What does leftypol think of The Philippine Drug War?

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Western liberals hate him because they'd rather southeast Asia remain a place where they can slum about, enjoy drugs, and buy human beings. They forget that some people actually live there.

This. As far as i know Duterte policies are working out great and there's areas where people can finally walk again.
Liberals forget that not everything is like their precious bubbles in EU and North American cities.
Philipines has a major problem regarding gang violence and drug cartels. He's solving the problem.

Rodrigo "Smoke pot, get shot" Duterte

Max Stirner — 'The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime.'

I shoop cocks into the photos of Durete's WWII propaganda poster-looking face, that answer your question?

I love him. Just the fact that he insulted Obama and tear up the alliance with USA makes me love him.

OMG, this madman threw people out of a helicopter! This is even worse than when the Syrian government used poison gas that they must have stolen from Turkey. I hope we increase the defense budget, or someday we will all be speaking Filipino!

It's a good thing that American allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Qatar are never implicated in human rights abuses.


Dude…The Philipines are not like western countries where you can make a revolution and abolish central government immeditaely because there's state of the art facilities and organization everywhere. i.e.: Belgium and Spain lasted months without an elected central government

Duterte arrived very recently and he inherited a problem regarding gang violence and drug cartels power in his country. He has to first solve that before he can improve people's lifes.
Read more about the world famrade. Don't close ypurself on that bubble where you're used to buying you beautifully packaged food on the supermarket.

Bush, is that you? Wonder how that turned out for Latin America.

You talk with your belly filled with food.

Oh damn.


we've had a drugwar in the US for a 100 years
It doesn't work unless you want to destroy your society(anthing good about it) in the process

He is basically third world (second world?) flip version of trump who can murder drug addicts and say dumb shit that will play to his base.
For some reason he somehow got the flip commie party to support him.

Castrate yourself.


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you first

Tankies don't know about Marxism so they're basically regressives for the destruction of the constitutional gains from the Enlightenment.

Lenin fought this kind of erosion of rights too.

Wrong again. The Philippines were aligned with the US during the Cold War, making them part of the first world. If you mean the modern usage, second world shouldn't be used since it doesn't exist anymore.

don't be autistic.


Commissar Duterte is a shining light in a sea full of shit.


you're a funny guy, I'll make sure you have a nice spot in the gulag.


I wonder how much alphabet agencies are paying astroturfers to spread propaganda against duterte. I wonder which agency he's pissing off.





If morality is a spook is it really wrong to be a statist and kill drug dealers?