Th /r9k/ is indeed a good place to recruit, but it's hard since the majority of them are milenials with short attention span due to years of playing vidya and watching harem animes.

you are doing it wrong fucker. Make a thread claiming all chads are rich or something.
Starting with a hammer and sickle pic gives people full rein to attack a dumb strawman

op you are a fucking idiot, kill yourself

A ton of poltards have invaded r9k and most of the rest won't click on a Commie thread.
You need to play up the wagie/Mr. Noseberg/rightist=Chad angle

We should try and recruit more normies instead of basement dwelling NEET virgin weebs.

good luck

I'd just like a general/random type image board community that isn't littered with Holla Forumsshit

you'd think /r9k/ of all places would hate the current capitalist order, fucking hell

it's a bad feel

Where do they get this bullshit from?

Holla Forums

And where do they get it from? It's complete fucking nonsense. The people who want to abolish money are obsessed with money, more so than capitalists? Traditional values are the only meaningful thing in life other than money? It's horseshit. There's got to be some blogger cunt spewing this crap and these sorry cunts are eating it up.


Decades of corporate propaganda my man

Please don't import self-hate and misery addiction here.

don't be a prick

We need to weaponize self-destructive potential lone-wolves. Replace schools with Wall Street as the preferred target.

Propaganda of the deed 2.0

You got it, buddy.

All this going to do is sinking the quality of this board.
Thank god these utter fucking useless dweebs don't buy communist propaganda.


thread got deleted!

holy kek lol. someone make a qa thread. what was it anyway

also sage for not going in the cycle thread