Remind me what's wrong with Humanism, again?

Remind me what's wrong with Humanism, again?

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Mankind is a spook.

Because humanists appeal to some sort of essence of what it means to be a 'human', as if there's some sort of value-system that is objectively more 'human' than any other. Only things humanists happen to like are counted as being part of human values, why are kindness and generosity any more human than greed and violence?

because greed is a capitalist invention.


Humans are the masters of the world my friend.
I don't even like the faggot who made this video, but he's right about humanism in it

no. I am the master of the world, my property.

Humanism secretly puts humans in the role of deity. Why would a human worship another human?

Stalin was a bourgeois liberal humanist.

Like Marx does?

How many levels of revision are we on now?

That video reminded me of something: "liberal" theists have a notion that God is not all-knowing because it proves evolution. This helps them shoehorn in the notion that humans are potentially god-like.


Are you capable of speaking without just linking together a chain of empty buzzwords?


No it isn't, because that would just be a meaningless sentence then, Mr Logic.

you can't control everything

Nothing, but since it is associated with liberalism, valueing the individual higher than the collective, leftists hate humanism.


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To Achive Marxism-Leninism as Stalin intended?

how? humans objectively are unique but that doesn't mean we gods