— New anarchist image board just opened —

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Ha, n1x actually did it.

Yes he did. Its pretty cool looking so far. I'm pretty sure there are no Leninist's allowed though.

n1x, how did you even learn how to do this?

What happened to the last one? Did it collapse into state of anarchy?

I'm not n1x.

I don't know.

oh yay, splitting left wing presence even more!

Why though

I don't know. 8ch seems to be becoming more toxic though.

You guys need to get your spies off /anarcho/ smh

Because Holla Forums is shit.

What do you mean? it's not that hard, despite fighting against the mess of code and poor documentation that is vichan. It helps to be using Lainchan's fork too though, and I'm not the only person working on this.

Its pretty cool. You just need a rules page and a home page. As why is the board named /0040/ instead of /anarcho/ or Holla Forums?

I'm working on writing some static pages for the rules and w/e. That'll be done by today. We're going to be keeping /0040/'s catalog as the landing page for the time being, but as we get more users and add a second board, we'll end up with a Lainchan-style home page with a post feed.

Look up ASCII codes ;^)

Or /anok/

Why not 24B6 then?

Worker shut it down because he got into trouble with the FBI after one of the regulars finally stole Derrick Jensen's sweater.


ayy. That's a good point but the @ sign works just as well

Thank you based Anarchobro. Goodbye tankies, non aggression pact? We won't shit up here if you don't shit up there


That seems fair to me.

You don't remember Anokchan?

How will you ensure that 0chan doesn't become shit?

By not making the same mistakes as Holla Forums

Which are?…

enjoy your echo chamber

Not making me a mod, and not banning all leftist larpers

Well, being on Holla Forums, for one.

Allowing fascists to shit up the board and slide the discourse is probably the biggest issue. Letting the board culture deteriorate into something basically entirely detached from anything that anarchists and leftists are doing elsewhere, towards no real benefit, is another one.

nevar 5get >>>/n1x/

lmao and you're just so attached to the actions of modern day leftists with your piss poor nihilism and braindead cyber shit

you're almost as much a hack as A.W.

are non-anarchists leftists allowed?

What about discussions of shit like Deleonism or Council Communism? I consider myself an Anarchist but these schools interest me

Market socialism is cool to.

As long as they play nice. I wouldn't be surprised if the "authoritarian" variants of Marxism shitposted a lot, though.

Our moderation style is going to try to emulate Lainchan's. We want to encourage quality discussion - which, by the way, doesn't mean necessarily being a pretentious dick who thinks they're better than everyone else because they've read more stuff. Just keep the board comfy and don't be an aynclap/fascsist, and you'll probably be fine.

The libertarian variants of Marxism are welcome there. Though the board is nevertheless decidedly an anarchist one.


I'm not a fan of n1x, but he likely will do a much better job with his board


I wasn't in charge during the vichan era.

Why can't I make threads on this site?

spess_ pls

You've gotta do that through the index.

I want to steal the bit of code on Holla Forums to post threads from the catalog but I haven't figured out yet how to do that.

> ay kaworu_ do you know how I might steal that bit of code on Holla Forums that lets people post threads from the catalog?

N1xon is a LARPer lad's.

Daily reminder that no one will ever use or care about Bunkerchan :^))

But they do.

The entirety of Bunkerchan is a clique of pretentious e-leftist nerds fam.

If this thread means anything that imageboard is going to be a big fucking circlejerk.

The entirety of 0ch is a clique of your multiple personalities abandoned IRC channel fam

It's his safe space because he can't handle the BTFO'ing :^(

Atleast bunkerchan is a general leftwing imageboard.

Made me cringe, 7/10


Stop being an annoying cunt then :^)

I didn't fucking say anything.

Can we stop this shit? Why can't someone decent step up and make something? Fuck.

rebel pls go

Can AW make hegelchan where he posts by himself?

absolute dogshit tier tbqhfam

KEK, this.

kek, please do develop a p2p-hosted anarchist imageboard and I'll concede to you. Go ahead, I'll wait.

This, but unironically. Isn't there pre-existing p2p imageboard software out there?

If there is, I haven't heard of it.

Keep in mind though that our main focus was to have something actually up that werks. If we agonized over the best possible imageboard engine solution, we would have just ended up writing our own engine.

What we need is to build a community and build some momentum. We'll scale up from there and eventually overhaul the whole engine for something better.

Huh, I was listening to a podcast by this guy just the other day. Small world!

No there is not a functioning P2P imageboard. It would require a decentralized database which as of today are not quite production ready.

So recently a new kind of database has come along that may one day lead to P2P imageboards.

Maybe it's time leftypol left 8ch

Yet another Chan. Can't say I blame n1x , I am also building an imageboard from the ground up. It is intended to function according to anarchist principle, lol, and will be designed so that anyone (even luddites) can easily start their own secure board - for free-.

Key features of my AnonBoard:
- Free one click installation and hosting (w/ Heroku).
- Easy self-hosted installation.
- Built in tools for the user to confirm SSL certificates.
- Built in message cryptography using AES.
- Built in anonymity checks w/ a proxy redirect.
- Expiring content post controls.
- Socialist millionaire protocol passphrase generator for easy key sharing between comrades.

What is doesn't have by design:
- Any feature that is based on tracking who you are.

If you want to help coding please visit,

[Que shitposting.]

Hey guys, crit1kal here.


Why? It's Heroku is free and simple enough for even the least technically inclined to get started fast.

If you have another equivalent one-click-free-hosting-service let me know. I intend to make this work with all the alternatives too, though I don't know of any off the top of my head.

At some point I'll have this working on ZeroNet as well but that's down the line.

Cloud services are botnet.


Fuck off, NSA.

That's a cool looking project. I was thinking of something like IPFS, but I'm not sure how likely it is that dynamic sites will be possible to host on there. Or if that'll happen anytime soon.

Sounds neat. Post about it on 0chan when you're done making it.

Most of Holla Forums will likely not want to post on 0chan, which is fine. There's a much wider anarchist community out there.

Nice /g/ meme m8

The NSA men are taking muh freedomz! Fag.

"That's a cool looking project"
Thanks n1x. I'll inform you when it's done.

"I was thinking of something like IPFS…"

IPFS and ZeroNet are great concepts and I think an imageBoard should be developed to exploit a service like that. However, as of today, they are too difficult for general Internet users to setup so I haven't really considered it as an option.

I'm very excited to see Nullchan starting development this week. If sthetz can get a stable version working I will likely stop development on AnonBoard after 1.0 and help Nullchan.