Can this be the official Holla Forums flag...

can this be the official Holla Forums flag? I know we have the bunker one but I've been thinking about something more elegant
simple, undeniably commie (hammer and sickle), but also for anarcho comrades (black flag), and somewhat nihilist (black and white)
What do you think?
maybe a red half?

what the hell are we supposed to do with the flag? Seems really unnecessary to have and unlikely to get everyone to accept.

Black flag, red hammer and sickle.

Remove the hammer and sickle and it's perfect

We use it in the Holla Forums fantasy football cup

make it into a banner

No, stop catering to Anarkiddies

Every time we take a poll, they're like 25% of this board at best

Pretty sad that only 25% of this board are actually socialists.

You have a million fragmented communities for your brand of hyper-liberalism. Go ruin one of them for a change.

How many here are unironic tankies?

We dont need another flag. We have one and its fine.


We already have a flag, but I have to admit OPs idea is bold, direct, simple and elegant.

this is Holla Forums suck my dick

what do you guys think

I like them, thanks comrade
what do you think about a slightly brighter red

Yeah I just pulled a png off google.

I like how this suggests subtly that not even us enlightened ones are free from the insidious Hibernian conspiracy. It advocates eternal vigilance.

You have my vote.

There is that one Stalinstache tripfag. If you count maotists as tankies we get one or two of those.

Thanks that's great


Both look good to me tbh

Looks great

Needs more memes.

i'm an unironic tankie with post ironic tendencies