Fire Emblem Thread

I have never played an FE game before and I am intrigued. Where should I begin? I don't care how old or expensive it is.

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Play the GBA ones in release order (there are translation patches), then play the gamecube one, then the wiiU one. Then play the DS ones, then the SNES ones. After that play the 3DS ones if you really have to.

Fire Emblem 7 on the GBA emulator. 5 minutes to get. Do eet

Computers are not THAT expensive

Definitely this, the gba games are the best for newcomers

Correction: it's just regular wii.

Yeah just emulate the Advance games in release order. Or actually I would advise starting with Sacred Stones, as that is a lot easier because you can stop to grind whenever you want. If you like that you can branch out to other Advance games or earlier games with the translation patches. And yeah the gba games will run fine on any old toaster so you can get started right now. Hell you could probably download them to your phone or tablet if you want, I'm sure someone has made an emulator that runs on those.

Fuck that. Let that nigger play Genealogy with some janky ass translation as his first like I did. He will bathe in the flames but come out better for it.

Emulate either

I have only played the sacred stones and I thought that game was fantastic despite never having played another fire emblem in my life.

1 thing though, dont give seth all the XP, just putting him in the middle of the field and letting all the enemies jump at him means he gets all of the XP for killing them, leaving the rest of your units weak and moist. Seth is an absolute tank even at the very start of the game. Also level Franz so he can become a paladin like Seth.

Don't, pick literally any other game in the genre

Actually, the game becomes significantly easier if you only use Seth
FE8 being easy is an understatement

FE is a good way to train people for SRW, which does everything FE does but much better and in a far more complex and interesting way.

To get into SRW:
Either OGs (GBA)
SRW: J (GBA, fan translated)
SRW: Alpha Gaiden (PSX,) fan translated

The latest one got an engrish release but only on the PS4. New Vita one will have engrish, as well.


Super Robot Wars. I don't know why they get sucked off so hard here other than liking mecha. They are just as easy as the easy FE.

Corollary to that: if you go for every bonus condition on each stage then they get mildly challenging

maybe im just shit in that case.

don't go anywhere near the 3DS ones

they're fuckin cancer.

Tough boys start at FE4 but any of the GBA games is a friendlier introduction to the games.

This actually started out in the Fire Emblem series as a joke/trap. In every FE game you get a super strong character as one of your first characters. In the first few games it was a trap because the character WAS indeed strong compared to your starting units, but had shitty growths or had promoted early, making that character much weaker than most characters once they reach his level. So if you leaned on this strong character too much you kind of screwed yourself over.

Although in most of the most recent games the "Jeigan" character is an early promote at worst, which doesn't make them that much worse than most characters. You just shouldnt give them all the exp at the start, and allow your weaker characters to catch up.

There's a new translation now.
They're working on FE5 next, thank fucking god.

Naw man, in most of the games the Jeigans are usually great. The only games I can think of where they stops being useful are FE1, 3 and their respective remakes.

Noice. Thanks.

know what I'm playing next

Nice. Guess I will be replaying 4 soon. Never got far in FE5 due to how wonky the translation was.

Eirika and Lyn best girls.

The only good thing about nuemblem is the waifus.

Mystery of the Emblem is a good starting point as it goes over the basics and overall tone of most Fire Emblem games. If you felt it was too hard, then switch to playing the GBA games, but if you're looking for more challenge, continue to play the SNES games. You can play all of them on an emulator since it actually has a community that bothers to translate them. And don't bother with the 3DS games, they're dumbed down waifu trash for normalfags.
Does anyone else hate children units in FE and wish they'd fucking stop?

no i wish you would stop oldman all other games except the 3ds ones suck dick faggot

Also I forgot to mention. I feel that it's good to play the SNES first because the GBA games will honestly spoil you with how smooth everything is and make everything else look like muddled and clunky. It gets hard to power through it after being exposed to a better alternative.

I'd argue that Conquest on Lunatic Classic is a lot of fun to play in terms of level design and mechanics, but the character design and writing is goddam horrible.

Play all the non-3ds ones though.

I agree he's great, but I feel Amelia or Forde make better Paladins.

Liked them in 4 cause they managed to implement them into the game in a non retarded way. The way awakening dose it is bloody dumb as hell and even more so in Fates where it felt forced.

Also should I bother with shadow dragon or should I just play book one of new mystery?


I feel like the child units would be a better idea if there was an actual time skip.
Would add a little more to the overall story, seeing the original cast aged up and have some character development, and not just a bunch of teenagers and early 20 somethings awkwardly trying to bond with their children that are around their own age.

FE7, or just "Fire Emblem"
I emulated it on my phone and it made its way into my toplist, its fuckken fantastic

I love children as long as they're allowed to have their own thing not tag along for bullshit reasons with mommy and daddy. And even then I like the substitutes a little more anyway.

If there were actual time skips it wouldn't be so bad.

That'd be great. Just have all the men grow mustaches and have the women get fat.

How is FE: Conquest?
I heard from a friend that it was like the gba ones but I don't trust him at all, I have played all FE games including the trash that Awakening is, but the Jew "Trilogy"

If you want to try, pirate the retranslation. It's got all the plot and half the supports done.

As far as Fates goes, it's your best option. But that's not really saying much. From a gameplay perspective it's alright. It's got varied objectives instead of every mission just being "kill everyone" and the maps are more interesting than awakenings. They've cut down the grind, there's none of those 'challenge' battles (although dlc maps are repeatable) and level persists through class changes so you can't just drag them through every one available. The support mechanics are better too. You can be in either attack stance, which is pretty much the same as in awakening where units can dual strike if they're next to each other, or defence stance by pairing up, which is similar to the rescue command in older games. The support character can't be attacked and will negate an attack after the shield bar fills. They also defend you from dual strikes, because the enemy units can support each other too now.

The story and characters are complete trash though.

Personally, I avoid using them for the sake of challenge. It's a lot more fun to beat the enemy using characters that are about the same level as them.

Thank god Tellius and Magvel didn't get involved in that shitty Mobage game. They can die with dignity intact.

You forget how popular Ike is

Think about how much cash they'll rake in with the Warriors game. They could have a DLC pack for every game, a "my unit" expansion. Shekels are the name of the game.

But they will. Eirika and Ike are on the promotional art. Maybe they'll appear later. I'm not enjoying it, new art is welcome but the game looks extremely simple and barebones.

I'm going to start playing fates pirated and undubed all routes because I hate myself that much, is there anything else I should be awared about this game?

yeah, it sucks ass

I don't know about every game, given Koei's previous forays into DLC, but certainly expect something based on the most recent 3-4 games, if those don't already make up most of the roster.

After that they may go a little nuts, as they did in Hyrule Warriors Legends where they dug back as far as Link's Awakening for content.

I had just noticed that coolroms got fucked. Is there any other reliable place to get nintendo ROMs?


Please, do expound

Emuparadise and The ISO Zone.

I'll check those out. Wish I could repay you.

Seth is an exception to the rule even more than the usual Jagen. He can solo FE8 on his own and has perfect availability.

No, stop with this meme this instant. They aren't perfect by any means and (barring Conquest which has the best map design in the series) the SNES and GBA games are better, but they aren't abhorrent garbage.

That said, Awakening and Revelation are pretty terrible. Birthright gets unfairly shit on (it's honestly average) and Conquest is stellar - the map design is genius.

If you play games for the story you're a faggot, story doesn't matter.

Fuck outta here, other SRPGs would be better if this were the case
I play these games for the story and their characters, I'm not going to slog through a game with uncompelling characters, poorly written story, lame worldbuilding, and politicized localization just because the "maps are good", because there's plenty of other, cheaper srpgs that can fill that role better

They'll try to sell anything, won't they?

but why though?

just not a good game.

tbh sega did it first (and it even had a theatrical release)

that said, shenmue in theaters is very different compared to fucking fire emblem. Shenmue was at least groundbreaking and definitely was definitely a notable moment in gaming. Fire Emblem is…well, it's been historically mediocre to say the least.


Shenmue was at least groundbreaking and definitely was definitely a notable moment in gaming

You're implying way too hard, unless you think QTEs are groundbreaking.

you must not know anything about the history of games and the point at where shenmue fits in.

please enlighten me.

here's a good start, sega was always several years ahead of the curve

FE7 (Or just Fire Emblem GBA) is always the best place to start.

The Lyn mode tutorial covers everything you need to know about the game without being too hand-holding.

FE6, while great, can be really punishing on new players who don't fully get the various mechanics.

FE8 Is great but going from FE8 to 7 will be hard to get used to the various new classes and their playstyle whereas getting the basic understanding from 7 and then adding the extras from 8 will make the transition easier.

Awakening is also good on new players, however, various parts of it doesn't translate well to the other games (Such as Unit Skills) and is recommended if you only really want to play the one game and don't care for the series.

I haven't played Fates so I can't really comment.

In only those ways is it revolutionary, additional features like lip sync, animation and shadows are evolutionary, an application of what has been available in 3d graphics for years. NPC schedules, an open world with nebulous content for the player to enjoy a dynamic open world, this was done in 1992.

shenmue was the first game of its scale, sega was also a pioneer with hardware vendors at the time. You are only showing off how little you know about these things.

No it wasn't, and that's nothing revolutionary, it's nothing special nostalgia tier good.

sacred stones is the best place to start.

the newer games are just waifu bait pandering to weebs


You shouldn't, and you shouldn't trust either. Fates is shit, Conquest is shit, Brithright is shit, Relevation is shit. All of them shit on what little made Fire Emblem stand out from every other tactical simulation RPG ever made. Fates might have "varied objectives" but there's only a few of them, the support mechanics are arguably MORE broken than in Awakening because now you have a guarantee your support will attack or defend rather than it being a percent chance AND the fact that jumping into defend doesn't hurt the support character. Furthermore units still don't suffer movement losses in pair up if their partner is like a knight or something, which makes it too easy to sweep maps with paired up characters, AND the enemy AI still doesn't use pair up either. So no it isn't like the rescue command like is trying to say it is. This fag probably only bought Fates just because of waifushit.

Please never post here again

The first couple of missions are, don't get me wrong, however, later missions allow you to fuck up and learn via trial and error, take for example the mission with the Ballistae and the -Weaver weapons. The game doesn't point to where you have to go but rather nudges you towards the right direction. The one that stands out is the mission with Nils and Lucius where you could (In theory) complete that within 2 turns by picking up the various mechanics, however, the game doesn't force you to do it but doing it cuts the Lyn section time down considerably despite losing EXP

Maybe I was unclear, I apologize, my English isn't that great.

Awakening is okay as a stand-alone game. As a Fire Emblem game then it's pretty shit. Taken as it's own game then it can easily kill a few hours to play through it, however, Going from Awakening to the other games at least from my experience was difficult. So if you just want the one game then it's not a terrible idea to pick up awakening, However, if you want to get into the series then it is.
Hopefully that cleared things up.

A quick amendment, by From my experience I mean from watching others go from Awakening to FE7 and FE8.

No, it isn't. It's not okay as a stand-alone game.

Its horribly unbalanced and almost pay2win. Disgusting.

I've only played Path of Radiance on Dolphin. Do character deaths carry over into Radiant Dawn or just stat bonuses? Is it also fun to play Awakening via PC emulator or do you easily get burned out if you play for a few hours straight (this happened to me towards PoR's end)?

Disagree. Sure it was a percent chance, but once you had decent support ranks it would almost always trigger so it's irrelevant and if you doubled your opponent, so did the support unit. Whereas they only hit once in Fates. Not only that, but that same unit that just helped you kill a dude could stop you being killed in the next combat. Guard stance only guarantees to defend you from dual strikes, which couldn't happen in awakening, and you have to build up a support meter for it to negate a main attack. So it would only trigger every 3rd or 4th combat round. Which is pretty comparable to awakenings trigger rates.

It's like the rescue command in that the support unit becomes part of the main unit and can no longer act on their own or gain experience. You're right that they don't hinder them at all though.

Except that it does.

I didn't say Conquest was good, just that it was the best version of Fates, which is objectively true.

Conquest's maps are well done, gimmicky as hell, though. I could see the remake of Gaiden being pretty good. Easily pirateable, as well.
raid this

No, deaths don't carry over if you use a cleared save from PoR on a new RD file. What does carry over are special bonds for A rank supports and a bonus +2 to stats. For any unit that reached level 20 promoted (except for Sothe, he just needs to hit 20 thief), any stat they maxed gives that same stat a +2 bonus in RD. So if Jill hit level 20 and maxed her strength and speed, she'd get +2 to those stats once you fire up the new file in RD. If Tormod his level 19 and maxed some stats, he gets nothing in terms of bonus stats because he didn't hit level 20 sage. But anyone with an A support in PoR gets a bond bonus with that ally in RD. They don't need to support each other in RD to get it, but it's a free nudge in critical rates if they're within 3 spaces.

You get side story stuff if Ike and Soren have an A support in PoR then use that file transfer for RD. Maybe one other pair gets that treatment too, but I don't remember who.