with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan escalating. Blame yourselves for the blow back.

I personally have no problem with the idea of giving the collective of Islam the ultimatum of "change or die", but there has been blips in history that has shown that Islam is capable of changing. See pic related, it's scans from a book on the major religions of the world from the 1960s



If they get deported they'll just run free somewhere else instead of getting raped in prison.

What about Orlando? Use an up to date source, you retarded red.

What about when a white person does it to minorities?

Punishment exists as a disincentive to would be criminals, not to "rehabilitate" them. These shit skins should be executed to sent an example.

Egoism is a point of value, nihilism states values don't exist.
Confirmed not having read Stirner.
Stirner decried hedonism as a spook because it sets the self above the invidual's ownness.
Confirmed not having read Stirner.
Writing a long diatribe full of ad hominems does not an argument make.

"Everyone I don't like is bourgeois" - Marx's entire "argument" against Stirner in a nutshell.