North Korea Support thread

So all you anarkiddies and trotskyscums that stil refuse to support best korea in their struggle against imperialists, would you faggots rather have a capitalistic US-puppet there in it's place instead?





stil no answer

NazBols need to leave

so you rather have a capitalist US puppet instead?

That's not an argument if the alternative is an opressive state with socialist rhetoric. Sorry, I actually want to survive. Replacing capitalism is supposed to bring more liberty.

define opressive


no, I'd rather have a democratic socialist, independent and unified Korea

great way of allowing subversives to take power


I don't support north Korea because they put children in death camps and execute people for watching foreign TV.

Just like Orwell suggested.

I'm said to say it but

Given your flag I'll assume you mean da joooz


i'm against anybody that is corrupted by capitalism dosen't matter if they are jewish or not.

I'd rather not eat crickets for dinner.

How is their Econ structured? Everyone forgets to ask.

Why would a capitalist puppet be worse than a state capitalist hereditary regime?


Through central planning. All funding goes to Pyong-Yang, other cities are dystopias.

Read a fucking bordiga.


Nice black and white fallacy fam.

There's no such thing as central planning in capitalism.
t. Leftcom

So is the Taean Work System a meme?

I don't think this thread should be bumplocked, it looks like a leftist who is just trolling or something.

more mahkno memes

I know I just joked about nuking Japan, but

The moment someone threatens another with nuclear holocaust they lose all support from me. There's another way to go about all this, and using perhaps global thermonuclear war as a bargaining chip no less, in the eyes of Korean culture is not only terrifying for both sides; but honorless. Without conviction. This is why you have so many defectors

North Koreans would rather stop the posturing and launch a nuke in the ocean, but people who even suggest that direct threat get disappeared, while the facade of nuclear power reigns.

I'm not sure whether or not they will drop the bomb eventually.

But the collective human suffering an urban bomb blast on that scale would inflict wouldn't just effect South Korea.

This would be a nation state suicide bombing. Chucking a nuke so close to the border would have disasterous consequences for either side.

On top of lack of honor, I cannot respect a nation which will sacrifice its own people to radiation poisoning out of a self destructive need for South Korean, basically genocide with nukes.

Not just humans, devastating consequences to unique Korean biomes

It's incredibly dangerous. I disagree with how they've handled this every step of the way.

North Korea cannot and will not ever be in my support, regardless of justification for how terrible and empty Capitalist South Korea may be.

Nuclear war near my ancestral home is unacceptable. I will never forgive those bastards if they ever drop the bomb on Vietnam. Not even the Americans.

Posadism or don't try at all


Who do you defend instead? Mugabe?

i defend no one for there is no one worth defending aside maybe rojava and the MLKP

Who /PolPotist/ here?

You don't sound like much of a tankie then. Not all Marxist-Leninists are tankies.

He probably just refers to himself as such in tongue-in-cheek sense. Tankie is kind of a meaningless term these days much like the term "weeaboo"(/a/ and /jp/ would not have been considered weeaboos until fairly recently), mainly due to retards extending its meaning too far.


I unirinically love North Korea, can't wait to see its red flag fly over Seoul

One day

except they have stated that they wont use nukes unless their sovreignity is impeaced. a perfectly reasonable statement.
sounds awfully nationalistic from someone hating nationalism