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How do you expect to gain new followers this way?

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libcom.org/files/Peter Kropotkin- The Conquest of Bread.pdf

libcom.org/files/Peter Kropotkin- The Conquest of Bread.pdf


OP here

btw I'm a leftist I just notice this very often on the board

Politics is not flooding yourself with idiots for democratic political purposes, if we wanted to destroy anything of value we had to say, doing what Holla Forums does would be the start.

Asking you to apply yourself and fucking read is sometimes neccesary for politics. You can't just fucking wing it every time you post off second hand knowledge, arguments from youtube e-celebrities like Molyneux, banal moronic horse shit, and middle school social studies tests passed with a C, like Holla Forums does on a second by second basis.

While being arrogant enough to base their own politics on their own "superiority" when I very much doubt a sizable chunk of them actually know how to read.

I do admit is a horrendour issue but you can learn a lot just by lurking or by asking politely

Now that I said that feels like read [NAME] is a way to tell somebody they're wrong and to fuck off more than an actual suggestion.

"Read Bordiga" is a meme, like "spooks". I don't know why it has become a meme, or who has been memeing it, but I first started seeing these memes on the De-classcucking Memes for Proles FB page.


Anyway, Even if some of his philosophy is similar to parts of the Kaballah, it's a stretch to call Hegel's philosophy "Kaballahic mysticism" - to say the least. Immanence as in immanence of the divine, was a concept present in Ancient Greek philosophy.

Also Marx's "dialectic" is taking Hegels logic, and "turning Hegel on his head". It uses the concept that there can be contradictions in one thing at same time, and to then look for emancipatory potential. It has almost nothing to do with the divine wisdom that Hegel advocates for.

And Mein Kampf is a garbage read, OP. I feel bad for you if you were recommended that.

Capital uses lots of empirical evidence from that time to support its conclusions OP, so after you read a bit of Marx's early stuff try that.

Tldr: Read Bordiga retard

you win battles with armies, and you only get armies by conscription, if you wait for volunteers you'll just end up losing the war, and armies are full of random people of various colors with a variety of beliefs. Holla Forums won the propaganda war because they are surprisingly good at making normalfag food, we need to learn to do the same thing if we are ever going to revitalize the left.

The internet is not a battlefield. It is a means to information.

Its a shit book



Holla Forums

I know you're trying to be funny, but we're on a text-only imageboard, dude. This blatant strawmanning is more cringeworthy than anything else.

Who is this semen demon?

I agree that the person who keeps sucking Bordiga's dick should stop, but Holla Forums is fine at explaining things. Holla Forums is awful at doing the same, and is facebook tier now.

Where do I start with Bordiga fam?

I already refuted Bordiga like 100 threads ago, just give it up

Fuck you, left communism is the only marxist variant I find amusing.

Sssh, it's just reverse psychology to get people to read Bordiga, who I assume is good, based on the "Bordiga's good" meme. I'll never read him tho.

Ban OP tbh

here famlam


I'm reading the wikipedia article, and it sounds like Bordiga was more dictatorial than Lenin. Why don't tankies like him again?

Try actually reading him. Wikipedia is useless for anything beyond science and math. Tankies like Stalin for the dope Soviet aesthetics, not for any substantive reason.

I am, I downloaded one of the books. It's big as fuck and I rather read more of Marx's primary text like The German Ideology and finishing Capital before I start, but I'd appreciate it if a leftcom could explain to me what democracy being "society as a mouldable mass" or something. This really does sound like "ultra-leninism".

more like
Holla Forums

this is kinda true too
But not to worry, it's not like leftcoms actually do anything

You're right. Common sense is usually enough.

I'm open to reading Bordiga. Left communism also includes council communism, so Bordigism is just one strain.

Not according to bordigists

The Leftcom here is a Bordigist from what I see, and a few threads back he said something along the lines of "left communism isn't just one strain of thought, the only thing that unites those ideologies is anti-stalinism". So I don't think that's true, some people consider ancom to be "leftcom" (at least that's what wikipedia said).

So you prefer incomplete, casualised and scandalised information over a well explained one, merely because you hate books?

Are you living in the past? This is not a battle in the older sense, where states fight against states. This is fourth-generation warfare, where it is political and religious ideologies from any side fighting by any means to gain any sort of advantage. This includes the internet, where a metaphorical battle is metaphorically fought between different ideologies to grow and become relevant.
Note Holla Forums. They "fought". Now the aut-right is relevant.
Note us. We are not fighting for long, and not that hard either. But for everything we do fight for, we see results. The fact that we are here next to this nazi board is already a huge plus, I have seen plenty of people who were immigrants from there.
So if we want the left to win, we must continue this.
If you are a counterrevolutionary idpol shitposter, however, who feels pleasure in making Holla Forums die, it makes sense to say what you did though. You do seem like the kind of dickish elitarian that would think that.

You are the dumbest tripshit I have ever seen.


You allready destroyed all value you have to say by speaking another langauge that only marxists and accademia can speak. You have to sell your idea's to make them appealing and THEN FUCKING GIVE THE THEORY. Advertise yourself first and then sell what you wanted to sell cause you explained it nice and simple towards the person and made him attracted to the idea to motivate him enought to read the theory you are presenting. All smug and le supreme intellect method will only alienate people.

Anyone who feels supreme/smug or arrogant about theory is on the same level of knowledge and intellect of someone who knows the starwars lore in high detail. Any interpitation on reality no mather what remains fiction as the only way we can see the world is by means of constructing idea's condemming us to always remain within idealism.

Educating the masses instead of feeding them propaganda is the only way to empower them

Read pannekoek tbh

We hand out books on leftypol all the fucking time and any time people come with actual questions instead of inane shitposts they tend to get answered.

fuck off op

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I want leftcoms to die.

Leftcoms will never die because that would be doing something useful.


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They just got stronger with their new Ben Garrison. And our drawfag grill quit. Just kill me already.

It was started by one of the admins there, the same one who spurged out and kicked everyone who wasn't a leninist.

Rosa wasn't a leftcom, tho leftcom's like to claim her

Literally have a permaban on Holla Forums because I was LARPing the guy in the red shirt there. Everyone on Holla Forums is full of shit.

Are they really getting stronger with this bullshit?

Oh shut up, nobody is saying you have to follow the historical development of Western Marxism.

Honestly, if you can't read a short work like Engel's Socialism - Utopian and Scientific, you're not fit for politics.


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